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Posting and Commenting Guidelines

NEVER copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word! 
Text formatting that comes directly from Microsoft Word does not translate to this site.  You should save your posts as unformatted text, or paste your post (your text) into any comment field on this site (all formatting will be stripped automatically).  Note: you don’t have to click the comment publish-button to remove the formatting; the simple act of pasting into any comment field will remove all formatting.

Please, no unusual formatting.
Display Alliance will not publish any post that has unusual formatting.  If you change font sizes, font colors, line spacing, fonts, or any other formatting attribute - so that your post no longer resembles the other posts on this site, we will not publish your post.

Leaving Comments
Comments that contain harsh language or harsh criticism will not be posted.  The right way to be critical of a post or comment is to disprove someone else’s assertions with concrete evidence (a link to a fact).  Please do this in the most instructive manner possible, as though you are teaching a friend.  One of the goals of this site is to ensure that the dialogue remains constructive and that the conversation always delivers remarkable value to the community.

Responding To Comments
If you have posted something on Display Alliance, please respond to the comments under your posts in a timely manner.  Please read the paragraph above entitled Leaving Comments.