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Three Steps to Inexpensively Winning the Search Engine Game

Sites that are interlinked together are subwebs (subsets) within the World Wide Web.  Search engines rank and score websites by measuring the authority and the authenticity of every subweb on the Internet.
The stronger your subweb is, the higher your site will rank against keywords, phrases and concepts (as categorized and tagged) that occur on both your site and within your site’s ENTIRE subweb.
Authority and authenticity are weighed and measured by search engines that use complex and evolving algorithms that size (metaphorically speaking) the entire width, height, depth, complexity and the population density of your entire subweb.
The question every marketer should have is: how do I strengthen my subweb?
The answer is: you have to gather authority by delivering authentic value that real humans link to.  This sounds more complex than it really is.  Here are three steps that will get you there:
Step 1 - Create something valuable and people will share it.  Internet users share and embed links to original, high-value content (information) that genuinely informs, educates or entertains.  The amount of link sharing and embedding that occurs is proportionate to the value that your content delivers to a specific audience.  The sum of all this linking becomes the schematic of your subweb.  
Step 2 - After you have created something valuable, step two is to deliver it to places where it will acquire the most authentic and authoritative links, as determined by how search engines weigh and measure subwebs (see third paragraph above).
With this in mind, the best places to post your content are on open, unbiased and focused (genre or topic-specific) sites that aggregate serious and engaged audiences that include contributors, readers, viewers, and listeners that have common (generically speaking) values, interests and desires.  Placing your content elsewhere has lesser value, as the linking (as measured by search engines) simply weighs and measures less.
It’s a matter of trust: sites that are open to comments (diversity of opinion); that are unbiased (not beholden to sponsors); and where audiences have shared values, interests and desires (your niche) simply generate more authentic and authoritative linking (to and from) than random, dissimilar sites around the Internet.
Step 3 - Now that you have strategically placed your content creation, simply make sure you have embedded a link to where you live on the Internet within it; by doing so, you will have increased the authority and authenticity of your own subweb; and the next time search engines weigh and measure (index) subwebs, your site’s search ranking will increase because of it.  Moreover, you will also be able to count on the visitor traffic that will surely originate from these same links back to you!