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Three Ways to Engage Your Customers


An engaging customer experience is at the very core of every business. Maintaining proven engagement techniques is essential, but thriving businesses also need to consider new engagement tools, its pros and cons, so that it can better prosper amidst stiff competition.

There are many ways that marketers reach out to customers, among these are the timeless methods, and those that come and go with the rise of new technologies. For example, good customer service most often involves personal interaction with knowledgeable people who assist the purchase journey.  However, another traditional but perhaps winding-down method includes print advertising. Printed signs have lost ground this decade to newer methods, including cloud-based technology that makes use of digital signage, which instantly publishes over an IT network all kinds of eye-catching media directly to LCD signs, digital reader boards, and video walls. Let’s look at these examples and how they compare.

The Timeless People Connection

Most often, customers of any business would prefer to interact with a knowledgeable  representative in person rather than with an automated system. For example, a customer who has purchased a high-end Android phone is likely to try and stay in touch with the agent through whom he purchased the device. The reason behind this, is that every good salesman attempts to build a good rapport with his customers. Thus, creating a personal bond that helps the customer come back to the same retailer or at least to the same franchise for after-sales service, feedback, or another purchase.   

New Technology – Digital Signage

Today digital signage does not simply imply having an LED screen that can display a fixed slide-show or play a couple of pre-decided adverts. It has evolved into a much more interactive and engaging phenomenon through cloud technology using a plethora of screen layouts that span from useful information to artistry. The best digital signage today can be personalized through the use of IoT. Furthermore, customers strolling through a retail store can be come across an interactive digital signage screen or wall which can not only help them in their shopping experience, but also can deliver the elusive ‘wow’ experience to the customer. Digital signage is effective in a wide range of locations such as a bank, a retail outlet, at the theatre, healthcare centers, gas stations, restaurants, or travel stops such as airports, subways, and bus stations. Interactive digital signage empowers customers by giving them the freedom to choose the content they see. This is particularly helpful when the customer is seeking specific information.

Traditional Print Adverts

For non-marketing purposes, permanent architectural signage makes sense when customers need to find their way around a store, a complex, or a campus. However, traditional print ads are losing ground to easy-to-change digital signs for many marketing purposes. Of course, a simple print ad does do its part when placed at point-of-purchase counters by eliciting enquiries from customers or informing them of discounts and other promotions—like that nifty app your company just launched! With that thought in mind, it’s really important to consider the psychographics of your customer as to the best way of engaging them. For example, you might consider hosting contests through social media channels, which may be more relevant today for the majority of shoppers.  Well crafted campaigns have proven to be a means by which businesses collect a great deal of customer data while also providing digestible marketing content without much ado.

Using new technologies via digital signage enables a business to successfully engage its customers and build customer loyalty. Adopting this technology can add relevancy to your marketing plan, provide useful self-service that enhances customer service, and if executed with acumen, may generate a wow experience that will in some way engage your customers, encouraging them to keep returning to the awesome experience you provide.

Of course, you can do nothing and play “wait and see”, but whom are you going to complain to when your customers drift away from your business? Hence it is crucial for every business to adopt the best digital practices for an engaging customer experience.  

About Author: David Little is the owner of that specializes in marketing techniques that stimulate business growth. David developed a strong background in emerging digital technologies as a product engineer during the advent of digital video before becoming involved with marketing in the high-tech industry for the last 18 years. Today, he enjoys applying his marketing insight to overcome business stagnation, create growth solutions, and enhance customer experiences. For further insight on how digital signage can help your business communicate, visit Keywest Technology. Or, simply call 800-331-2019 or email for expert digital signage assistance.


Keywest Technology Digital Signage Showcases New Partner At DSE 2017


For More Information Contact: Wes Dixon
913-492-4666 ext. 311

Keywest Technology Digital Signage Showcases New Partner At DSE 2017

keywest technology digital signage

Video walls are a sophisticated form of techorating[/caption] Keywest Technology showcased a new OEM technology partner at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas this spring. The Userful™ video wall technology provides Keywest the ability to offer clients epic-sized video walls with up to 100 displays in any configuration using a single Breeze™ media player.

LENEXA, Kan. (April 13, 2017) – Digital Signage Expo, billed as the world’s largest digital signage tradeshow held this year on March 28-31 in Las Vegas, Nevada, seemed a fitting place for Keywest Technology to showcase its new OEM partner, Userful. The Userful technology drives down the supporting hardware costs of video walls significantly, enabling the company to provide more affordable landscape or portrait walls, or anything in between using artistic oblique angles. With over 15 years of digital signage experience and deploying more than 10,000 systems, Keywest carefully chooses partners that not only meet but also exceed customer expectations.

According to Keywest Technology’s president and director of R&D, Koytt Nichols, “Userful technology provides more flexibility than standard multi-head graphics boards, yet it is much less expensive than traditional video wall processors. The Userful solution also offers a much higher resolution than monitors that have integrated video wall processing. When combined with our leading digital signage system, Breeze Digital Signage, Userful video walls project rich content all managed by the powerful Breeze CMS on a web browser.”

The majority of Keywest’s product lines, including Breeze Digital Signage™ and SignWave™, are controlled by cloud-based software. In making the decision to go with Userful’s video wall processing technology, Nichols considered to what extent the Breeze content management software (CMS) could be used to control the video walls. To the satisfaction of Keywest engineering, Userful provided an API interface that enables the Breeze Digital Signage system to integrate and manage a vast array of displays using impactful media.

Keywest Technology put the partnership to test at the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence, Missouri, where they installed nine 49” zero-bezel Philips displays configured as a “banner video wall.” The larger-than-life video wall created a wow factor that emphasizes fan engagement, further stimulating an already adrenalin-pumped environment where hockey fans commonly gather to cheer their hometown team.

Combined with the Breeze Digital Signage system, which aggregates, assembles, and processes high-resolution media providing visual impactful, the Userful video wall provides a stunning solution that does a great job at reaching large audiences. Also, the solution’s flexibility will allow the arena to extend the video wall around to the other side of the stand without having to modify the system’s infrastructure. “All we need to do is connect the additional displays, and the Userful solution will take care of the rest,” explained Nichols.

“What I like most about Userful is its flexibility, and how it can adapt to different projects’ requirements,” said Nichols. “With Userful, we can install it once, and then simply add as many displays as we need to increase the size of the video wall. It just provides a lot of flexibility, and makes it very easy for the crew to work with.”

Interested parties and system integrators can contact Keywest Technology for no-obligation consulting and discovery. Keywest Technology offers their digital signage brands along with Userful video walls through a professional network of AV and IT resellers.

About Keywest Technology
Keywest Technology is an authentic developer of digital signage technology and a full-service provider offering solutions from single-screen playback to large video walls and multi-sign networks. Keywest builds marketing communication systems with a holistic approach that includes key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive network-managed services. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, the company is dedicated to making business communication as enjoyable as a day at the beach. For more information, visit

About Userful
Userful makes it easy and cost effective to manage large numbers of intelligent screens from video walls and digital signs to desktops and touch screens. By employing an onsite PC or server sitting between displays and content, Userful delivers unbeatable performance at every screen. The solution is easy to scale and ensures customers can centrally control and manage tomorrow’s content and service requirements as well as today’s. Userful is the trusted provider of over 1 million displays in over 100 countries and works with zero- and thin-client devices from world-class partners such as ViewSonic, Thinglobal, Atrust, Centerm and HP. For more information, visit



Linux managed server or Windows managed server: Which is more apt for you?

If you are running a business, you would surely like to maximize the scope of profit. In order to achieve this, you need to maximize the scalability, value and performance of the infrastructure that you are using. At the same time, you should also be careful enough to improve the user experience. If you are puzzled to run a lot of critical applications, you should opt for managed hosting server. It’s a solution that has been designed in a way so that it works for specific business needs and the particular infrastructure of a business.

Wondering why you should opt for managed hosting server? Well, there are multiple reasons. With these services, you don’t need to worry about managing the platform, and you can also access the latest technological advancements without paying the upgrade costs. While the benefits of managed server are quite obvious, you need to choose between a Linux based solution and a Windows managed server. While choosing between these two, you need to consider which would be more relevant for your business and the jobs that you are going to perform.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider while choosing between these two –

  • Security – One of the most important aspects that you need to take care of while choosing a server is security. Both Windows as well as Linux managed servers need very strong security protection. Hence, make sure you investigate what security measures are provided by the service provider. Before you sign up for the service of any service provider, be sure to check the security measures thoroughly.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Finally, this is another most important feature that you need to keep in mind. Quite obviously, cost effectiveness has always played a major role whenever it comes to opt for a service or buy a product. Remember that for using Microsoft products, you need to pay a certain amount while you can use Linux for free.
  • Scalability – If you need to choose between these two software, you should check the scalability of both the models. For instance, keep this in mind that software that are Linux based are not necessarily compatible with the different Microsoft technologies like .NET. On the other hand, software that are Windows based are usually compatible with Linux features like MySQL and PHP.
  • The language of development – While choosing any of these two servers, you should keep in mind the development language. Most of the Linux hosting environments generally use a MySQL database. If you are planning to use applications that are based on ASP .NET or SQL server, you should opt for a Windows managed server. Make sure whichever you opt for, you check the minimum hosting requirements that are required for running the application. Consider asking your team of developers to specify the minimum requirement.

Once you consider all these, you should be able to determine the more suitable solution for your business. Apart from these factors, you should also check out the performance issues and stability of both the solutions.


Follow these 3 tips while choosing a cloud service provider for your business

Over the past few years, the entire IT industry has witnessed a huge revolution, in terms of storage and cloud computing. With the increased amount of data, it has become almost impossible for businesses to store the required data on their own and this is why they prefer to opt for cloud based solutions. While the benefits of cloud computing are quite obvious, you might not be able reap the maximum possible benefits if you can’t choose the right cloud service provider. It’s undoubtedly true that opting for a cloud storage solution helps improve the productivity of the developers and also boosts up the time-to-market. But then, finding the right service provider is important in order to ensure the best possible benefits.

While looking for a cloud service provider, you should keep your exact requirements in mind. Not all businesses have the same requirement and this is why you should opt for a solution that fits your requirements best. Here are some helpful tips that you should follow in order to find the right cloud service provider –       

  • Mitigate the risks – First off, you have to accept the fact that your data is not completely safe anywhere. This is why it’s essential to define the level of risk that you can afford and ask the potential providers whether or not they will be able to satisfy it. Most of the standards and qualifications are quite transparent and these can be easily audited. Make sure the service provider offers PCI and HIPPA compliance. You should definitely check your individual requirements as well. Be sure to sign the deal with a service provider who will be able to minimize the risks to a great extent.
  • Find out the right locations – Try to figure out where exactly you would require the Infrastructure as a Service. If your business application crunches the data of customers who are largely based in a particular location, you might consider hosting the data differently. In some situations, there are certain legal implications that you have to take care of. Hence, while selecting the cloud service provider, make sure you are clearly aware of the location well in advance. This will help you avoid the legal hassles in future.
  • Be sure about the SLAService Level Agreement or SLA is one of the most important factors that you should check for on the very first go. You should note that cloud SLAs vary to a great extent. This is why you should take the SLA as the very starting point and get it clarified by your legal team, section by section. Consider using the customer references and their individual experience with SLAs. Be sure to have a list of questions related to the SLA and treat it as a negotiation.

These are some of the most important tips that you should keep in mind while choosing a cloud service provider. Apart from these, you should also calculate and compare the price that the service providers ask for. 


How Will Digital Signage Drive Customer Experiences in The Future?

The digital signage industry has significantly progressed since being conceived in the last century. Many of the innovative trends that have shaped the Internet have also transformed digital signage into what it has become today. The future of customer experience using this platform is not only promising but also delivering that promise across the globe. Regarding this ubiquity, familiarity has bred contempt for a key component that makes all this possible now and into the conceivable future—digital signage media players.

Since the so-called “mad men” era of marketing that instigated a flood of mass advertising, marketing communications have undergone tremendous changes in terms of presentation and customer experiences. And with the rise of digital signage, the paradigm has shifted from promotions to personalized and immersive experiences for customers. It focuses on engaging customers after catching their attention. Increasingly, organizations are leveraging the latest developments in the digital sign industry for informing, engaging, and entertaining customers. In this regard, they are consistently striving to create useful content.

But even compelling content needs a digital device to make it all happen—securely, reliably, and with affordable quality. That’s why searching for digital signage media players is one of the most important aspects of the digital media puzzle. The latest crop of media player technologies is enabling richer experiences. Some key trends to be watched in this domain are:

Real-Time Content Streaming

Integrating rich media and real-time content streaming creates a dynamic digital experience. Digital signage technology functions as a presentation platform ideally suited to sharing immersive content on embedded-graphic devices using IP. From live video streaming to audio content, there are many possibilities to be explored in this domain. The latest media players come equipped with the capability of functioning as IP streaming servers that connect 4K (UHD) content directly to presentation screens or video walls. This kind of display that easily scales larger than life is useful for training, entertaining, instructing, and promoting products and services in a fun, immersive way.

Enhanced Mixed-Media Experiences

Digital marketers and advertisers often need ways to enhance content relevance, and employing a content principle called “sticky” is a tried and true technique that meets this need. Considering this for digital signage, media players play a significant role by enabling widgets that source useful information that is often location specific, or event specific, or whatever is relevant at a given time and place. For example, when used at a ski resort, a digital sign placed near a lift queue gives riders specific weather conditions at the peak. Or, in a warm and cozy bar, an on-screen reminder may pop-up that lets everyone know their favorite craft brew is half-price between 3-6 PM. These kinds of sticky on-screen presentations provide better communication by being relevant to the audience. When searching for digital signage media players, seek out devices that support widget or app technology. 

Cloud-Based Deployment and Security

Up until recently, swapping SD cards (memory) on digital signage media players was the most common technology for updating media playlists. SD cards are relatively inexpensive, are easy to copy for multiple locations, and are reliable. Unfortunately, updating media players by swapping SD cards does not gain much more usability than shipping around VHS tapes like we did 20 years ago. Today, there is a much better method available. The best digital signage media players use ubiquitous cloud technology that offers secure, effective, instantaneous, and scalable deployment. These cloud networks have overcome severe challenges for the deployment and security of the content. Hence, this new approach to digital signage is gaining momentum in the industry. As a result, businesses are experiencing more transparency, more cost savings, and lesser maintenance costs on their digital signage systems.


When searching for digital signage media players today, don’t forget to put mobile interactivity on the checklist! With the integration of NFC and Beacon technology into these systems, retailers are enhancing their engagement with existing and potential customers. The two-way communication between media players and customers through their mobile devices helps by sending more personalized messages to the users. This targeted approach has improved the overall experiences and maximized the impact of digital signage technology. Indeed, this technology makes “location” one of the relevant factors in marketing, potentially reducing the annoyance that comes from a barrage of unwanted ads or messages. The right kinds of incentives may also prompt customer buy-in, which can lead to social sharing, and ultimately, can help build goodwill when tied to corporate purpose.

Advertising on Digital Signage Media Players

Considering how often advertising needs updating—think daily—the process of managing ad content on media players can be truly daunting for media managers. If this is your primary reason for deploying digital signage, then it is important to search for software systems that allow easy tagging of content and assignment to media players. Once again, cloud-based digital signage media players make all of this so much easier than in the recent past. A better system today is managed over a web browser. It should have multiple zones with assignable admin privileges for those zones. It should support nested playlists that can be triggered with external inputs such as weather conditions, traffic conditions, or some other variable, such as inventory, etc. These scheduled or triggered ads ensure that relevant, targeted content gets delivered to specified audiences.

These are some of the trends shaping the future of this industry. Yes, there are still elements of the Wild West in digital signage, so you should be leery of gimmicky pricing schemes that promise the world for free, old technology, or inferior technology that makes your screen blue and turns your face red. When searching for digital signage media players, prefer the system that is in sync with your needs and makes sense from a corporate viewpoint—not a consumer viewpoint.

About Author:

David Little is the owner of Little & Associates LLC that specializes in marketing techniques that stimulate business growth. David developed a strong background in emerging digital technologies as a product engineer during the advent of digital video before becoming involved with marketing in the high-tech industry for the last 18 years. Today, he enjoys applying his marketing insight to overcome business stagnation, create growth solutions, and enhance customer experiences. For further insight on how digital signage can help your business communicate, visit Keywest Technology. Or, simply call 800-331-2019 or email for expert digital signage assistance.


Elucidating The Perks and Key Concerns of Cloud Signage for Businesses

digital signage cloudA new and unexplored technology no more; cloud computing has evolved to become a prominent paradigm for most businesses. In fact, an increasing number of companies across the globe are now able to fully comprehend the power of cloud computing with signage digital. It can also be helpful to read about some of the perks cloud service solutions offer while taking a moment to ponder about its key concerns if you are considering them for your organization.

The perks of cloud-based signage digital

  • Advanced cloud signage solutions are designed to aid companies in mastering the art of corporate communication. Whether it is a local, national or worldwide digital sign network or perhaps your in-house message center you must streamline; a large number of business managers believe that signage digital is the ideal solution.
  • It mitigates your dependence on costly, proprietary hardware.
  • It is deemed a pro-environment choice because it assists you in going paperless.
  • Cloud computing means you no longer need to worry about system maintenance.
  • Cloud computing typically improves your uptime over PC-based solutions.
  • It is a flexible system that can scale to the needs of any organization with ease.
  • It is exceedingly versatile as it runs on any platform provided that it supports HTML5.

Key concerns

  • Security is a concern that worry managers about cloud solutions. However, if you are a small business, you should know that cloud computing is far safer than most computing practices of SMBs. And considering this is only your “signage” info that has gone digital, not any sensitive company data like financials, etc. Cloud signage doesn’t use or store sensitive company information regardless.
  • Another reason why enterprise users hesitated to embrace this technology was that of on-going charges for a SaaS platform. However, most cloud-based signage systems have overcome this objection as operators learned how these advanced systems exponentially boost functionality, expanding possibilities to the limit of one’s imagination. SaaS may be the perfect platform to express signage digitally!
  • Some argue cloud signage is too powerful for typical users; it’s just a lot more than needed. This may be true, but it really depends if you want to improve communications rather than maintaining the status quo. That’s why you want to select a system with a proper price point weighted against the features you really need. Anything that you don’t need is just a bonus. The better systems have SLA agreements among other services that help managers take the focus off of the gee-wiz technology, providing tools and services that help operators better master communications for the workplace or shop.

Now that this write-up has shed some light on the relevance of cloud signage in today’s age along with elucidating its perks and key concerns, you can more confidently adopt digital signage knowing that it is the right choice for your business. Modern signage solutions are extremely safe and reliable when powered by cloud computing, and with the added media features of the powerful online software, it’s ideal for your business.

About Author

David Little is the owner of Little & Associates LLC that specializes in marketing techniques that stimulate business growth. David developed a strong background in emerging digital technologies as a product engineer during the advent of digital video before becoming involved with marketing in the high-tech industry for the last 18 years. Today, he enjoys applying his marketing insight to overcome business stagnation, create growth solutions, and enhance customer experiences. For further insight on how digital signage can help your business communicate, visit Keywest Technology. Or, simply call 800-331-2019 or email for expert digital signage assistance.


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Engineering Challenges Overcome for Custom Sealed Monitor

General Digital designed a custom version of our Barracuda environmentally-sealed monitor to meet customer-supplied specifications for fit, form and function. The display system is used as a fire control system (digital sight) for a portable rocket grenade launcher in combat situations. Design of this complex solution required General Digital’s mechanical, electrical, optical and software engineering expertise and integration skill sets.
  • Ruggedized 6.5" LCD, 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Proprietary dual mode NVIS and sunlight readable backlights
  • Optically bonded EMI filter and LCD heater
  • Configurable video, heater, backlight and keypad controllers
  • Field programmable controller firmware
  • Wide DC input with intelligent self power monitoring
  • Fully submersible (IP67) milled aluminum enclosure
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-901 and MIL-STD-461

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Portwell Launches JAVI Panel PC Series with Robust and Flexible Design to Enable Industrial Solutions for Smart Automation

The Portwell JAVI Panel PC series, focused on industrial applications, is a fan-less and robust Panel PC with extraordinary I/O flexibility. Powered by quad-core Intel Atom processor E3845 (10W Max TDP, 2M Cache, 1.91 GHz) integrating Intel Gen 7 3D graphics engine, the JAVI series provides wide operating temperature support, high I/O connectivity and achieves up to 3x the peak performance and 5x the power efficiency of the previous generation.

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The Corporate Communication Imperative 

Quality communication is the quintessence of any thriving business or institution, and now with digital signage being utilized for corporate communications, managers can engage back-of-office employees while simultaneously welcoming visitors as they enter the front door—reaching each segment with unique messages, purposes, and locations.

Think about this for a moment: A corporate facility or office park can be a campus-sized puzzle for visitors. Often, even getting timely messages out to employees scurrying about the office complex can be daunting! Digital signage addresses this problem by combining dynamic and interactive media that supplements architectural signage to form a web of real-time communications. It reaches both employees and visitors while on the move or while waiting to move—like at an elevator—with timely updates that are noticed at a passing glance and appreciated.

Additionally, corporate managers can implement this dynamic communication tool to build universal brand value and culture, yet diversify messages between the floors, buildings, and departments where needed. Can you imagine the impact of acknowledging birthdays within the department, announcing company events with funny quips, and just reinforcing company values and standards? All of this is just the beginning of better communication that helps foster teamwork and community within larger corporate or institutional environments.

Since corporate event spaces often convene hundreds if not thousands of people, it’s paramount that event managers have the ability to adjust messaging instantaneously near meeting rooms, corridors, visitor centers and interlinking pathways to adjacent buildings and amenities. Digital signage can be placed on wheels and moved where needed. Or, it can also be permanently installed near meeting rooms and intersect points—keeping everyone on time and track with up-to-the-minute agenda changes.

Digital signage can create brand value too, by bridging into an art form called techorating, which creates a pleasing and aesthetic environment as architectural media.  

With a cloud-based digital signage system, company-wide news updates to far-flung employees around the globe are easy.  Reaching staff and visitors promptly is no longer a communication headache! The better systems are hardware agnostic, so it can be installed anywhere—even as desktop screensavers—to make sure corporate events and news are noticed ASAP. Multiple geographical and even international locations are connected to the same system for easy, centralized control via the Internet.

Timely, relevant, and impactful is the hallmark of better communications in the digital era. Isn’t it time to consider a communication tool that will improve the quality of your corporate communications?


General Digital's First 4K UHD 24-inch LCD Monitor

General Digital recently finished constructing our first 4K UHD monitor. Equipped with a 23.8″ LED-backlit LCD with 1.07 billion colors at a contrast ratio of 1000:1. We will be offering sunlight readable and NVIS goggle-compatible capability.

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Dissertation Writing Services

Every institution expects their students to perform their task with sincerity. Thus, certain mandatory rules and regulations are implied as well. Such protocols have been assigned for the benefit of the students. Writing a thesis, dissertations or documenting on a particular subject may seem hectic to the students. These assignments are a part of their academic courses. They are not irrelevant causing extra pressure on a student. Writing one’s own dissertation is thus advantageous. It will have a strong impact on our professors and help fetch good marks. A final year graduate or a particular degree aspire, every other student has this one particular nightmare to write their dissertations before the completion of their particular course. Though it may seem an easy task, but in reality, writing a good dissertation requires certain proper ideas and skills. The individual must have a clear idea about the topic. He or she must make enough time to dedicate on this purpose. In conjunction with it, good writing skills, fluency in the concerned language, fairly adequate vocabulary as well are required to generate quality contents. Keeping these in mind, it becomes a nightmare for every student to complete his or her task with a clear head. Thus, it is then when they avail for online help. One of the most popular and most effective online sites that can be of great help for students looking for highly qualified experts to write their dissertation assignments is Dissertation Writing Services. This site has come into being with the aim of providing as much help as possible to the students concerning dissertation writing. It gets you the best writing solutions as per your requirements with the help of its experienced and highly qualified writers. What you just need to do is to mail the details of your writing assignments at and the rest will be done by Dissertation Writing Services UK at the best possible time and at the best possible rate, but of course without compromising its quality.

College Homework Help

Our website is engaged in offering super-fine services in providing homework to the students rendered them by their institutions. We provide services like: • Assignments • Essays • College Homework Help • Reports • Research papers • Seminars • Presentations etc. Our services are time-bound as we work according to the customers’ deadline and cater them at affordable prices. Students can fire their query at any time as we are available 24*7 for our customers and provide them the work as per their convenience. The major highlights of our services include: • 24 hours availability • Pocket-friendly prices • Meeting the deadlines • Accounting Homework Help • Unique quality • Secure payments • Plagiarism free Thus to experience best of our services, mail us at and wait for our response. We will send you a quote within some time asking the basics of your project and detailing about the amount process. If accepted you can revert the mail with some fundamental details of the project and the deadlines to be met mentioning the payment method. We accept all kinds of credit cards and PayPal and have an effective payment process keeping in mind the security concerns. Thus after meeting all the formalities the project will be at your table on the right time with the right quality.

Finance Homework Help

Finance Homework Help is the right source to help you solve all your homework problems and assignment queries related to Ratio analysis, Reports, Research paper and Case studies. If you find finance and its question tough and you have no way to get it done, visit us at Finance Homework Help and we shall help you in every possible way. All you have to do is tell us the details of your assignment and we shall offer you the most reasonable quote regarding the project and promise to deliver in the stipulated time. We specialist in research paper writing, essay writing and case study. We provide you with top notch service in a myriad of academic subjects such as History, English, Finance, Math, Economics and Accountancy. We offer complete transparency in your work and provide you the right treatment. We offer supportive and friendly style and offer you the right resourced writer to help you complete the work. Contact us for all types of finance assignments .we can help you finance homework, finance assignments, chapters related to finance with the best of our abilities. Our experts know all the perfect way to solve your chapter by chapter query. We not only offer you high quality assignments and solutions but also provide you guidance to know your subject well. We believe in perfect transparency and thus after selecting the appropriate writer for your work, we introduce you directly to her. In this way, you can explain the details directly to him and get answers to all your queries. You can mail your assignment details at We will respond immediately to your query ad solve all your problems. So, worry no more for your assignments and research work. Approach us and we shall deliver the perfect service to you at the most affordable prices.

Keywest Technology Expands Breeze Digital Signage With Android Hardware

Keywest Technology’s newest digital signage players are based on Android, which signifies a major step towards significant reductions in cost, size, and heat. Better yet, the new media players for Android offer outstanding features including 4K output, HD input, and a miniature fanless chassis that is designed around the requirements of digital signage users worldwide.

LENEXA, Kan. (August 25, 2016) – On the heels of the spring introduction of Keywest Technology’s 2nd generation Breeze Digital Signage™ cloud software, the company made a significant commitment to offering the latest media hardware available for Android™. The new media players expand the Breeze HTML5-powered system with the ability to playout 4K Ultra-HD and input Full-HD 1080P simultaneously while infusing real-time aggregated media playlists, which makes Breeze Digital Signage very dynamic, to say the least.

According to Koytt Nichols, company president and director of R&D, the Android technology is an attractive alternative to either dated players or system-on-a-chip (SoC) displays.

“We believe our Breeze Digital Signage players for Android provide the perfect balance for the majority of digital signage installs that scale from small to large installations. We are offering a viable and attractive alternative to so-called display ecosystems that can leave you feeling locked in by limiting your options in the areas of cost, size, performance, and flexibility. With our approach, integrators are free to use the type of display that best suits the installation instead of trying to fit the display to the installation.”

The Breeze players for Android come in two models. The 301 is optimized for 4K Ultra-HD playout at 3840 x 2160 resolution via the certified HDMI 2.0 standard. It also supports a 1080P HDMI input for picture-in-picture (PiP) capability with enough processing power to decode multiple videos simultaneously. All of this provides a stunning big-screen experience, making it an appropriate choice for large venue video walls, advanced techorating, or larger-than-life experiences. The HDMI input also supports HDCP for secure playback of encrypted digital programming in environments where mixed media is desired for the overall ambiance. The 202 model is optimized for Full-HD (1080P) playout and supports two HDMI outputs that play identical content, making it convenient to distribute the signal in a multi-sign environment.

Both models come equipped with advanced features giving Internet-of-Things (IoT) capability that includes built-in BLE Beacon, GigiLAN and WLAN connections, and a programmable RS-232 port. All of this is in addition to handy installation features, such as a built-in chassis lock, mounting tabs, and a fanless design. Furthermore, the industrial grade players are housed in super-slim chassis’ that are designed for 24/7 operation.

Interested parties and system integrators are encouraged to contact Keywest Technology (800-331-2019) for a free demonstration. Breeze Digital Signage is sold and distributed through Keywest’s network of professional AV and IT resellers. Additional information may be found at

About Keywest Technology

Keywest Technology is an authentic developer of digital signage technology and a full-service provider offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds marketing communication systems with a holistic approach that includes key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive network-managed services. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, the company is dedicated to making business communication as enjoyable as a day at the beach. For more information, visit


Portwell Announces Wide Temperature FUDA2-S1921 Panel PC Series with Projected Capacitive Touch Screen and Panel Mount Support based on Intel Atom Processor E3800 Product Family

The Portwell FUDA2-S1921 is a 19-inch energy-efficient and powerful fan-less Panel PC with projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen. Powered by Intel Atom Bay Trail-I SoC quad-core processor E3845 (10W Max TDP, 2M Cache, 1.91 GHz) integrating Intel Gen 7 3D graphics engine, FUDA2-S1921 provides wide operating temperature support, high I/O connectivity and achieves up to 3x the peak performance and 5x the power efficiency of the previous generation.

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