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Engineering Challenges Overcome for Custom Sealed Monitor

General Digital designed a custom version of our Barracuda environmentally-sealed monitor to meet customer-supplied specifications for fit, form and function. The display system is used as a fire control system (digital sight) for a portable rocket grenade launcher in combat situations. Design of this complex solution required General Digital’s mechanical, electrical, optical and software engineering expertise and integration skill sets.
  • Ruggedized 6.5" LCD, 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Proprietary dual mode NVIS and sunlight readable backlights
  • Optically bonded EMI filter and LCD heater
  • Configurable video, heater, backlight and keypad controllers
  • Field programmable controller firmware
  • Wide DC input with intelligent self power monitoring
  • Fully submersible (IP67) milled aluminum enclosure
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-901 and MIL-STD-461

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Portwell Launches JAVI Panel PC Series with Robust and Flexible Design to Enable Industrial Solutions for Smart Automation

The Portwell JAVI Panel PC series, focused on industrial applications, is a fan-less and robust Panel PC with extraordinary I/O flexibility. Powered by quad-core Intel Atom processor E3845 (10W Max TDP, 2M Cache, 1.91 GHz) integrating Intel Gen 7 3D graphics engine, the JAVI series provides wide operating temperature support, high I/O connectivity and achieves up to 3x the peak performance and 5x the power efficiency of the previous generation.

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The Corporate Communication Imperative 

Quality communication is the quintessence of any thriving business or institution, and now with digital signage being utilized for corporate communications, managers can engage back-of-office employees while simultaneously welcoming visitors as they enter the front door—reaching each segment with unique messages, purposes, and locations.

Think about this for a moment: A corporate facility or office park can be a campus-sized puzzle for visitors. Often, even getting timely messages out to employees scurrying about the office complex can be daunting! Digital signage addresses this problem by combining dynamic and interactive media that supplements architectural signage to form a web of real-time communications. It reaches both employees and visitors while on the move or while waiting to move—like at an elevator—with timely updates that are noticed at a passing glance and appreciated.

Additionally, corporate managers can implement this dynamic communication tool to build universal brand value and culture, yet diversify messages between the floors, buildings, and departments where needed. Can you imagine the impact of acknowledging birthdays within the department, announcing company events with funny quips, and just reinforcing company values and standards? All of this is just the beginning of better communication that helps foster teamwork and community within larger corporate or institutional environments.

Since corporate event spaces often convene hundreds if not thousands of people, it’s paramount that event managers have the ability to adjust messaging instantaneously near meeting rooms, corridors, visitor centers and interlinking pathways to adjacent buildings and amenities. Digital signage can be placed on wheels and moved where needed. Or, it can also be permanently installed near meeting rooms and intersect points—keeping everyone on time and track with up-to-the-minute agenda changes.

Digital signage can create brand value too, by bridging into an art form called techorating, which creates a pleasing and aesthetic environment as architectural media.  

With a cloud-based digital signage system, company-wide news updates to far-flung employees around the globe are easy.  Reaching staff and visitors promptly is no longer a communication headache! The better systems are hardware agnostic, so it can be installed anywhere—even as desktop screensavers—to make sure corporate events and news are noticed ASAP. Multiple geographical and even international locations are connected to the same system for easy, centralized control via the Internet.

Timely, relevant, and impactful is the hallmark of better communications in the digital era. Isn’t it time to consider a communication tool that will improve the quality of your corporate communications?


General Digital's First 4K UHD 24-inch LCD Monitor

General Digital recently finished constructing our first 4K UHD monitor. Equipped with a 23.8″ LED-backlit LCD with 1.07 billion colors at a contrast ratio of 1000:1. We will be offering sunlight readable and NVIS goggle-compatible capability.

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Keywest Technology Expands Breeze Digital Signage With Android Hardware

Keywest Technology’s newest digital signage players are based on Android, which signifies a major step towards significant reductions in cost, size, and heat. Better yet, the new media players for Android offer outstanding features including 4K output, HD input, and a miniature fanless chassis that is designed around the requirements of digital signage users worldwide.

LENEXA, Kan. (August 25, 2016) – On the heels of the spring introduction of Keywest Technology’s 2nd generation Breeze Digital Signage™ cloud software, the company made a significant commitment to offering the latest media hardware available for Android™. The new media players expand the Breeze HTML5-powered system with the ability to playout 4K Ultra-HD and input Full-HD 1080P simultaneously while infusing real-time aggregated media playlists, which makes Breeze Digital Signage very dynamic, to say the least.

According to Koytt Nichols, company president and director of R&D, the Android technology is an attractive alternative to either dated players or system-on-a-chip (SoC) displays.

“We believe our Breeze Digital Signage players for Android provide the perfect balance for the majority of digital signage installs that scale from small to large installations. We are offering a viable and attractive alternative to so-called display ecosystems that can leave you feeling locked in by limiting your options in the areas of cost, size, performance, and flexibility. With our approach, integrators are free to use the type of display that best suits the installation instead of trying to fit the display to the installation.”

The Breeze players for Android come in two models. The 301 is optimized for 4K Ultra-HD playout at 3840 x 2160 resolution via the certified HDMI 2.0 standard. It also supports a 1080P HDMI input for picture-in-picture (PiP) capability with enough processing power to decode multiple videos simultaneously. All of this provides a stunning big-screen experience, making it an appropriate choice for large venue video walls, advanced techorating, or larger-than-life experiences. The HDMI input also supports HDCP for secure playback of encrypted digital programming in environments where mixed media is desired for the overall ambiance. The 202 model is optimized for Full-HD (1080P) playout and supports two HDMI outputs that play identical content, making it convenient to distribute the signal in a multi-sign environment.

Both models come equipped with advanced features giving Internet-of-Things (IoT) capability that includes built-in BLE Beacon, GigiLAN and WLAN connections, and a programmable RS-232 port. All of this is in addition to handy installation features, such as a built-in chassis lock, mounting tabs, and a fanless design. Furthermore, the industrial grade players are housed in super-slim chassis’ that are designed for 24/7 operation.

Interested parties and system integrators are encouraged to contact Keywest Technology (800-331-2019) for a free demonstration. Breeze Digital Signage is sold and distributed through Keywest’s network of professional AV and IT resellers. Additional information may be found at

About Keywest Technology

Keywest Technology is an authentic developer of digital signage technology and a full-service provider offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds marketing communication systems with a holistic approach that includes key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive network-managed services. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, the company is dedicated to making business communication as enjoyable as a day at the beach. For more information, visit


Portwell Announces Wide Temperature FUDA2-S1921 Panel PC Series with Projected Capacitive Touch Screen and Panel Mount Support based on Intel Atom Processor E3800 Product Family

The Portwell FUDA2-S1921 is a 19-inch energy-efficient and powerful fan-less Panel PC with projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen. Powered by Intel Atom Bay Trail-I SoC quad-core processor E3845 (10W Max TDP, 2M Cache, 1.91 GHz) integrating Intel Gen 7 3D graphics engine, FUDA2-S1921 provides wide operating temperature support, high I/O connectivity and achieves up to 3x the peak performance and 5x the power efficiency of the previous generation.

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Here’s Why Techorating Will Inspire Your Customers

Art moves us, inspires us, and motivates us to think, act, and maybe even change our perspective. That’s why Keywest Technology is delighted to be situated in the vicinity of Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza district, where art and artists are so plentiful, that with a bit of imagination, one could sense what Paris’ Montmartre may have been like in its heyday.

To say the least, we appreciate the arts, from wherever they originate. Even though artistic expression may seem unlikely for a tech company, Keywest Technology has been involved in an emerging art form generically called digital signage for over 14 years, but as we will learn, digital signage is so much more than what this simple label suggests.

I would like you to consider what it looks like to put this emerging digital art form to work for your brand. If you are not inspired just yet, please read on as I share architectural design ideas that could make your company more attractive to anyone, and I mean everybody—from stakeholders to employees, to customers and the public-at-large.

In the world of marketing, everything you do, say, print, publish, build, create and sell is your brand. When you walk into an Apple store, are you in doubt as to where you are? Does not the modern minimalist design of the interior focus all of your attention on the products—contrasting the uber-slim gadgets against starkness—leaving nothing else to consider but the obvious? I would suggest that the interior design—as absent as it may intentionally be—is helping to lead people to a focused experience that may not even be part of one’s conscious mind.

With this thought in mind, let’s consider the concept of techorating. No, I didn’t just make that word up.

According to’s editor Christopher Hall, “Back in 2008, LG Electronics coined the term "techorating", a fusion of technology and decorating, using tech to create or be an element of interior design and decor.”

Techorating done well will lead to a quality experience, even aesthetic, that could convey something positive about your brand. It can engage people to experience your brand. It can move people to want your brand. It can inspire people to talk about your brand. And yes, it could spark the buying process at some point, but that’s not the underlying intent of techorating; otherwise, it would be called advertising.

Techorating, broken down to its essence, is considered an art form that just happens to use a digital canvas to creatively exhibit content that stimulates the senses, which can arouse and influence behavior. Although this art form typically adorns commercial buildings instead of museums, it is prominently displayed in the most public places, such as a lobby, visitor center, gallery, cafeteria or on main floors.

Techorating can influence the ambiance of your building by the way it is integrated into the environment.  It may be woven into the very fabric of your building’s design, or it may be integrated as a complement to your building’s design—all of which reinforces and extends your core brand image.

So, how does techorating create brand inspiration? It attracts audiences who may for the first time experience your brand on an emotional level, inspiring them to engage with the experience.

The use of digital art becomes the expression of the brand while accelerating the levels of awareness and engagement. Engagement through the digital display element of a techorating project can add significantly to the achievement of communication goals while also adding to the overall return on goodwill.

If you would like to read more how techorating and its cousin (digital signage) could make a positive contribution to your business, visit Keywest Technology’s digital signage website.

About the author

David Little is a marketing practitioner with a strong background in emerging digital technologies. For more than 12 years, he worked as a system engineer with digital video equipment manufacturers before becoming involved with marketing in the high-tech industry for the last 18 years. Today, he enjoys applying his marketing insight to solve business problems, create solutions, and enhance customer experiences. Connect with Little on LinkedIn. For further insight on how digital signage can help your business communicate, visit Keywest Technology. Or, simply call 800-331-2019 or email for expert digital signage assistance.


Keywest Technology Revamps SignWave With Future-Proof Features

Keywest Technology announced today its 3rd generation digital door card product which marches into the future with several advanced features, providing AV and IT installers years of integration flexibility that reach beyond meeting rooms.

LENEXA, Kan. (June 20, 2016) – For the last three years, SignWave™ digital door cards by Keywest Technology have found a home in corporate America and higher education venues, where the single-purpose meeting room sign added a lot of expediency and efficiency to managing ever-changing room schedules and events. Today, SignWave continues the tradition of being a practical plug & play conference room event display device, but it looks to the future with newly integrated features that give it a purpose beyond the meeting, conference, or training room into an Internet-of-Things (IoT) future.

The future proofing comes in the form of incorporating advanced features within the all-new SignWave TD10 10” LCD display panel. This includes the integration of both BLE Beacon and NFC technologies, which enables users to build an instant communication network that messages customers, visitors, or guests in designated hotspot areas. This opens many possibilities to multichannel integration that reach from fixed signage to mobile messaging.

According to Nick Nichols, company president and director of research and development, “Our 3rd generation SignWave is not a step but a leap into the future for our clients. By combining IoT technologies into the digital signage spectrum, we now have the capability to adapt and expand real-time communications for businesses in ways that was previously impossible.”

To capitalize on the future, SignWave TD10 also uses a new operating system, which adds significant flexibility to where and how it is used. The original SignWave (still available) uses premises-based software, meaning that it requires a server to be on location. But SignWave TD10 is a widget powered by Keywest Technology’s cloud-based Breeze 2.0 digital signage system. Working as a widget, it can be used solely as a door card, or it may be used as a media source within a zone of the Breeze editor. Finally, it can also be used in conjunction with the Breeze 2.0 readerboard widget.

Along with the advanced communication features that SignWave now supports, it remains compatible with room scheduling enterprise software such as Microsoft Exchange Server / Outlook, Newmarket Delphi EMS, MICROS Fidelio Opera PMS, and Dean Evans EMS. Furthermore, the 3rd generation SignWave adds support for Google Calendar, broadening its appeal to businesses using cloud-based productivity tools.

Not to be left behind, even the SignWave display housing and components have been revamped to accommodate streamlined installation and practicality. SignWave’s original two-piece design has been combined into an ultra thin all-in-one display housing with only a 1” depth. The LCD display now measures 10.1” and includes built-in PoE+, an all-new VESA mount that adheres to any surface including glass, and now for the first time on SignWave, a LED light bar on each side of the chassis to provide visual cues to meeting room availability. 

Interested parties and system integrators are encouraged to contact Keywest Technology (800-331-2019) for a free demonstration. SignWave is sold and distributed through Keywest’s network of professional AV and IT resellers. Additional product information may be found at


About Keywest Technology

Keywest Technology is an authentic developer of digital signage technology and a full-service provider offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds marketing communication systems with a holistic approach that includes key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive network-managed services. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, the company is dedicated to making business communication as enjoyable as a day at the beach. For more information, visit



Why SMEs and Startups Should Opt for Go4hosting’s Data Center Services

The decision to outsource or manage data in-house is the most difficult question. It has its own nuances. However, the top IT trends reveal – businesses prefer to outsource IT services from a professional data center service provider, and this trend will likely explode like an unstoppable blustery weather in coming years.

Basic knowledge of LED Driver

The important Part of LEDs are its power system, which is known as the LED driver. LED drivers are the factor to limit the life of LED lights - while there is an myth that says that the life of the LED Lights are more than 20 years but this is wrong because the LED driver may work for 1000 to 2500 hours. So please ignore the promises of dealers that the LEDs can work for above 50000 hours. A very goodLED driver, Like Meanwell, maximum we can expect from it Life of 15000 years of LED. However, the price of meanwell LED driver would be 70% higher than the normal driver manufactured in China. Mostly the manufacturers in India use their own LED drivers. Like them SMPS strip driver are also costly than Chinese drivers.

Keeping Up With Tech Trends

With the continuing evolution of technology, it's not surprising how trends are constantly changing as well. A big number of companies try to create new trends or keep up and ride with the current ones as they create new tech startups that will hook the public and keep them wanting for more. Take Flappy Bird for example. Although the application was released May of 2013, it made huge waves in 2014 and even became the most downloaded free game in the Apple App Store. It even earned $50,000 a day! After feeling guilty about it's addictive nature, the creator of the game removed the game from application stores. But that gave opportunity for other developers to create their own application that was similar to it. So not long after that, hundreds of flappy bird-like applications were created and released in the application stores. But now it seems like the hype has died down and flappy bird will now just become another tech trend faded memory. If you're one of the companies that are making plans now for a new tech trend or you're simply just making drafts for a new one, make sure you pay attention to what we think are the four rising tech trends this year. Bring out your pads and take note, people! Think Smart Nowadays, people are getting smart. Companies are creating better smart phones. Don't know what the time is? Check your smart watch. You can now even wear your computer with smart glasses and smart homes are getting popular too. Yes, developers are finding new ways to bring smarter things in this world. Create your own application or device that will keep the momentum going. Some Privacy, Please With plenty of emerging news about invasion of privacy, people are becoming more conscious about keeping things to themselves or just among a few people. Private applications like, Snapchat or ones that secure your pictures and other information have made waves because people favour them more for their privacy-promising quality. Look into creating or capitalizing more applications that will cater to this consumer . Drones! With Amazon launching the video for their Prime Air, you know that they are coming. And with a great feedback of interest from everyone who watched the videos, we can predict that drones will no longer be something that we see on TV but something that we'll be experiencing very soon. Data Forever With growing popularity of social media or websites, unlimited data became and still is a huge trend. Look into ways to use that unlimited data as opportunity to use it for either better advertising, create better products or develop the consumer's experience. The possibilities are endless.

VarTech Systems Inc Launches ThinManager Ready Thin Client Product Line

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – April 5, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) Ruggedized Panel PC & LCD/Computer manufacturer VarTech Systems Inc., announces the launch of its new Thin Client product line. These new ACP enabled Thin Clients expand on VarTech’s hardened product line-up, and extend centralized management to many industrial computing environments. Richard Lachney, President of VarTech Systems, said: “VarTech Systems looked to ACP to supply an integrated platform to match a wide variety of customer requirements. As more businesses move users to virtual computing, we responded by combining our leading edge hardware with their innovative automation control products. We are extremely excited to partner with ACP to offer a diverse range of models with a long list of features.” Available mechanical configurations include Panel Mount, Fully-Enclosed, Rack Mount, Wall/VESA Mount, Small Form Factor, and VarTech’s popular All-Weather IP67 rated line. Thin Client capable Fully Sealed & Panel Mount C1D2 certified hazardous area LCD/Computers, and C1D1 Purge Workstations round out this new line of ThinManager Ready products. Standard sizes range from 8.4” to 20.1” and widescreen formats in 12.1”, 17.3”, 21.5” & 24.0” sizes. All Thin Client models include fast Intel Atom Quad Core Processors, configurable to 8 GB system memory, wide operational temperatures, a multitude of I/O’s, and standard power interfaces of 110/220VAC or 9-32VDC. Specialty power interfaces are also available. Each Thin Client unit features VarTech’s ruggedized industrial grade construction and revision controlled components, designed to meet NEMA 4/4X ratings and a sustainable, scalable ThinManager Ready platform. Additionally, customers can incorporate VarTech’s long list of available options to tailor a model to meet your specific needs. VarTech Systems Inc, now in its 28th year, is a build-to-order, specialty manufacturer of high performance, ruggedized industrial grade computers, display systems and thin clients. Primary markets served are Military & Aerospace, Industrial & Commercial, Marine, Oil & Gas, Food Manufacturing & Power Generation & Distribution and Process Control. Headquartered in Clemmons, NC, VarTech Systems currently has several manufacturing locations and multiple service centers nationwide. For a full list of features and more information about VarTech’s new line of ThinManager Ready Clients, please visit or

Breeze Digital Signage Gets 2.0 Makeover  

According to Keywest Technology, the next generation of Breeze not only improves the efficiencies of its SaaS-based digital signage system but also provides a greater wow-factor experience.

Breeze Digital Signage Gets 2.0 MakeoverLENEXA, Kan. (February 09, 2016) – Keywest Technology is keeping its New Year’s resolution by announcing today the release of its second-generation Breeze digital signage system. According to Keywest officials, their second-gen technology clearly lays all of their cards on the table in anticipation of exceeding both user expectations and ultimately the viewers’ experience.

The Breeze 2.0 makeover includes over 15 software improvements and enhancements plus hardware updates that address the total digital signage experience. During its year of development, “simplify, simplify, simplify!” became the mantra of Keywest’s president and director of technology, Nick Nichols.

This becomes self-evident when viewing the Breeze 2 digital signage editor (i.e. user interface, UI) for the first time in your favorite browser. First-gen Breeze users will immediately notice the absence of the dashboard home page, the navigation panel, and static UI graphics. Instead of opening a dashboard screen cluttered with a palette of options, the Breeze 2 UI gets down to business quickly with an inviting, unpretentious overview of the editor masterfully shaded in the soothing colors of blue and green. It also uses HTML5 coding that sizes the Breeze UI automatically to your browser’s resolution, either on desktops or mobile platforms.

The Breeze 2 user experience is greatly simplified by using only one screen that changes elements as needed with different icon selections, hiding inactivated parts. This means no more wait time for new screens to open, no shuffling back and forth between windows, and easier to find playlist management options.

The Breeze 2 playlist options are not only easier to find, but they have also become easier to use, too. For example, every media file, from the Media Group (content folder) to Media Zone (template builder), can now be batched processed with a handy new feature called MULTI-SELECT. Rather than selecting one file at a time for processing as in the past, MULTI-SELECT enables users to apply the same settings to any number of files at once. This saves considerable time when adding, editing or even deleting media files.

Another improvement is the enhanced widgets. Take the text widget for example. It now comes with 700 fonts that even support in-between font sizes! Access to the text tool is a simple click on the Widget icon. Additionally, any of the dozen or so built-in widgets (e.g. clocks, weather bugs, RSS news feeds, etc.) that use text may be quickly changed by a double-click over that widget’s text area, which opens the text tool for quick updates and personalization.

“We realize that digital signage connects two very human experiences—and they both must be great. The first experience happens in the UI when the digital signage manager puts together the creative bits into a timeline that creates a compelling short story,” explained Nichols.

“The second experience,” Nichols further said, “happens when digital signage viewers are impacted by the short story because it is eye-catching, relevant, and timely, and that just may be worth a pause and second glance—which is an important communication objective. Breeze 2 provides a scalable platform to reach these kinds of communication goals and experiences.”

The viewer experience Nichols speaks of has to do with another significant improvement of Breeze 2. It is no longer shackled to specific hardware. Breeze 2 sports a new media engine that runs entirely on HTML5, meaning that it is PC operating system agnostic. This opens the doors for Breeze to run on any existing hardware or platform, such as Android, Apple, Linux, Microsoft or embedded system-on-chip (SoC).

With three successful years of software-as-a-service experience in the rearview mirror, the second generation of Breeze maintains its roots in the cloud but loses it ties to an outmoded user interface design and experience, adds many viewer enhancements in the form of data-driven widgets, and spreads its adaptability by being hardware agnostic, working on existing PC/player platforms or running on SoC digital displays. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Keywest Technology (800-331-2019) for a free 30-day trial. Breeze 2 is sold and distributed through Keywest’s network of professional AV and IT resellers. Breeze 2 product information may be found at

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