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5 Digital Signage Content Design Elements That Will Drive Customer Engagement

Content is an important part of digital signage design. Customers will be looking at your digital signage to get content therefore, it is important you use software that can support content thus promote customer engagement. You do not need to be a designer to create well designed content. There are templates created for achieving good content flow. There is also affordable software that you can use to design digital signage boards. You can find templates and software at and design your own digital signage boards. Below are things you can do to achieve a well-designed digital signage board:

1. Let your message stand out Your intended message should be the center of focus on your digital signage. Having too much clutter such as pop up banners will disrupt your message getting through to the customer. You can incorporate secondary messages such as news feeds without taking away from the intended impact of your main message. For instance, you can have your current events running in a separate panel on the side or below your content.   

 2. Incorporate other relevant content Customers want to keep up with current events. You will find that due to the busy lifestyle that most consumers have, they hardly ever have time to catch up on news items and alerts. Giving weather alerts in the winter for instance is important. Due to increased insecurity, customers will also appreciate getting a glimpse of news headlines.

3. Design concise messages Your audience is busy. Most of them only have a few seconds to gaze at your digital message. Make it easy for them to get the message in a matter of seconds. Your message should portray just one idea. You do not have to cram all your ideas into one message. The beauty of digital signage is that you can design as many messages as possible. Take advantage of that and design multiple messages that portray just one idea each. If you have text in your content, it should be short and concise. Text messages should not exceed 250 characters.

4. Clear images Good digital signage design incorporates images. You should use high definition 3 dimension images to capture the angles of your product better. 2-dimension images will look unprofessional and low grade. The best images are those taken by your photographer because they capture the essence you want them to. However, if you cannot use your own images, you can buy some online. One thing to remember about images is that they have to support your text messages. A menu board for instance that shows spaghetti and meatballs next to a picture of ice cream sundae shows that you did not put enough time into the design work.

5. Video Your digital signage should have video content. Your videos should be clear and should run without abrupt discontinuations. Video messages should also not feel disjointed. It is better to dedicate one video to one theme as opposed to bundling many themes into one video feed. By paying attention to the above five items, your digital signage messages will have good design that will attract high customer traffic.

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