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LED Backlighting for LCDs: Options, Design Considerations, and Benefits

"LED-backlit LCD modules are an increasing subject of interest to save energy and improve the operating life and durability of devices that incorporate LCDs. This White Paper discusses the viewing experience, technologies, and some of the economic considerations when considering integrating an LED-backlit LCD module into a design."

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Antiglare vs. Antireflection

"Two terms used to talk about the impact of ambient lighting on displays are reflection and glare. The reduction of these is done using surface treatments for the display which are termed antireflection and antiglare. Because these are often confused, communications between display users and display engineers are often less than optimum. In this monograph, we will attempt to provide some guidance in usage."

Read the entire white paper via General Digital

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Why The Digital Signage Industry Will Grow In 2013

As I peek at 2013 coming just around the corner, I cannot help but notice how downward price pressures are intersecting with demand and driving digital signage market growth. As many benefits continue to be realized, I believe some are more important than others and point to what we can expect in the coming year.

As in any tech-fueled market, reducing cost while increasing efficiency are major factors that come into play when talking about market growth. This fact is highlighted by realizing that digital signage fits well into the corporate mantra of “doing more with less.”

With digital signage, doing more with less is certainly one of the big benefits. And with noticeable price reductions in 2012 that are certain to continue in 2013, I concur with recent reports from IHS iSuppli, Platt Retail Institute and others who believe the demand will continue to build at a healthy pace.

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Changes in Flat panel display EU import duty charges

Currently on import into the EU there are two duty rates that can be applied to flat panel display monitors - Zero or 14% depending on whether they are ADP (Automatic Data Processing) or Video monitors. Following a decision made by the WTO (World Trade Organisation) two years ago and the ECJ (European Court of Justice) the EU has had to consider changing its policy on these products. There is currently divergent practice among the Member States on the classification of monitors and the Commission has finally announced that from April 2013 the WTO and ECJ decisions will be implemented by a tariff suspension so will not be retrospective. If any of your members are currently paying duty on such products and need any assistance please contact us. My website is:


The Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Video Controller

Internal to any LCD monitor is an LCD video controller that converts analog or digital video signals into the proper digital signals required to drive the display. How do you decide which one is best?

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Sharp LQ050Q5DR01 end-of-life (EOL) notice

Sharp LQ050Q5DR01 has been discontinued. To source this end-of-life panel email

Is transparent ITO coating being used in new touchcode technology? (LinkedIn Discussion)

Michael Flynn
Unlikely. From their website: "The Touchcode will not be visible to the end user since it will be hidden under a layer of color or between paper (for example in a folded package)." If they used a transparent material there would be no need to hide it.

Walied Khan
Thanks Michael. That is precisely the point. My understanding is the Touccode itself works only with Projective capacitive displays. If it works based on the projective capacitive principle then there might be some embeded capacitance in the Touchcode tag/label etc itself. ITO makes for a good candidate. follow the link below for some additional info.

Read the rest of this discussion at the LinkedIn group Display Technology.


Anorexic Display Devices (Guest Post)

This opinion was contributed by Norman Hairston, a consultant to the display industry. You may find his blog at

"You can never be too rich or too thin.”

Attributed to Wallis Simpson (1896-1986) Wife of Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII

Thinness is a distinct advantage when it means reduction of layers and consolidation, especially in the display. The new in-cell touch screens in the iPhone take out a layer. Every layer in a display adds two surfaces and each surface can usually be counted on to contribute 4% in surface reflections that reduce sunlight viewability and image contrast in general. Much of the visual improvement from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 can be attributed to this feature.

I've seen several studies that say that, for notebooks, consumers care a lot about weight but care much less about thickness as long as it is below one inch. Although the MacBook Air was greeted with great fanfare, the high price tag and lack of optical drive for that point in time lead to disappointing sales. Ultrabooks have likewise met a similar response. I've not seen similar data for cell phones, but I imagine that there is a similar threshold where consumers care much less about incremental thickness reduction. However, thin devices are much harder to engineer, so those companies with the most advanced technology like to promote thinness in order to advance their competitive advantage.

There are no inherent disadvantages to being ever thinner but sometimes the things that are done to make devices thin are inherently unhealthy for the device. The anodized aluminum casing for the new iPhone® is undoubtedly there to enable an incremental reduction in thickness. But the scratching issue that has emerged should have been anticipated given the nature of the material. Though the maker took great pains to protect the optics of the device with a Gorilla Glass® layer over the screen and a sapphire window over the camera lens, the pareto for protecting the cosmetics from scratching must have fallen below the priority for thinness.


AUO and E-Ink, Hydis Sign Patent Cross-License Agreements (Press Release)

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Oct 12, 2012

Today AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) signed patent cross license agreements with E-Ink Holdings ("E-Ink") and Hydis Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Hydis"), E-Ink's South Korean subsidiary, respectively. The parties have agreed to cross license specified patents owned by each party.

AUO, E-Ink and Hydis have all invested R&D resources in the advanced display technologies and each established strong and comprehensive patent portfolios. To respect each other's intellectual property, the parties have agreed to grant specific patents that each owns. Under the terms of the agreement, which will be effective for ten years, the parties will be able to use the specified proprietary technologies of the other. The patent cross-license agreements primarily involve LCD related technologies, including the wide viewing angle Fringe Field Switching (FFS) technology with applications to smartphones and tablets, which will facilitate technological development of innovative electronic products.

Hydis' FFS technology has wide viewing angle, power-saving, high contrast, and high resolution features. With the signing of the agreements, AUO's strengths in wide viewing angle technology will be further enhanced.

Both AUO and E-Ink believe that the patent cross-license agreements will sharpen their competitive edge in the industry and introduce more chances for technological and business collaborations to pursue business opportunities together and expand market reach.


Keywest Technology Releases Digital Signage Videos That Illustrate Broad Portfolio

Working in conjunction with Keywest Creative, Keywest Technology releases six videos that illustrate a broad spectrum of marketing experience and creativity using digital signage media for major business sectors.

LENEXA, Kan. (October 15, 2012) – Keywest Technology threw down the gauntlet by needing to realistically illustrate dynamic digital signage content without mockup or simulation for its ever-expanding digital signage portfolio. To accomplish this, the company’s management called upon its creative chief, Brian Bibler, to build playlists that illustrate the company’s diverse digital signage portfolio and to do it in such a way that its dynamic nature could easily be viewed by anyone, anywhere.

According to company president Nick Nichols, illustrating the dynamic nature of digital signage is easier said than done when creating a portfolio that people can easily view from around the world. The company grappled with the fact that screenshots don’t quite capture the essence of digital signage media.

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Apollo Displays Is Poised To Update Hotel and Office Signage With New Lineup Of In-Wall Monitors – Digital DoorSigns

Apollo Display Technologies has released a new and innovative product that is poised to change the look of offices, hotels, banquet rooms and more. Think back to the last time you attended a business event or trade show at a fancy hotel or conference center. Chances are, the signage directing you to the proper room or event location was one of those black, felt-covered boards with little white plastic letters. We find that quite amusing, especially at technology or science events and that’s why Apollo Displays is so excited about our new Digital DoorSign solution. Apollo Display’s DoorSign solution provides a unique & eye-catching way to inform and guide visitors, manage meeting rooms or display the use of conference rooms and offices. Advanced software solutions make our digital DoorSigns a complete solution which comprises the whole room management – booking, signage, guide and accounting.

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Five Tips to Help Retailers Achieve Greater Satisfaction From Digital Signage

A recent survey reveals many retailers aren't exactly where they want to be with their IT technology, including digital signage. These five tips can help. Retailers realize the important role IT technology, including digital signage, will play in their continued success, but many say they aren't using technology to its full potential. Those are two important findings of a newly released survey from CompTIA, a non-profit association for the IT industry. The report "Retail Sector Technology Adoption Trends Study," finds that 72 percent of retailers surveyed see technology as important to their business -a level that is expected to grow to 83 percent by 2014. However, only 7 percent say they are exactly where they want to be with the use of technology. Twenty-nine percent say they are close to their ideal application of technology.

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“Crystal Displays launches its NEW range of Transparent Displays Showcase products from 10” up to 46” 

Today, Crystal Display Systems Limited a European leader and value added reseller of Transparent digital display technology, unveiled its NEW range of showcase display products that incorporates Samsung transparent displays creating excellent merchandising and exhibition solutions. Taking the Samsung transparent LCDTFT displays they have been incorporated into custom housings to add true value to the basic transparent Displays. The transparent showcase light boxes is an enclosed showcase fronted by a clear glass surface that can display multimedia content in front of products placed inside the unit. This technology is the ultimate combination of digital and physical marketing for retail, exhibitions, branding and a number of other applications. Dynamic Media Messaging can be seamlessly integrated with the actual product, creating a whole new way to engage consumers and promote products and Brands in a wide variety of settings. This could be the growing markets of retail, museums, sports arenas and corporate lobbies to name just a few. From retail merchandising / branding / promotion to trade shows and museum exhibits everything is possible. The list of new ideas being presented is growing by the day and is diverse and compelling.

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Keywest Technology Releases Videos Explaining The ABCs of Managing Digital Signage

Keywest Technology just released three videos in a growing series that explain the sometimes-mysterious operation of digital signage management. Presented in a conversational style that is akin to the company's popular weekly Webinar, the videos present a clear, logical explanation of the process that creates speedy workflow for digital signage management.

LENEXA, Kan. (September 11, 2012) – After answering hundreds if not thousands of questions about how MediaZone Pro digital signage solutions are managed, Keywest’s Educator-in-Chief, Don Bage, —a.k.a., “The Voice," directed the production of three videos that explain in concise detail how to create a playlist, send a playlist, add additional features, such as, news tickers, TV feeds, and then finally, add text.

Since Bage's digital signage experience began in the early '90s when the only systems available were operated from Amiga Commodore computers, he was the perfect candidate to produce these videos. His appreciation of modern computer software comes across in a perky, straightforward fashion that makes watching the videos enjoyable.

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Real Estate Developer Forest City Ratner Companies Provides a Turnkey Digital Signage Directory from Keywest Technology And ESSENTIALCOM for Multi-Specialty Medical Group

Keywest Technology’s I3 kiosk software provides visitors to the WESTMED Medical Group multi-specialty medical office with an interactive office directory to find their way.

Interactive Wayfinding at Westchester's Ridge Hill office complex

LENEXA, Kan. (August 20, 2012) – Keywest Technology today announced that the newly opened WESTMED Medical Group office at Westchester’s Ridge Hill in Yonkers, NY, is helping visitors find their way to the correct office with an interactive digital signage directory based on the company’s I3 interactive kiosk software.

The 84,000-square-foot facility, which opened in July of 2011, offers a variety of medical services, including primary and specialty care, radiology, medical lab, and urgent care. In addition to the interactive kiosk software and supporting hardware from Keywest Technology, the touch-screen medical office directory relies on original digital signage content coordinated by ESSENTIALCOM and Keywest Technology’s creative services group.

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Digital Signage Application: Summer Lull Offers Opportunity to Evaluate Emergency Communications Plans

Changes to the nation’s emergency communications infrastructure offer authorities a way to reach out to people on their cell phones, but digital signs remains a vitally important part of the mix.

Summer is the time for fun, sun and relaxation. It’s also a good time to pause and think for a moment about the emergency messaging system your company, school, governmental agency or institution has set up to warn workers and visitors of possible danger.

Why contemplate trouble during such a carefree season? Simple, the summer lull gives many people a bit of a break from the volume of work they deal with the rest of the year.  Emergency messaging needs also become top of mind simply because of the number of severe thunderstorms and tornados that strike during the summer.

This summer in particular is a great time to reevaluate emergency messaging because of the work being done by the government and industries, such as the wireless and broadcast industries, to modernize the Emergency Alert System so agencies like National Weather Service and even state governors and the President of the United States can reach out to individuals’ cell phones and other mobile receivers to deliver vital information in a crisis.

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Digital Signage Viewpoint: Is the Sun Rising or Setting on LCD Display Sales?

A new report from NPD DisplaySearch finds a sequential quarterly decline in flat panel LCD displays that are commonly used in public display applications, but the popularity of the same panels among consumers means the falloff in shipments isn’t necessarily bad news for digital signage.

Global shipments of flat panel LCD displays used for digital signage and other public display applications declined in the fourth quarter of 2011, marking the first sequential quarterly decline in three years, according to recently released data from NPD DisplaySearch, a global research and consulting firm specializing in the display supply chain.

The decline comes after a two-year period of impressive growth for the public display (also called the “large flat panel display”) category. Between 2009 and 2011, this market segment witnessed 65 percent growth in unit volume production, the display market research and analysis firm said.

The data, part of the “NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly FPD Public Display Shipment and Forecast Report,” show LCD display shipments were pulled down by a dropped in the 26-inch to 37-inch category. 

The decline raises an obvious question: “Is the public display market in general, and digital signage market in particular, sliding back into recession?” The answer, however, is far less clear.

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Kiosks4business Install InformationPoint Touchscreen Kiosks into Swansea Schools

Working with Swansea based InfoNation, Kiosks4business have recently installed new touchscreen kiosks at Schools in Swansea. InfoNation is a youth service offering support and advice for young people in Swansea from their main office in the City centre. Kiosks4business were approached to provide an information access portal for young people to use which could help showcase some of the services available and provide users with access to web-based information which can help them.

Eidos Touchscreen Kiosk for SchoolsWith a background in providing public information access Kiosks4business team were able to offer a choice of wall mounted and free-standing kiosk designs as platform to deliver the service. Kiosks4business’ myKiosk wall mounted point is installed at many schools, Sure Start and other services and includes a branded acrylic facia. Like many of the products in the range, this includes an option for a rugged keyboard which was requested as part of the project brief. Eidos, the new free-standing wheelchair accessible kiosk was also offered and eventually selected as the kiosk to install. The Eidos platform uses the same industrial quality components designed for long life, in a compact freestanding enclosure. The kiosk was supplied with white finish and anthracite grey base and connectivity via the integrated 1GB network connection.

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Digital Signage Advertising Hits Its Stride

The latest data from PQ Media reveal 2011 was a good year for digital out-of-home advertising, and 2012 is on track to be even better.

While stock markets around the world retrace, the financial picture of Greece and Spain flounders and the world holds its collective breath waiting to see if there’ll be an attack on Iran and a spike in oil prices, there is a piece of outstanding economic news for those involved in the place-based digital media market.

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Kiosks4Business are Designing Touchscreen Kiosks for Retail

Kiosks4business were approached by a well-known high street computer games retailer with a project to create a touchscreen solution for in-store purchasing while being future-proof for other development ideas. Having looked at products from their existing supplier they felt that the project needed a design more befitting their brand and after discussions we quickly provided a 3D render of three different design concepts along with indicative pricing.
Retail Touchscreen Kiosk from Kiosks4Business
The brief included widescreen display; multi-touch touchscreen; bar code scanner; Chip & Pin card reader with receipt printer; Headphone socket and integrated audio, and webcam. Starting with sign-off of the 3d renders our design team worked long hours to get the prototype drawings created and a prototype manufactured and delivered to the customer in record time. Kiosks4business’ software team were also put to the challenge by providing Chip & Pin integration software for the YesPay system.

Commenting on this, Kiosks4business Division Manager quoted “With four business divisions at Sequoia Technology Group, Kiosks4buiness are well positioned to be able to provide our customers both breadth and depth of technical assistance where needed. I have been really impressed with the speed and professionalism shown on this project by our designers and which has been well received by our end customer.”

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