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A Primary Tantra Strategy For Tantra Massage therapy

There are several ways in which to practice tantra masaje erotico gay madrid, but you must initially experience the fundamental energy that this ancient tantra method unfolds within you. Prior to you can proceed to appreciate the full benefits of this utmost type of sexual massage, you need to prepare yourselves emotionally and mentally. Sit on pillows, face each other and also close your eyes Gently visualize your lover's physical type and his/her energy Relax as well as be still. Focus on strengthening and also steadying your breath. Breathe through your nose, drawing the breath in to the pit of your stomach Still unwinding, focus on your partner comfortably. Smile. Remember minutes together; the pleasure of your very first truly loving accept. Allow that sensation to load you once more. It is pure tantra power Allow the memory go, but hang on to the feeling of delight. Be joyfully aware of on your own with your lover in the present moment. Free yourself from thoughts of need to or could, and simply exist in the here and now minute. Now ... Have sex with a stable mind. Discover an interior point of understanding within you and also settle the mind there, maintaining this interior factor of harmony throughout the intercourse. Recognize your physical stimulation and concentrate on your feeling of attraction Keep this factor of tranquility within you, within the vibrant activity of your breath as well as the electrical energy of your destination. Spread the sensation of love to your companion. Take a breath till you find equilibrium in motion and also tranquility, in between gentleness as well as vigor, between arousal and also gratification. Become aware of that relaxing state within your fan as well ... as well as remain in it up until you end up being still within your euphoria In this state, you are now primed to experience the union of happiness as well as emptiness itself ... your personal, and that of your loved one. By addressing the prompt seriousness of your libido, you pave the way for the ultimate experience of a tantra massage. Remember that tantra and also tantra masaje lingam madrid are strong influencing pressures on the mind, heart and soul. Method tantra methods just if a seasoned tantra instructor is available to instruct you.

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