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Apollo Displays Is Poised To Update Hotel and Office Signage With New Lineup Of In-Wall Monitors – Digital DoorSigns

Apollo Display Technologies has released a new and innovative product that is poised to change the look of offices, hotels, banquet rooms and more. Think back to the last time you attended a business event or trade show at a fancy hotel or conference center. Chances are, the signage directing you to the proper room or event location was one of those black, felt-covered boards with little white plastic letters. We find that quite amusing, especially at technology or science events and that’s why Apollo Displays is so excited about our new Digital DoorSign solution. Apollo Display’s DoorSign solution provides a unique & eye-catching way to inform and guide visitors, manage meeting rooms or display the use of conference rooms and offices. Advanced software solutions make our digital DoorSigns a complete solution which comprises the whole room management – booking, signage, guide and accounting. Apollo Displays’ DoorSigns are reliable, energy-saving, IP-based network monitors - available in 3 sizes (4.3”, 10.4”, and 12.1”) and ready for in- wall installation. Because Apollo’s DoorSigns are based on an ARM hardware platform and powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), they offer the benefit of low power consumption. Additionally, they are maintenance-free and do not require regular administration. The central room management software controls the content on the monitors and can display: corporate logos, titles and names, planned room occupancies, and more. Apollo Displays’ DoorSigns are poised to update hotel and office signage for the 21st century. Functions and Benefits Screen resolutions: 4.3″ – 480 x 272; 10.4″ – SVGA 800 x 600; 12.1″ – XGA 1024x 768 Complete built-in solution for in-wall installation Bezel design and color are customizable Dust-proof TFT panels enable quick and painless installation Individual configuration and customization via web interface Hardware without moving parts (Solid State) No PC-related security and maintenance risks No installation of application software required Environmentally-friendly due to low power consumption; TFT with LED backlight (no mercury) Click here to read the brochure for Apollo’s 4.3″ DoorSign. Please visit Apollo Displays today:

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