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Betting Golf Online

As we’ll cover in this article, line shopping is important; however, your first out for golf betting will most likely be 5 Dimes. They have the widest selection of golf betting options, including PGA, LPGA, Asian PGA, Seniors and Euro matchups and tournament odds. To give them a try yourself, visit the 5Dimes. Bet Golf at 5 Dimes Sportsbook – Click Here When you click the link above, you’ll also be eligible for a 5Dimes sign up bonus up to $1,000 free play. Betting Golf Online These days, golf and money go hand in hand. Whether it’s Tiger Woods playing for a massive prize in a tournament, or two high stakes gamblers betting thousands a skin, it seems like the only thing better than playing golf is making money while doing so. Even if you’re not a golfer, there are still ways to make money while enjoying a game. Most sportsbooks, such as Bodog and Betbubbles, take action on major golf events such as the Presidents Cup and the PGA Tour. Within each event, sportsbooks offer a number of bets ranging from who will win the event outright to who will be the top scorer throughout the series. Rather than using a traditional point spread, golf odds are determined using a moneyline that looks like this: Presidents Cup: Day One Foursome Thursday, October 8 Oglivy & Ishikawa vs Woods and Stricker Ogilvy & Ishikawa +242 Woods & Striker -182 Halved Match +648 It’s a bit confusing to read at first but, translated into traditional odds, the moneylines above mean: Oglivy & Ishikawa are 2.42-1 underdogs to win the match. Woods & Striker are 1.82-1 favorites to win the match. The game itself is a 6.48-1 underdog to end in a tie. So now that we’ve figured out the odds of each possible outcome, how do we get our money down on the side we like? That’s where the idea of laying and taking odds comes into play. As the underdogs in this match, Oglivy & Iskhikawa will net you a $242 profit if they are able to win. This means you’re taking 2.42-1 odds from the sportsbook in exchange for betting on the underdogs. Conversely, betting on Woods & Striker requires you to risk $182 in order to win $100 if they win the match. Since they are the favorites, you are now laying 1.82-1 odds instead of taking them yourself. Sportsbooks use this system to balance out the money coming in on both sides. One nice side effect of this for the smart sportsbettor is the sportsbook has to update the line based on the volume of money coming in on a certain side. Looking at the Presidents Cup, Woods & Striker seem like a decent value at -182, so if a large volume of money comes in on that side, the sportsbook will have to raise the amount of money bettors have to risk on Woods & Striker while increasing the payout for a Ogilvy & Striker win. For example, a heavy amount of action on Woods & Striker could cause the line to look like this: Ogilvy & Ishikawa +260 Woods & Striker -200 Halved Match +648 If you liked Oglivy & Ishikawa but hadn’t had an opportunity to place a bet, their moneyline suddenly looks a lot more appealing based on the line movement. A smart sportsbettor will always monitor line changes so they can be sure they get maximum value for their bet. Even if line changes don’t occur as quickly as you’d like them to, you always have the option of lineshopping. Since not all sportsbooks draw the same volume of bets, different sportsbooks offer different lines on the same event. By shopping around between books before placing your bet, you can often accomplish the same thing as waiting for the line to move. In the end, you’re looking to get your money in on the side you like at the best price available to you. Being aware of what’s happening in the event gives you the best opportunity to do just that. Once you’ve done your research, all that’s left to do is enjoy the game and hopefully collect your windfall.
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