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Brightview Technologies Kiosk

The Brightview Technologies interactive touch screen kiosk system is based on our network infrastructure, supporting almost all the current mainstream media file formats, which allows businesses, large organisations, operators or chain stores to build a network-based multimedia information platform with the capability to play videos, pictures, text, with full user interactive programmes.

A built in PC controller provides the control for the system; it provides users with high-quality multimedia information services in real time. The system supports LAN, WAN and other network environments, with strong transport security.


The system uses an infrared multi touch matrix allowing quick and simple operation. The system is compatible with all types of information sources and a variety of display terminals are available. Information and content can be modified at any time.


Eye catching design, high quality construction, Multi-touch full HD screen, customisable design custom logo’s, frame colours, 32” 42” 46”and 55” screen sizes available



Web-cam,  RFID,  Printer,  Smart card reader,  Microphone,  Bluetooth,  POS devices,  3G, Barcode reader and scanner



Safe and stable construction, designed to be placed in high footfall areas, the kiosk’s slim and stylish design enables it to fit in any indoor environment ideally suited for hotel’s, corporate receptions, waiting areas and exhibition use.

Stable PC platform means maximum “up-time”

Secure, only authorised personnel can edit content

Durable, tempered glass protects LCD and touch screen from all external impact

Easy to manage, powerful and convenient user interface

Expandable, as your requirements grow so can the kiosks functionality

Key features

  • Construction: Aluminium, Mild Steel, Tempered safety glass
  • Viewing Angel: 160°
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9(Landscape);  9:16(Portrait)
  • Touch Screen Type: Infrared Matrix
  • Response Time: <16 ms
  • Durability: Over 60 million activations single point touch
  • Driver Support: Windows XP/ 7/ Linux
  • Luminous Transmission: Between 92% and up to 100%
  • Touch Activation Force: No minimum force required
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C
  • Drift: No drift
  • Life Time: up to 7 years

Ideal to use as:

Information kiosk

Interactive signage

Wayfinding system

Electronic Catalogue

Reservation and booking system

Reception welcome point



Built to deliver.


The Brightview Technologies interactive kiosk is a beautiful combination of both form and function. This unit will bring eye‐catching impact to any location. It’s a superb medium for the presentation of advertisements and business messages.

The Brightview Technologies interactive kiosk’s sleek design is ideal for freestanding digital information solutions, and allows for user interactivity thru the I.R. interactive touch screen. The display of the Brightview Technologies interactive kiosk terminal is greatly appreciated because of its superb contrast, brightness and high visibility range. With the integrated speaker system, this kiosk does not only look great, but also offers great sound quality. Thanks to its great audiovisual features, your information will command viewer attention at events and trade‐shows, in your reception and even in your waiting rooms. The kiosk is very robust and stable, making it suitable for any location. Like all of our products, this unit features high performance computer technology.


Reliable hardware


  • High quality displays

The use of Agrade commercial displays is a necessity for this sort of application. That’s why we only use premium class display panels from leading panel makers.

  • High lifecycle components

Brightview Technologies success lays in the use of powerful, stateofthe art computer components from renowned brands. We only use components with long life cycles, which guarantee a futureproof investment.

  • Environmentally friendly

We consider the environment when selecting components for our systems. Not only do all parts comply with the RoHS directive, we make sure to offer the latest families of chipsets and power technology in order to provide energyconscious terminals.

  • We’re flexible…

Because we’re an original equipment manufacturer we can configure the hardware setup of your kiosk units to your liking. Because of the huge variety of hardware platforms and components that are available on the market today, we offer a “standard configuration” for all of our products. This configuration can be upgraded or changed according to the clients’ needs. Please enquire for more information.


In case something goes wrong


  • 1 year of Limited Warranty

As standard, we offer one year of nohassle warranty. In case of failure we’ll do our best to support you in the best and most timely fashion we can. Our aim is to have your kiosk project up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

  • Extension of Warranty

In case this would be required, we offer extended warranty programs for a minimal fee. Please enquire for more information.



Get in touch for more information


UK Sales Tel: +44 (0) 121 250 3860

Fax: +44 (0) 121 210 0206


UK Office: Birmingham Science Park Aston, iBIC, Holt Court South, Jennens Road,          

                   Birmingham, B7 4EJ

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