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Eidos Kiosks for Use in Public Services and the NHS

NHS Branded Eidos kiosksEidos is the new kiosk from Kiosks4business, designed specifically to address the needs of NHS and public service organisations for a versatile touchscreen kiosk solution. Eidos is a free standing wheelchair accessible touchscreen kiosk with many advanced features available as standard. The base model includes state of the art multi-touch touchscreen, white LED display edge illumination combined with the latest Intel Atom computing platform.

Eidos is a modular design which provides a choice of 17in, 19in or 22in widescreen displays all complete with touchscreen. The illuminated edge lighting is white as standard but other colours are available for customisation. The kiosk features a slim style so as to be easy to find a space for it.

Eidos can be free-standing or positioned close to a wall and is visually appealing to users. The kiosk has space on the front for your branding and comes with two-tone paint scheme which can be specified for your kiosk. Eidos can be bolted down to the floor for complete safety in public spaces and all connections are secure and hidden from view.

Eidos has been designed to integrate many peripherals including chip and pin, bar code scanner, thermal printer, RFID card readers, keyboard, WiFi, VOIP telephone, hearing aid loop and more. The ability to accept many peripherals enables the kiosk to be used for lots of different applications.

Eidos is ideal for use for: Information Access Kiosk, Patient Self-Check in, Patient Surveys, Wayfinding, Bill payments and online transactions, and much more.

Overall Eidos is an excellent fit for public services and NHS organisations so if you’re about to embark on a new public service project or wish to enhance the service offering to your users then why not see how Eidos can help your organisation.

Find out more about Eidos and download the Brochure here...

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