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Eidos Multi-touch Touchscreen Kiosk is Being Chosen By Schools

Eidos Multi-touch Touchscreen Kiosk is Being Chosen By SchoolsWhen schools are looking for a kiosks solution for pupils, parents and school visitors the Eidos kiosks can’t fail to impress on good looks, but it also impresses at other levels, and in particularly Eidos is right on the money for price.

Schools are always looking to stretch their school budget which is why schools tend to have a long check list when it comes to buying new equipment to enhance the school. In addition to this, schools have a wide assortment of people passing through. Eidos is the perfect solution for schools to deliver self-service information to the schools pupils and other visitors.

Topping the bill, the Eidos delivers on price. Eidos is around £500 less than other kiosks on the market that have fewer winning features. But just because the Eidos costs less on average, it doesn’t mean that the quality has been compromised. Careful design and use of materials have helped keep Eidos at a price point that wins.

So what does Eidos give schools for their money?

For a start Eidos is user friendly by all people no matter how tall or small they might be. The Eidos was built to be wheelchair friendly, which means that the screen is accessible to seated user. Likewise this means that a younger child can also access the Eidos touchscreen. But this doesn’t mean that the kiosk is too low for an adult male to stand to use. The Kiosks is uniquely designed so that everyone, short or tall can access the kiosk.

The kiosk also has the latest multi-touch touchscreen technology. Multi-touchscreens make web based information on the kiosk look fantastic and also makes the kiosk enjoyable to use. Multi-touch touchscreens are screens that work in a simply way to the ipad. Because the screen is modern and a high specification in popular mobile phone, kids instantly find the kiosk user friendly and enviable; which transpires into high usage.

Eidos is great to have as a focal point in a reception area because it looks high tech and the LED lights that illuminate the head of the kiosk draw attention to it, beckoning the next user to step up.

As mentioned earlier, the Eidos is wheelchair friendly, as well as having other potential disability aiding features including a hearing loop and bigger text and button facilities for users with visual issues, and the kiosk can be fitted with a telephone handset.

Eidos is a great all rounder for schools delivering on a number of points but mainly in that its user friendly for all users alike at a price that wont break the bank. There’s always someone available at Kiosks4Business to take your calls if you would like to find out more information or if you would like to arrange a viewing - telephone 0845 451 2020

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