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EM Digital Signage an innovative Technological Advancement for Retail Sector

Improving the customer experience is a major goal of any successful business. In today’s world, with the proper and intelligent use of technology, a company can improve the way they interact with your customers. Digital Signage introduction in the market has proved to be great  technological for many sectors like, for retail banking services, health education, public-private, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, airports and subways, digital signage has made its way everywhere and these sectors are benefiting from it . This technology helps global organizations to achieve their marketing and strategic advertising goals in the market. In this article we will focus on digital signage solutions for retail.

If we look in today’s technological world, we will find lot of customers, who want to access products, services, discounts, information, opinions and professional advice, whether online or in a retail store. Retailers can use this "thirst for information" to their benefit and deliver a multi-channel, interactive shopping experience with Digital Signage solutions. Let’s look at some benefits that digital signage solutions can provide to customers.

The digital signage is quite well-designed and well- placed product that can help retailers in many ways like:

  • It improves the environment at home or in-store.
  • It increases the efficiency of merchandising, in-house branding and sales.
  • It is an ideal product that can be used to communicate current offers, special offers, and discounts to the desired customers effectively.
  • It improves the operational efficiency of the various areas of the store or business.
  • It brings dynamic change in the business environment.
  • It is considered as ideal in providing rich media advertising program and earn revenue by placing third party advertising.
  • It is ideal for displaying personalized content based on time of day, week, and month or year format.
  • You can easily display pieces of information of general interest, such as news, weather and sports.

Meeting the challenge of buying behavior:

Modern retail customers are technically savvy and equipped with the latest communication technologies and smartphone mobile. With access to the Internet, the rapid adoption of social networks and mobile devices has changed consumer buying behavior. To handle this shift in consumer behavior, retailers need relevant and necessary information in order to convince customers to make a purchase. Customers are anxious about their favorite brands, more discounts, and social media profiles of their brands, which then share with your social network to learn.

With the help of EM digital signage solutions, retailers can benefit from this behavior. Retailers need to offer their customers discount offers, social media profiles, loyalty programs, etc, are committed to increasing their sales and brand awareness

More value for the physical experience

If you trying to add value to the experience of your privilege customers and attract new customers, and look for solutions that will bring in interactivity. Digital signage attractively can improve a lot for retail stores, by providing related information to the customers regarding products and customer education, but also for the brand image. Through the guidance of customers, products and services, reducing waiting time and provide quick information and offers gifts to bring a signage solution for stunning results in a physical retail environment.

Sales and Brand Development

Recent Studies have showed that 40 % of customers are influenced in their decisions to purchase digital signage at point of sale. This shows the power of rich media content in stores and retail stores, and most of major brands in large economies have benefitted a lot from digital signage solutions.


In today’s rapidly advancing world, it has become vital for retailers to bring latest technological advancements solutions for digital media in their retails outlets. It will not only enhance the interaction, but sales, marketing, merchandising and overall brand experience. Finally, the right partner is mandatory to implement a digital signage solution is the key, having the right partner, you can stay on budget and successfully achieve your desired results in store digital marketing. EM Digital Signage solution not only provides end- to-end solutions, but also understands you’re over all digital marketing strategy requirements.

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