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General Digital's 10.4" XGA Sunlight Readable LED/NVIS Display

General Digital has taken CMO’s very impressive 10.4" TFT and done the impossible—we have
made it better! We began by replacing the two cold cathode fluorescent lamps which comprise
the OEM backlight with one of our proprietary NVIS / high brightness LED rails. The conversion
to LED technology not only makes the solution greener (no mercury content), but it also
improves the luminance efficiency, and provides full NVIS compatibility. The General Digitalenhanced
90-4104-002 display produces three times the brightness (1200 nits) as the OEM
configuration (G104X-L01) while consuming similar power (10 watts). The enhanced display
module also meets NVIS-B Radiance requirements as defined by MIL-L-3009 specifications.
General Digital’s enhancements do not change the physical characteristics of the original

Options: Optical Bonding EMI Touch Sensors, AR Overlays, ITO Glass Heaters, Custom Front Bezels

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