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Get Extra Assistance with The New Disability Friendly Eidos Multi-touch Touchscreen Kiosk

Disability Friendly Eidos Multi-touch Touchscreen KioskThere are not many kiosks on the market that comply with the Disability Discrimination Act to offer the same level of service for all regardless of disability. But Eidos is a kiosk that can be used by organisations to give assistance and self-service to most service users despite of any disability they might or might not have.

Eidos is the newly designed kiosk from Kiosk4Business that has only recently been launched. Kiosks4Business has worked closely with councils and the NHS over a number of years, and what they have learnt is that public sector services need DDA kiosks; touchscreen kiosks designed for all users. With this in mind the Kiosks4Business design team set about designing a free standing kiosk that ticked all the boxes and Eidos was born.

Firstly the shape and style of the kiosk makes it to be wheelchair friendly. The screen is low enough for wheelchair users to view and access the screen. Furthermore the base of the kiosk fans out at the bottom, but this flaring begins under where a wheelchair’s foot plates would be so that it doesn't prevent wheelchair users from getting close to use the Eidos. The screen is angled such that people standing at the kiosk or those seated have equal access too. Eidos DDA Kiosk The Flaired skirt also protect the kiosks stand from being rammed by wheelchairs, the gentle gradient catches oncoming wheelchairs and brings it to a stop instead of letting the wheelchair bump violently into the kiosk.

Eidos comes with high quality specifications such as a multi-touch touchscreen. The screen has dual purpose, not only does it look fantastic and make the interactive screens on the software look and feel great. The screen also has DDA advantages too. Where motor control is an issue, the touchscreen makes navigating the kiosk so much easier, users can simply touch and drag the screen in a similar way to the ipad screen.

Touchscreens are fantastic for disability kiosks because the screen can instantly make the buttons or text larger or smaller to accommodate users who are visually impaired, or have limited control of their hand and require big buttons.

Eidos is a great design for seamlessly introducing additional features into the kiosk, and additional functionality can be added such as a Hearing loop, a telephone handset or a printer. Adding additional features to Eidos makes the kiosk more disability friendly.

Eidos comes with an illuminated head. LED lighting behind the head of the kiosk gives the Eidos that vogue look. The light of the Eidos makes the kiosk visiable across the room to people who have sight issues.

I suppose you thinking that the Eidos sounds great but all this thought through designing must come at a price. The Eidos is probably a lot better value than most kiosks out there, the basic model including the multi-touch touchscreen being on average £500 less than other companies’ kiosks with lower spec. Eidos offers a great looking kiosk, with versatility at a realistic price that offers value for money.

Eidos is the first in a series of new kiosk designs from the team at Kiosks4business. Checkout our website or call us today for more information 0845 451 2020

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