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How Many Different Ways Can You Prepare a Poultry?

The frequently asked concern to cooks around is "how to prepare". It tests me to ask myself the amount of techniques of cooking are there out there that can be applied to a cornerstone. Allow's attempt this with the ever so famous hen. And mind you, every part of the chicken can be transformeded into a dish. Have you heard of chicken feet as a specialty? I will enter alphabetical order to make sure that we can add-on if we discover much more. 1. Bake - there are many dishes to cook a hen; either entire (a.k.a. roasting) or chicken pieces/breasts. We can additionally cook lovely hen pies. 2. blanche - you can place the poultry into boiling water initially, and after that right into ice cold water, before grilling the meat. That way you get to secure the juices in. Also the water used for boiling can be utilized as chicken stock. 3. boil - boiling poultry either obtains you a nice hen soup or chicken can be steamed before shredding as well as functioned as garnishing for noodles soup recipes. Likewise boiling the chicken before barbecuing reduces the cooking time. You can also double boil a poultry; this is sluggish cooking over a few hrs, needing you to prepare the chicken in a pot placed into one more pot of boiling water. It is prepared using indirect heat for a much more even cooking. Delicious but you need to hold your horses for the end result. 4. braise - this is like stewing; you include fluid just enough to cover the meats (dark soy sauce or just water) as well as allow the hen chef gradually. This is typically done for difficult poultry pieces, like the "ayam kampong" (the tough free variety hen). 5. broil - this resembles barbecuing hen; we moisten the hen items with some gravy, placed them on a baking pan and cook them for a few mins. These are wonderful for sandwiches or salads. 6. ferment - yes you could ferment hen and bake it afterwards. Sounds like a specialty. 7. freeze - freezing is probably a technique of food preparation; food preparation without warmth. Functions for ice creams, sherbets and yogurts, yet don't assume you must try it on poultry though. 8. fry - this prevails in Oriental dishes. There are numerous scrumptious dishes for deep frying poultry. We use a "kuali" or frying pan for this for finest outcomes. The various other is mix frying. Once more, best outcomes are produced utilizing the frying pan. This fasts and superficial frying over heat. Juices are secured as well as the european chicken is prepared in small items for quick food preparation. Best served hot. You can prepare basic one-dish meals, like fried koay teow, utilizing this method. Yummy!

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