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The EOS Range

The EOS-H8653HD uses the world's leading media processing chip the "Sigma Designs 8653" which is a professional multi-media advertising platform. Based on this platform we can supply a media player “Black box” and a variety of all-in-one displays. The media player benefits from highly  stable performance and is suitable for industrial applications in harsh environments.


The EOS-H845HD is an enhanced X86 professional multimedia advertising platform. This solution uses an “Intel Atom” low-power embedded processor, providing unsurpassed performance, low heat output and minimal cooling requirements, improved equipment reliability and extended equipment life. This product is particularly powerful and able to support the mainstream media formats it can support multiple external system data access, such as fund exchange, electronic stop sign information and more. Powerful features and superior quality provide users with a higher return on investment.


EOS-All-in-one display, with Steel, aluminium and toughened glass construction, the appearance and performance of the highest quality, it can also support custom styles. The main part is the EOS-H845HD, X86 architecture, but can also be supplied using the Sigma Designs 8653. Performance and stability, designed to be used 24/7. Display units are widely used in hotels, supermarkets, retail, health centers and other business. Target audiences in public places, give up to the minute information to customers on travel, weather and store offers with a strong visual impact.

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