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Top SQL Server tools

Maintenance and tool scripts are important when it comes to performance monitoring, query tuning, index analysis or problem diagnosis. The market today has plenty of SQL Server tools that can help you accomplish many things. The following are some of the top SQL Server tools – they are in no order of awesomeness:

Plan Explorer

Are you always finding yourself having constantly to stare at the SQL Server execution plans? If this is you, then the Plan Explorer is the ideal tool for you. This tool builds upon the graphical execution plan mode or view in SSMS to ensure that working with query plans is efficient. It also makes working with query plans to be more than “pleasurable.” You no longer have to scroll through the vast plans or hunt through the property windows to find all the metrics you need.


This tool is pretty much like Batman’s utility belt. In other words, it can do everything and anything for you. With this tool, you can rapidly access performance, health, security, and configuration issues. It also helps you organize your results in a prioritized list. sp_Blitz helps you offer simple explanations of every risk together with a column of links that you can copy and paste into a browser for adequate information about every issue.


Do you really want to know what is eating up your SQL Server? If so, then this is the perfect tool to use. It is the best diagnostic instrument that you can get. If you have a production issue on your hands, and not much to go on other than “is there something wrong with my server”, then trust on this weapon. With this tool, you can immediately triage an instance of your server in order to get a feeling of what is currently happening and speedily decide on what your next steps ought to be.

The tool can also help you execute commands and know exactly what they are waiting on.

MDW (Management Data Warehouse)

This other awesome tool is incredibly good although many folks have not tried it. It brings with it impressive performance levels. The tool is incredible when it comes to monitoring insights. You can effortlessly use it to make the production of performance insight data to be directly available to the development teams. You can do this by extending the default implementation by using the SQL reporting services.


It is quite natural to think that indexes usually improve performance. For sure, that is exactly what they are supposed to do. However, in some instances, indexes can be such a hindrance to performance. Of great importance to note is that things such as unused and duplicate indexes can turn out to be silent killers. They can really drag down your performance. This tool can help you to evaluate your general or overall index health. You can also use it to identify those areas that need adjustments and improvements. Ultimately, it will help nip any potential future problems.

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