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True Vision Displays Inc Introduces Rugged Enclosure TFT Product Line

Cerritos, Calif., December, 5 2011 – True Vision Displays Inc., a TFT LCD solutions provider, announced today a new rugged display system. The TVD104XHAL is a complete system that features a button bezel, 10.4 inch XGA extended temp LCD with options for NVIS compliance.



“The 10.4 inch XGA (1024 x 768) TFT display can be customized to fit our customer requirements” said Steven Yu the CEO and founder of True Vision Displays Inc. The new display system is completely designed, developed and manufactured in True Visions Displays ISO-9001 compliant manufacturing facility in Cerritos California.

 The 10.4 inch XGA viewing angle is very wide and the display can be used in a used in portrait or landscape orientation and features a black hard anodized exterior surface, 3 mm optically bonded cover glass and rugged construction. The LCD backlight and buttons on the bezel are digitally dimmable (zero to 100%). User definable interface and controls are available. 


“True Visions Displays has leveraged the knowledge gained from manufacturing specialized LCD’s for rugged, military and demanding industrial applications and have applied it to building this display system,” said Yu. “Customers looking for long-term product support, high reliability and a variety of options will find these TFT display systems ideal for a wide assortment of applications.” Additional custom options are available including optical bonding, specialized low reflection cover glass, EMI, Heater and touch screens. The TVD104XHAL display system is part of an entire series currently under development by True Vision Displays Inc.

 Available with a standard backlight or with a separate NVIS mode backlight for the LCD and bezel switch, each with the same mechanical form factor, the display enclosure is ideal for military ground vehicle, avionics, and for simulator applications. The display system can be designed and scaled to customer specific requirements and has many design features and options available.


About True Vision Displays Inc,

Headquartered in Cerritos, Calif., True Vision Displays, Inc. is widely recognized for its very high standards in engineering design and development and commitment to creating products of the highest quality. True Vision Displays Inc, offers a broad range of custom and standard TFTs solutions, custom modules and value-added-services designed for military, avionics and the industrial OEM market. True Vision Displays Inc provides competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and superior customer service. For more information please visit

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