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USA Kiosk Resellers Wanted for New Touchscreen Kiosk Range

USA Kiosk Resellers Wanted for New Touchscreen Kiosk RangeA unique opportunity to expand your sales in the USA with stylish, low-cost kiosks – manufactured in the UK to a high standard.

Kiosks4Business are seeking successful partners for introducing and selling our new range of new touchscreen kiosk products in the USA. We receive many enquiries direct from the USA here in the UK as a result of our ‘cool-look’ and low cost designs. Our kiosks are designed in-house by our young design team and include the latest styling concepts, and cutting-edge technology. This produces high quality robust designs but at a sensible price. Our kiosks are used in many sectors in the UK including Government, Schools & colleges, Retailers and many more. We receive the same kind of enquiries from the USA but at present are not able to offer a service in the USA.

Expand your service offering by getting into the fast growing self-service market!

Ideal Companies:
· Turnover > $1M
· Technical ability with Windows XP, Windows 7, setting up PCs
· Mechanical assembly (e.g. already assembling PC’s/Servers etc)
· Space for stock holding
· Able to deliver and install kiosks
· Able to achieve kiosk sales of minimum $50k per year
· Able to provide local technical support and great customer service

What we provide:
· New and increasing range of stylish kiosk designs using cutting-edge technology and proven hardware
· Shipped flat-pack style or part assembled for final assembly at your facility.
· Technical support by telephone/email
. Quarterly visits from us for tech / assembly / marketing / sales help
· Defined sales area for your kiosk business.

What we expect from you:
· Initial stock holding and one kiosk to be used as demo model
· minimum order value $ 10,000. (4-5 standard 19” eidos kiosks)

Interested in working with us? Give us a call +44 1189 0000

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