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Kiosks4business Introduce New Dual Screen Wall Mount Kiosk – Acis

Kiosks4business, the Reading based manufacturer of designer touchscreen kiosks releases their new Acis dual screen wall mount kiosk.

New Dual Screen Wall Mount Kiosk – AcisKiosks4business new wall mount kiosk, Acis, is a natural progression from our Nixi micro kiosks. The new Acis dual screen kiosk is a wall mounted design with 15in display and touchscreen. Above this is an additional 22in screen in portrait orientation which is ideal for displaying advertising, product pricing or other information. Audio is well catered for with an acoustic sounder creating a sound field from the front of the kiosk. Acis is available as a single or dual screen version with plenty of space for your branding. The narrow width makes it easy to find a place to fit the kiosk and optional privacy filters means you can fit kiosks adjacent to each other whilst preserving your users privacy. All cables are hidden from view.

Acis uses the latest low power Intel Atom computers and network connectivity provided by wired, wireless or 3G with high gain antenna hidden from view. The computer drives both main screen and advertising screen and is supplied with Windows 7 Professional or Ubuntu Linux. The computers are of industrial quality and capable of automatically turning on and off each day.

Acis is ideal for use in retail, leisure (booking sports courts etc), patient surveys and check-in and many other applications.

To find out more details about Acis or other touchscreen kiosks in the Kiosks4Business range visit the website or give the team a call 01189 769088

New Dual Screen Wall Mount Kiosk – Acis

Local Councils and Housing Associations using New Look Customer Service Touchscreen Kiosk from Kiosks4Business

Kiosks4Business is a UK based designer and manufacturer of touchscreen kiosks. The full process from design, through to manufacture and support of the kiosks happens here in the UK. The machines are as high-tech as they are good looking with multi-touch screens fitted as standard on many models. Designed and built by British engineers, these touchscreen kiosks are built to last as proven by roll outs of kiosks across councils in England and Wales.

Chris Cowper the Kiosks4Business manager said, “The Local councils have taken a real shine to our Eidos kiosks. I think this is partly due to its design – it’s simple and contemporary and easily ‘fits in’ to its surroundings. But the big plus of this kiosk for the councils is that it is wheelchair friendly and DDA compliant, and councils love the inclusiveness that this kiosk offers.”

Council Kiosk

The Eidos kiosk is a free standing multi-touch touchscreen machine that allows self service to users. The kiosks can run a number of applications, and because Kiosk4Buisness has worked with multiple councils in the past, they already have tried and tested software package purpose built for UK councils and housing associations. This of course makes it quick and easy for other customers to populate the software with the relevant and up to date information that they are required to make available to the public.

And its not just the local councils that have taken to the Eidos council, you might also catch a glimpse of it within the NHS where it has been used for patient check in, or in some Schools where it has been set up as a parent information point.

For more information on Eidos or other touchscreen kiosks for free-standing, wall mount or desk mounted designs contact the Kiosks4Business team either through their website or by phone 0118 976 9088.


dddfKeywest Technology Releases New White Paper Giving Insight Into Successful Digital Signage Networks

Keywest Technology shares new insight on key ingredients found in common with successful digital signage network operations. These findings have been compiled and form the gist of a new white paper that brings deeper understanding to business owners and managers at large who might be contemplating digital signage but don’t want to repeat common deployment mistakes.

LENEXA, Kan. (February 13, 2013) – Keywest Technology announced today the release of a new white paper that compiles 10 years of insight, which explains in everyday language key ingredients that have been found in common with successful digital signage networks. The white paper, Key Ingredients For A Successful Digital Signage Campaign, highlights five components that are found in successful network operations, regardless if they are used for advertising or non-advertising networks.

The white paper dispels a key myth that has been repeated by unknowing individuals, which essentially states that information-based networks require different tooling and knowhow than advertising networks, also known as digital out-of-home (DOOH) networks.

“Not so,” according to Sam Ruggles, Keywest Technology’s senior digital signage solutions manager. “The 5 key elements that make for a successful digital signage network are one and the same, irrespective if the end result is used for pure advertising purposes or information dissemination only.”

Part of the myth centered on the idea that audience metrics for information-based networks are useless to the network operator. But in actuality, digital signage overturns difficult and mundane measurement into exciting new possibilities that help the communication cycle.

This is because all good communication requires feedback of some kind, and digital signage communication is clearly one step closer than any other medium this side of the Internet in providing useful audience metrics. Since advertising and non-advertising communication objectives are often different between either paradigm, feedback may be quantified and interpreted differently; however, the fact remains, great communication includes some form of feedback and is the hallmark of any digital media whether it is used in place-based digital signage, mobile devices or the Internet itself.

The white paper further explains with exemplary detail common traits that any digital sign network manager or operator can use to better plan for a successful deployment and ultimately gain successful results (ROO) that justify the purchase (ROI) and potential expansion.

The findings in the white paper reveal five common ingredients in successful digital signage networks, which are respectively,

1. Setting realistic goals 2. Choosing the right hardware and software 3. Planning deployment 4. Designing effective content or campaigns 5. Choosing the right audience metrics

The white paper is available immediately as a free download on Keywest Technology’s corporate website: Simply navigate and press the White Paper button on the black menu bar to download the PDF document. The white paper is also available for download on the Digital Signage Today website.

About Keywest Technology Keywest Technology is an authentic designer of digital signage systems offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds systems with a holistic approach that include key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive support. Based in Lenexa, Kan., the company is dedicated to making digital signage technically as easy as a day at the beach. For more information, visit


Kiosks4Business Find Gaming Success with Gamer Towers – Keeping Your Games Consoles Safe and Secure

Kiosks4Business the Reading based kiosk designers are the sole manufacturer of the Gamer Towers. Gamer Towers are proving to be very popular for keeping games consoles safe and secure.

Gamer Kiosks Towers are robust tower structures that enable Xbox360 and PS3 games consoles to be used in a public environment, canteens, recreational areas, schools, hospitals, youth centres, and waiting rooms. Gamer Towers protect the gaming consoles and screens with their rugged construction which is designed to withstand day to day use and also secures the console and controllers to protect against theft.

The games towers are available in 2, 3 or 4 sided construction where each side can accommodate a games console or be left blank. The gamer towers are branded to suit with imaginative acrylic bezels which also protect the screen against damage. Additionally, the gamer towers can be constructed with coin-op mechanisms to enable simple pay for use of the screen. Gamer towers have full HD screen and powered speakers for optimum enjoyment. When not in use the Gamer Tower can be setup to display company updates using the media player built into the screen.

For more information please visit the Kiosks4Business website at: Gamer Tower

How Digital Signage Advertising Can Influence Your Customer More Effectively


Mil-Spec Rack Mount LCD Monitor with Front-Accessible USB & CF Ports

General Digital was tasked with the challenge of creating a monitor substantial enough to endure military Naval use. Starting with our standard military-grade Saber RackMount 901D, we designed and built a drip- and splash-proof enclosure, complete with sealed and tethered connector covers. We then equipped this rugged rack mount unit with both a compact flash card reader and USB port behind a customer-accessible field door on its front bezel. Featuring a 19" SXGA LCD, the Saber RackMount 901D is built to satisfy a multitude of military standard requirements, such as MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD-901D. Also included are numerous video inputs (e.g., VGA, Sync-on-Green, Composite NTSC, PAL, SECAM, RS-170), as well as an EMI filter. On the rear of the customized unit are more USB ports and TNC video connections.

Touchscreen Kiosks - Get the Design Edge from Kiosks4business

Check out the Kiosks4business newly designed and acclaimed range of stunningly good looking kiosks. Debuted at the UK Retail Technology Show the customer interest has and continues to be intense.

Aesthetic design coupled with the now familiar multi-touch touch screen capability shows the Kiosks4business kiosk range truly looks great and exceeds the current technology demand. All designed and manufactured in the UK. 

Figur Kiosk
The very curvy Figur kiosk , features a new style portrait multi-touch display to enable a touch screen keyboard without compromising the normal screen resolution; unique and stylish. 

Touch screen kiosks are a great way to showcase more products and the Figur kiosk is ideal as a touchscreen exhibitions kiosk due to its narrow width. What’s more, as an option, Figur can be supplied with integrated chip & pin, receipt printer and bar code scanner, so this kiosk can perform most tasks you may require of it.

Most customers want branding and light customisation of the range to fit their environment. If you tell Kiosks4Business about your environment, they will oblige. 

Visit the Kiosks4Business website for the full details or alternatively call them to chat on  0118 976 9088


Rugged Industrial Touchscreen Kiosks from Kiosks4Business

Juno II is the rugged industrial touchscreen kiosk from Kiosks4business.  Designed for use in harsh environments where a PC isn’t up to the job, Juno includes 15in screen with resistive touchscreen and rugged industrial keyboard with integrated trackball.  The kiosk is finished in hard wearing paint and is available with wired or wireless connectivity.  Find out more about the Juno II


Ask us about Juno II 0118 976 9088


Juno II Industrial Touchscreen Kiosk


Keywest Technology Announces Improved Digital Signage Support Plan


Keywest Technology Announces Improved Digital Signage Support Plan

Keywest Technology pioneered a comprehensive support plan over six years ago when the company’s software was strictly premise-based, but after considering the evolving needs of today’s digital signage customers, the company has revised and improved its support system to meet the needs of a growing, diverse product line that now has its roots in the IT cloud.

LENEXA, Kan. (January 16, 2013) – Keywest Technology announced today a major overhaul of its TotalCARE™ support system. This change is a response to not only how newer software products and services require support, but also a reflection of the changing demographics and skills of customers and methods that best support them. The revised support plan and procedures were launched in mid-December of 2012.

The company’s support team evaluated several help desk programs, and after much testing and consideration, settled on Kayako’s Fusion platform. According to Lisa Ramsour, Keywest Technology’s customer service manager, “We are providing unparalleled customer support with our new help desk because it automates and streamlines the process, making it more efficient to handle different product lines and different types of clients seamlessly.”

The new support system was instituted to better serve customers now and in the future. For over ten years the company only produced a premise-based software that ran strictly on Windows, but today, that paradigm is quickly changing.

“Our newest digital signage software systems run not only on Windows but also Linux and Android,” said Nick Nichols, Keywest president and CTO. He further noted, “We have designed our latest system to operate in a virtualized environment that no longer requires local IT expertise to setup and operate.”

For this reason, the demographic profile of digital signage users has become less technical and much more creative. This also means they need far less technical support to get their digital sign system configured and launched, yet may still desire different kinds of help that have more to do with operational, communication and creative questions related to digital signage application and practice.

Regardless of how diverse and challenging digital signage customers’ needs are, Ramsour is confident the new system will work. “This system will work,” she said in a recent meeting. “My team’s experience has been fused to a new process that will prevent customers from falling through the cracks and getting lost in the system no matter how small or large their needs are.”

Part of this confidence comes from a brand-new help desk that gives customers the ability to create a ticket that automatically prioritizes and assigns case numbers. These cases then get sorted and sent to team members based on warranty status, type of product, and relative seriousness of issue. Ramsour noted that her goal is to have every case answered within 24 hours and if at all possible resolved within that timeframe. The new support portal also includes a chat dialog box for quick fixes that may not require a ticket, thereby giving customers real-time tech assistance directly from product support personnel.

The all-new TotalCARE support system is available immediately to Keywest Technology customer’s from the company’s corporate website ( or digital signage product microsite As new product lines are announced in 2013, the help desk will be expanded to cover each product with individualized features that make the most sense for any given support need.

About Keywest Technology Keywest Technology is an authentic designer of digital signage systems offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds systems with a holistic approach that include key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive support. Based in Lenexa, Kan., the company is dedicated to making digital signage technically as easy as a day at the beach. For more information, visit


Virtual Reception Kiosks Become a Low Cost Reality at Kiosks4Business

Virtual Reception Kiosks Become a Low Cost Reality at Kiosks4BusinessA true full featured Virtual Reception kiosk is now a reality from Kiosks4business with Artemis Virtual Reception software - a real alternative to a manned reception area of any size.

The Virtual Reception Kiosk has been developed in response to the increasing requirements for self service products emerging in today’s society. With the requirement to continually improve the efficiency of labour resources within establishments Virtual Reception Kiosks are the perfect solution to allow reception staff to be more efficient or more effectively placed within a company. Artemis Virtual Reception is a unique touchscreen kiosk system which provides professional first line contact with visitors to your business or organisation.

Kiosks4business are UK based designers of touch screen kiosks and kiosk software used by retailers, public services and healthcare customers. They boast that their designer kiosks feature cutting edge technology such as multi-touch with class leading aesthetic designs, and offer a fully custom design service.

Artemis has been designed to embody all the ‘welcome’ Sign-in and Register features needed for most receptions. Artemis automatically phones the receiving party on visitor sign-in to allow the visitor to announce his/her presence.

Easy and intuitive to use
Artemis can be used with any of our designer kiosk range.
3 touchscreen "clicks" for visitors to complete reception and to call receiving party.
Easy CMS set up to update visitors and meetings.
Visitor name label printing.
Many other great Virtual Reception features
Artemis (kiosk and software) - from £3,000

Artemis Virtual Reception software is designed for Kiosk4Business touchscreen kiosks which are available as wall mount, desk and free-standing designs. Click here for more information or call Kiosks4Business on 0845 451 2020


Digital Signage Review and Outlook 2013

Digital signage is an industry dependent on evolving communication technologies. The really cool part is that every one of us has a hand in this by the way we are using digital devices in our day-to-day lives. 2012 has been a banner year for digital signage as the industry adapts and integrates these technologies in many helpful ways.

Looking back on this year, there have been so many improvements in the field of digital signage technology worthy of note that it would fill a book to discuss them all. Let’s consider just one major newsworthy discussion of 2012—Android.

Why is Android good news for the digital signage market? Simply put, economies of scale. With the growing adoption of tablets by both consumers and businesses, über-exothermic market growth is forecasted through 2016 at 20.9 percent CAGR, according to an IDC report released on December 5. Since the digital signage industry readily adapts consumer display technologies, this will ensure a good selection of high-quality products as manufactures attempt to outgun each other with more powerful, higher resolution devices.

Forward thinking digital signage innovators will be able to repurpose these portable devices for a myriad of uses all the way from self-standing kiosks to shelf-talking display systems—all at a price that would put a smile on the most tight-fisted accountant.

Looking to 2013 and beyond, we will likely see additional integration of Big Data in digital signage applications. Some may instantly think of Big Brother and other notions of invasion of privacy that is always a fuzzy line, but the utilization of Big Data by advertisers is really more about making better guesses at what might provoke one’s interest and engaging with content.

Big Data is collected as we use digital devices, apps and the Internet on a daily basis, but it is rarely tied to us in a personal way, unless you have given permission through a loyalty program or the like. Of course, just using certain digital services may be part of a permission-based data collection scheme, and it is not hard to go too far before ad intrusion becomes an annoyance, which is one reason some speculate on the fate on Facebook’s future. We are yet to learn how much Big Data the general public will tolerate. Interested in finding out? You can experience it firsthand by viewing your Facebook page (assuming you have one since over 1 billion people do) over the next year as they incorporate Big Data through 2013.

Big Data is our digital fingerprint that knows our digital habits, regardless of what OS platform, Internet browser or mobile device one prefers to use. When we boil Big Data down for digital signage applications, it becomes a process of getting better at engaging us and helping us find products, people, service, news and entertainment that matter to us.

Digital signage by its very nature can be used to seamlessly aggregate and use data already existing on customers. This data can be purposed to actionable instances that offer personal assistance for many in-store processes, such as, product assistance, product comparison, customer service, loyalty incentives and social interactions, if we feel like sharing something.

Download our whitepaper, Why Digital Signage?, for additional insight on how this communication medium is having a positive impact on business across the globe.

View infographic on the future of Big Data:

David Little is a charter member of the Digital Screenmedia Association with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to effectively communicate. For further digital signage insight from Keywest Technology, visit our website for many helpful tips and examples. For more in-depth research from Keywest Technology, download our free digital signage white papers and case studies.

Touch Screen Supply Chain

"This white paper provides an overview of the touchscreen supply chain. It describes the key components of the supply chain and the touchscreen modules available in the market."

Read the entire white paper via Darrin Vallis

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Designing Touch Panels to Work with Gloves

"The difference in touch response between a traditional resistive touch panel and a projected capacitive touch panel is based on the underlying technology used to determine the location of the touch. Unlike a resistive touch panel, which works by shorting one conductive layer to another, a projected capacitive touch panel uses capacitive coupling between the user’s finger and the touch panel to determine the location of the touch. If there is no capacitive coupling, the touch panel can’t recognize if a finger is present."

Read the entire white paper via Ocular LCD

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Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

"Projected capacitive touch screens can be made entirely of plastic, allowing them to be virtually unbreakable and have the flexibility to be contoured or bent. The touch screens are sensitive to cotton or surgical gloves and when the sensing range extended, proximity sensing can be built into the product. These rugged touch screens are immune to most chemicals due to it's typically glass first surface, can operate in extreme temperatures, and can be sealed to meet the requirements for most wash-down and explosive environments. In all, when compared to the price of resistive and surface capacitive touch systems, projected capacitive touch technology is relatively inexpensive."

Read the entire white paper via Touch International

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Dr. James Fergason - A Pioneer of Liquid Crystal Technology

"It is hard to believe that in the 1960s the modern LCD architecture had not been conceived. Yes, inventors and scientists worldwide saw the potential for a flat panel display, but a practical display architecture with adequate imaging capability, lifetime, and low cost and power had not been discovered."

Read the entire white paper via Fergason Patents

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The Advantages of Medical LCD Monitors with LED Backlights

"Images are displayed on an LCD monitor by controlling the output from the light source with liquid crystals. The light source is known as the backlight, and in the early days LCD monitors employed cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL). Recently, light emitting diodes (LED) have evolved, and they are now being used as LCD monitor backlights. This paper will introduce the main advantages of medical image display monitors that utilize an LED backlight."

Read the entire white paper via EIZO

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LCD Distributor Launches New Website With Display Industry Resources


LCD Distributor Launches New Website With Display Industry Resources

Boston, Massachusetts (January 1, 2013) - Mass Integrated, Inc., a global distributor of LCD panels with operations in Boston and China, launched a new website ( with resources for the display industry.

The website features a display database for engineers that can search thousands of display panels by multiple characteristics and compare results side-by-side. Datasheets are available for download.

Mass Integrated also hosts a display industry knowledge base called Display Alliance, which features industry news, technical Q&A, white papers, EOL notices, and more. Anyone can post press releases and other industry content to Display Alliance.

Smarter Glass, a division of Mass Integrated, is also represented on the new website. Smarter Glass provides touch solutions for OEMs, touch integration for legacy products, and value-added display services such as backlight replacement, repolarization, and high bright. Smarter Glass specializes in projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology.

The Mass Integrated website has resources for anyone interested or involved in display technology and the display industry. Visit to learn more.


Mass Integrated, Inc. is a global distributor of LCD panels with operations in Boston and China. The company was founded in 2002 and works with OEMs in the medical, military, industrial, avionics, and consumer electronics markets. Visit to search the display database for engineers. Smarter Glass, a division of Mass Integrated, provides projected capacitive (PCAP) touch solutions. For more information, call +1 (978) 465-6190 or email


How Electronic Parts Distribution And The LCD Industry Are Changing

The electronic parts industry boomed in the 1990s and early 2000s, but major industry changes are forcing companies to adapt.

In those days, middlemen such as parts brokers thrived on wide profit margins for parts and direct access to manufacturers in Asia. It was a simple formula: find buyers and sellers of parts and turn part numbers into profits.

But profit margins on electronic parts have eroded with improved manufacturing and lower costs. Even giant corporations like Sharp are in trouble. According to the New York Times, Sharp’s profits grew 150 percent between 2000 and 2007. In 2012, the company admitted to having "material doubts" whether it would even survive.

Mass Integrated, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a distributor in the emerging LCD industry. In 2007, the company was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 500. Mass Integrated witnessed first-hand the shift in the electronic parts industry.

"The days of parts brokers are numbered," said Thomas Roklan, who has been with Mass Integrated since 2005. "The Internet has opened the market up and cut out the middlemen. Everything is transparent now: part numbers, prices, and Asian suppliers."

Mass Integrated distributes LCD panels and works primarily with OEMs in the medical, military, industrial, avionics, and consumer electronics markets. The company's niche is industrial and end-of-life panels, which can be hard to source without a distributor. Still, Mass Integrated recognizes that the broker model of distribution is a thing of the past.

"Distribution today is about added value and solutions rather than part numbers and Asian suppliers," said Roklan. "This is what OEMs want and need. Otherwise, they can go direct to the manufacturers, and many of them are already doing that."

To meet the new model of distribution, Mass Integrated created a division called Smarter Glass to expand its value-added services. An OEM that needs to enhance or modify an LCD panel could go to Smarter Glass not just for the panel but for modifications such as backlight replacement, repolarization, and high bright. Smarter Glass also provides projected capacitive (PCAP) touch solutions and touch integration for legacy products.

"Mass Integrated was founded in the midst of an emerging LCD market, when the broker model of distribution was still viable," said Roklan. "Smarter Glass is the future of that market, both in terms of touch technology and added-value services. But beyond those core services, Mass Integrated adds value to OEMs just by being a US-based company with benefits such as net terms, scheduled orders, and excess inventory management. Those are things that the Internet can never replace."

In 2012, Mass Integrated launched a new website ( with a display database for engineers that can search thousands of display panels and compare results side-by-side. The company also operates a display industry knowledge base called Display Alliance ( which features industry news, technical Q&A, white papers, EOL notices, and more.

"The Internet is a digital continent, the new Asia," said Roklan. "The Mass Integrated website is the foundation of a web-based infrastructure that drives a new model of distribution and adds value to the entire display industry through resources such as the display database and Display Alliance. The electronic parts industry as a whole has to make the same transition to value-added services and resources."


LCD Ruggedization in Displays with Optically Bonded AR Glass Lamination 

"Optical bonding of anti-reflective cover glass to LCD panels to improve sunlight readability is well known, though ruggedization benefits have seen little study. Detailed discussion of impact tests for notebook PC type displays with and without bonded cover glass will be presented as will vibration response data which show significant reduction in transmissibility as a result of viscoelastic damping in the optical adhesive. Keywords: ruggedized LCD; sunlight readable; optical enhanced display"

Read the entire white paper via DuPont Display Enhancements

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Excess Inventory Offer

These panels are available as excess inventory and are warehoused in the United States.

42” Sharp Touchscreen PN-E421 (qty 4)

47” LG M4715C (qty 2)

52” LG M5520 (qty 2)

40” Samsung Multi-touch 400TSN-2 (qty 6)

40” NEC P401 (qty 4)

42” LG M4213C (qty 1)

42” HP LD4200TM (qty 1)