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Evolution of LCD Enhancements

Technical Q&A with AGDisplays

DA: Have display enhancement needs changed over the years? Do enhancements differ across vertical markets (military, industrial, etc.)?

AGDisplays: They have changed, over the last few years especially, as the LED backlight has replaced the CCFL backlight as the standard backlighting method.

There are LCDs deployed across all industries that have cold cathode fluorescent lamps in them, and companies are retrofitting those displays over to LED backlight technology as well. I think the biggest catalyst for change is the ever changing advancements in technology. As technology grows, an LCD's capability expands as well.

For instance, touch screens are now capable of many multi-touch features, a function that has opened the doors for many things. Combining that with the increase in display resolutions and you are able to design software to allow an easier human interface that was previously not possible.

There are also demands for power savings when using LCD’s in battery powered applications and handheld devices. The advancements in LED backlighting have aided this cause as well. Whether it's advancements in optical bonding, touch screens, or backlighting solutions, one thing is certain: necessity is the mother of invention!

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