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LCD Display Enhancement

Technical Q&A with AGDisplays

DA: What is the demand for display enhancement services?

AGDisplays: As manufacturers design LCDs, their end goal is often different than the LCD needs of equipment manufacturers who utilize LCDs in their devices.

Manufacturer designs are meant to accommodate the majority of the LCD market. When specialized equipment manufacturers select an LCD display for their application they often have additional needs or requirements that cannot be met by the original LCD manufacturer.

Enhancements of an LCD screen can be thought about in many different ways. A design that will require the display to be used in direct sunlight will likely need a transflective enhancement to utilize the ambient light and reduce reflection. ATM’s often use transflective enhancements along with touchscreens with anti-reflective coatings along with chemically strengthened glass. Heaters are often introduced into displays when extreme temperature fluctuations could compromise the liquid crystal and/or backlight function.

For military and defense equipment more and more applications are requiring NVIS compatibility modes to be incorporated into the design of the LCD. AGDisplays regularly enhances stock displays to be equipped with both high bright backlight systems for direct sunlight use and low bright night vision backlights, making the display usable with Night Vision goggles.

Regardless of the industry or application there are multiple ways to improve an LCD to better suit your design or product. Often, the gain can considerably outweigh the cost when it comes to delivering a better product to your customer, with better reliability and function.

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