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Problems for LCD Engineers

Technical Q&A with AGDisplays

DA: What is one problem in the display industry that engineers and manufacturers must address?

AGDisplays: This is a great question, but a tough one to answer at the same time.

In the display industry, the manufacturers are racing against many different obstacles. They are constantly evolving their product lines to better suit the market, while competing with the product lines of their competitors as well.

LCD part numbers can go into "end of life" status as display manufacturers eliminate the production of a specific part number from their production. The forecast and alert of this type of change is crucial to a company supporting a project that utilizes that particular display.

Receiving advance notice of these changes would allow for better reaction time for the companies supporting that manufacturer's product. Often, receiving samples can be a critical aspect of designing an LCD solution for a client. Ability to get samples and small quantity purchases can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Working with quality distributors can aid this as well, but ultimately the speed and availability of these requests can be a deciding factor into which manufacturer's display you will choose for your project.

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