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3D display industry

Technical Q&A with Maarten Tobias from Dimenco

DA: What goes into marketing 3D displays and what does the industry need to do to make 3D succeed in the market?

Marketing of 3D displays depends heavily on the market segment.The TV industry is a totally different segment than the professional PRO-AV market.

For example the TV market is dominated by the industry and often technologies are pushed to the consumer. Glasses-based 3D is a perfect example of this.

However that is also the reason that 3D in the consumer market has not been a success by now. The PRO-AV market is dominated by applications and the added value of 3D in such applications. If 3D adds to the experience, provides better or more clearer information (such as in Medical or in Visualization applications), or enhances the consumer behavior (3D Digital Signage), then it can be accepted by these markets.

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