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3D displays past and future

Technical Q&A with Maarten Tobias from Dimenco

DA: Can you put 3D display technology into historical perspective?

3D technology already existed in the 19th century. However it really took off in 2009.

The reason for this was on the one hand the technological possibilities of digital processing / media, availability of content (Avatar), and display technology. It started in digital cinema where the difficulty to create a high-quality 3D image was presented. It then got to the TV market with high refresh rates making it possible to introduce active glasses, especially on Plasma.

Glasses-free 3D will depend heavily on higher resolution panels which will be widely available in 2013 and prices will go down rapidly in 2014. Expecting glasses-free 3D TV’s being available in 2013 as high-end TV’s and getting more widely spread from 2014 onwards.

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