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Baanto touch technology

Technical Q&A with Joe Kotas and Kevin Lee from Baanto

DA: What is Baanto working on at the moment? Are you excited about anything in particular?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of applications we’re being asked to work on.

We have ongoing programs with customers that span 8” touch solutions for an industrial, ruggedized application and have been demonstrating a product we developed for Christie Digital that will touch enable up to a 260” video wall.

We have integrators providing multiple medical monitors either shipping or in development fitted with our touch solution and that’s been a great endorsement of our technology.

Tactically, we’re working on expanding our mid-size standard products for ATM’s, Industrial Control, and Gaming applications and have over 60 customers evaluating our technology for these applications.

The initial Digital Signage products ranging from 32” to 85” will start rolling out in October and the demand for a reliable, economic, and sunlight tolerant solution is simply unbelievable. There’s a lot more to follow these products over the next year.

We’re working on creating the most usable, scalable, and economic multi-touch product in the industry. Is it possible to be excited about everything we’re working on??

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