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Dimenco 3D displays

Technical Q&A with Maarten Tobias from Dimenco

DA: What is Dimenco working on right now?

Dimenco is actually setting up different components and manufacturing processes for the market.

This means for example that we can provide lenses in high volume manufacturing. This is a cooperation between us and a third party. In this case we jointly developed the process and quality of the optical stack which results in the purest optical stack, but also to provide this in really high volumes.

Next to this, we offer manufacturing processes and equipment to optically bond lenticulars (glass) to LCD-panels. Our facility is able to process about 10K per year, depending on size.

We are mainly working on very high resolution panels. As explained one of the challenges is the lack of resolution. With more and more QFHD displays and Retina displays being introduced in the market, the quality and accessibility of glasses-free 3D will be also much better. At CES we will demonstrate some of these new incredible demonstrators.

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