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Touch solutions provider

Technical Q&A with Joe Kotas and Kevin Lee from Baanto

DA: What goes into being a touch solutions provider as opposed to just supplying the technology?

Creating products that have three basic features; simplicity, usability, and reliability.

As I mentioned in the first question, our long term success of the industry is dependent on navigating the “uncharted waters” confronting the industry. If the implementation of a technology requires that users memorize complex gestures it will slow the adoption of touch.

Who remembers the Palm Pilot ‘Graffiti’ alphabet touch stylus entry system where you had to be trained on the way they forced you to write (no signature capture here), not many of you.

If the industry creates a state of confusion by not standardizing on gestures, it will confuse users and by their nature, humans hate to feel confused. And if a technology will only work in darkened rooms or can only be activated by an individual that doesn’t sport long fingernails, or have calluses, or happens to be wearing gloves, or has prosthetics and/or special needs users will be frustrated, and humans hate to be frustrated as well.

I think that when you consider human factors into your outlook, specialization is the enemy of success. We think that the successful solution providers will understand and embrace those simple concepts.

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