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Display industry in Europe

Technical Q&A with Elsin Electronic Solutions

DA: Is there an advantage in being a European company in the display industry?

Elsin Electronic Solutions: The location of Elsin right in the middle of Europe is an important advantage for the provision of repair and logistic services for the whole region. Though the repair price alone may be higher than repair prices in Asia (because of the higher employment costs), the overall costs considering transport are significantly lower.

Besides repairs of LCD panels and related services (RMA, on-site support, logistics, buffer service, etc.) Elsin also handles types of soft business. We sell new and refurbished LCD panels, especially hard to get panels. We also sell machines, equipment, and material needed for LCD repairs such as CCFL lamps, polarizers, IC Tabs, and testing jigs. Besides that, we are fully equipped for data recovery, and repairs of Motorola data terminals. We also cooperate on development of display of various applications, or assemble special visual display units for military use.

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