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LCD repair services and the larger display industry

Technical Q&A with Elsin Electronic Solutions

DA: What are the larger factors in the display industry that affect LCD repair services?

Elsin Electronic Solutions: Thanks to the progressive changes in the technology of LCD production where there is a huge pressure on the price, it's harder day by day to repair panels, and some types of defects are marked as a unrepairable. Panel repairs are not considered during production, everything is integrated into one piece The production cost of LCD panels is still lower and lower, but the equipment needed for LCD repairs is still very expensive. It's very hard to keep the repair price in touch with the market. We have been repairing LCD panels since 2005 and we expected it would be worth repairing only panels of bigger and bigger sizes. But we found out with the big TV panels that the transport costs are so high that most of our repairs now are notebook panels.

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