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Automotive industry HMI displays

Technical Q&A with Lee Skrypchuk, Human Machine Interface Technical Specialist at Jaguar Land Rover

DA: In the automotive industry, how have companies learned from bad user experiences and used those failures to improve HMI displays?

Lee Skrypchuk: It is difficult to cite one particular example. However, I think it is important that displays are thought of as part of a system and not as an individual component.

Automotive has differed from computing systems in that the display's intelligence and the intelligence of the system tends to be distributed around the car. This can cause issues in latency across the system which can cause issues with perceived lag in the display. It is important that visual data / behaviour is updated as quickly as possible in order to maintain a good feedback system.

One advantage of modern mobiles and tablets are that they give instant response to user input - this is not always the case in automotive because of the hardware involved - however I expect that this will move a significant amount in the near future.

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