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What does an engineer take into consideration when developing an HMI display?

Technical Q&A with Lee Skrypchuk, Human Machine Interface Technical Specialist at Jaguar Land Rover

DA: What does an engineer take into consideration when developing an HMI display?

Lee Skrypchuk: For automotive it is important to consider the application, there are a number of features and functions that require displayed information and the viewing conditions are different for each, therefore it is important to get the requirements right for each.

It is also critical that this information is not distracting to the driver. Visual information is well known to cause significant distraction if not managed correctly and that is why mobile phones are a bad comparison to make when comparing interfaces purely because of the safety aspect.

Other areas of consideration include, crash safety, lifetime (10 years +) and environmental requirements (thermal performance in particular) and robustness (vibration) but also we have to make them look good - it is expected, especially in the premium market that we develop vehicles that will stand out - this runs through from exterior and interior styling through to the HMI devices within the vehicle.

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