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Technical Q&A Interviews

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Technical Q&A Contributors

AGDisplays Q&A

Baanto Q&A


Dimenco Q&A

Elsin Electronic Solutions Q&A

Haptics Group at the University of Pennsylvania Q&A

Jaguar Land Rover Q&A

TouchMagix Q&A

Unified Brand Q&A

Value-Added Display Services Q&A

How does a company like AGDisplays distinguish its services in the display industry?

What is the demand for display enhancement services?

Have display enhancement needs changed over the years? Do enhancements differ across vertical markets (military, industrial, etc.)?

What is one problem in the display industry that engineers and manufacturers must address?

What is passive film enhancement?

What challenges does touch technology present to engineers, particularly in its application to real-world products?

Why would someone need LCD repair services?

What are the larger factors in the display industry that affect LCD repair services?

Are there differences in repairing LED displays vs. older CCFL displays?

What kind of repairs is Elsin Electronic Solutions equipped for?

Is there an advantage in being a European company in the display industry?

Touch Displays Q&A

Baanto touch technology

Where is the touch display industry right now and where is it going?

Are there any industries where touch technology has potential to be applied but hasn't yet?

What goes into being a touch solutions provider as opposed to just supplying the technology?

What is the biggest engineering challenge facing touch technology?

What is the present and future of gesture sensing technology?

Display Research and Development Q&A

What is the Haptics Group at the University of Pennsylvania?

What is haptics and what relevance does it have to our lives?

What is the Haptics Group researching at the moment? Is there a particular unsolved problem that you would love to solve?

What kind of problems do touchscreens pose for real-world applications?

Automotive Displays Q&A

Where is HMI display technology right now and where is it heading?

What does an engineer take into consideration when developing an HMI display?

What impact has touch technology had on HMI displays?

In the automotive industry, how have companies learned from bad user experiences and used those failures to improve HMI displays?

What does Jaguar Land Rover have in the works for HMI development?

3D Displays Q&A

What is the biggest technical obstacle to glasses-free 3D?

Can you put 3D display technology into historical perspective?

What goes into marketing 3D displays and what does the industry need to do to make 3D succeed in the market?

What is Dimenco working on right now?

Digital Signage Q&A

What does Unified Brand bring to digital signage?

What is Unified Brand working on at the moment? Is there anything particular you are excited about?

What are the most important considerations when choosing the actual displays for digital signage? Does it depend on content?

How does digital signage change the customer experience?

Where is the digital signage industry right now and where is it going?

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