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Engineers and Touch Technology

Technical Q&A with Francois Kern from C2P, Inc.

DA: What challenges does touch technology present to engineers, particularly in its application to real-world products?

There are many challenges, however the most common are: A) Customization, B) Lead time, C) Cost, and D) Life cycle.

Believe it or not cost is not the largest factor. Our clients want robust displays but more importantly is the ability to scale up. We have developed special monitors that are scale-able and can be produced in low runs of 25 at a time. End of life is no longer an issue.

We also provide our Steel Glass which is stronger than the original Gorilla Glass from Corning and it can be ordered in minimum quantities of 5-10,000 units with an optically bonded ITO. We can also reverse silkscreen the glass and bevel the glass as per customer specs.

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