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Passive Film Enhancement

Technical Q&A with AGDisplays

DA: What is passive film enhancement?

AGDisplays: Many times a passive, or film enhancement, can improve the optics when a particular gain is needed that doesn’t require a hardware change.

For instance, you can manipulate viewing angles, increase brightness, or reduce electromagnetic interference via a film enhancement. One great benefit of a passive enhancement is using a better film recipe than the manufacturer, ultimately resulting in a brighter display but at the stock power consumption level.

To increase the overall luminance and sunlight viewability on an LCD that will be viewed outdoors, you can kit together a passive film enhancement along with an AR film lamination. Laminating an anti-reflection film to the display surface can reduce reflection and aid the passive enhancement gain.

Often, passive film enhancements can increase a particular value, such as brightness, when integrating a touch screen, thus compensating for the luminance loss of the touch addition. Correctly being able to determine the film used by the original equipment manufacturer is a critical facet of designing a perfect solution for a customer.

Since cost is always a factor to be considered, AGDisplays often identifies multiple solution scenarios so the return on investment can be clearly identified for the client, allowing them to make the best decision for their project.

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