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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Displays, But Didn't Know Whom to Ask

Image via Forbes / E Ink

"A few weeks ago, around the time Pebble was breaking records on Kickstarter, I happened to be exchanging emails with Sriram Peruvemba, a veteran of the display industry and currently CMO at E Ink Holdings.  It struck me that there was probably a bigger story to be told in the world of display, with things like Pebble being just the tip of the iceberg.

This picture is a good motif for why the future of displays is a fascinating subject. When I saw this, my first thought was “I’d like an insulated coffee mug (the kind that’s usually opaque) wrapped in e-paper, connected to a level and temperature sensor, showing a fake level/heat visualization.” Yeah, silly first-world-problem type of idea, but that’s the kind of possibility now being opened up by advances in display technology. A market that is currently dominated by LCD (to the tune of 90%) and a few key applications is undergoing some rapid evolution, in terms of both technologies on offer, and the range of applications becoming possible.

I figured the things I was discussing with Sriram might interest a broader audience, so we decided to turn the email conversation into an interview. So here we go, everything you ever wanted to know about the display industry, but didn’t know whom to ask.


Q8: What are you personally most excited about, in terms of future developments in display technology?

I am excited about lifelike images on displays, taking concepts to the next stage. I am excited about the use of non-rectangular displays on non-flat surfaces, creating unique designs. I am excited about libraries moving into children’s backpacks in the remotest parts of the world revolutionizing education like never before. I am excited about electronic displays in applications that never had displays, creating huge new markets for the display industry. Finally, I would like to see a resurgence in the display industry right here in the USA." via Forbes

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