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Switching to smart lighting

"Lighting is becoming the largest consumer of electricity in buildings, accounting for 25 percent or more of total costs. At the Leti’s Annual Review this week in Grenoble, France, Alexandre Lagrange at the CEA-Leti Optic and Photonic Department, demonstrated CEA-Leti’s engagement in research leading to smart lighting systems with adaptive and controllable properties.


The white LED efficiency, said Lagrange in his keynote, is currently increasing sharply. Performances are there. But a plateau will be reached soon. There is not much to gain in terms of performances. And looking at the cost trajectory for LED luminaires, margins will drop dramatically. Today, LED cost is about 6$/klm but the cost reduction should be transferred to the customers so margins will be lower.

OLED technology is a few years behind in terms of performances. The cost is a blocking point as, in 2011, it was about 20.000$/klm. “It’s another dimension, and the OLED lighting market is not yet foreseen,” noted Lagrange.

Customers want more light, or lumen, per dollar. For that, Lagrange called for more than lumen. This means adding new functions, working on high-quality lighting, developing easy-to-integrate in-house solutions and adding more services through the light. 

Lighting has become electronic, and LED should move to smart lighting, Lagrange continued. Intelligent lighting parameters should enable the user to adjust the quality, the quantity and the direction of light." via EE Times

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