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LCD News 4.26.2011- Sharp and the iPhone, S-LCD, New Glass Substrate by Asahi and LG's Shiruken Display

Will Sharp supply Apple's next-generation iPhone with their p-Si LCD panels?

S-LCD (a joint venture between Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics to manufacture LCD Televisions and memory cards) reduces capital by $555 million, notes faltering LCD TV demand as cause, aims to improve capital structure.

Displayblog via Ventas et Visus predicts, and thoroughly explains, the advancement of high resolutions displays and gives us a detailed analysis the LCD technology currently available, including retina displays.

Asahi Glass, Tokyo based manufacturer of optoelectonics, who recently released the "Worlds thinnest glass substrate for touchscreens," announced today a $470 million investment to  expand  their automotive glass manufacturing into Brazil.

BOE Technology, (Chinese based LCD panel maker) indicates Q1 2011 net losses of $106 million, installs equipment at 8.5G factory in Beijing, pland for volume production in Q3 2011.

Acer to use 14-inch "Shiruken Display" by LG, flaunts 8mm bezel, reportedly will cost 50% more than traditional 14" notebook displays.


LCD News 4.25.2011- AUO and Sharp partner, Samsung's Strategic Alliance, CMI gets "Taiwan Excellence Gold Award"

AUO and Sharp dismiss pending legal allegations against each other, sign patent cross license agreement.

Samsung forms strategic alliance with Chinas largest LCD TV maker, TCL, gains 15% stake in CSOT (LCD panel joint venture between TCL and Shenzhen’s municipal goverment in China) to strengthen LCD TV competitiveness in China.

First tier LCD manufacuters such as Sharp and LG are converting their 6G facilities for small size panel production, putting the squeeze on second-tier panel makers.

CMI brings home numerous “Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards” for the introduction of 5 new TFT LCD modules (13.3”, 17.3”, 27.0”, 30.0” and a 46.0”)


LCD News 4.21.2011

Mobile phone display revenues to reach US$22.4 billion in 2012, says DisplaySearch
via jihsin

Apple Can't Keep Up With iPad Demand
via fastcompany

OLED: Potential for Dominance
via displayblog

Instrument Clusters: Time for a Change- Availability of hybrid analog/digital instrument clusters to reach nearly 70 percent in vehicles this year
via isuppli

LG Display: ramping up AMOLED production, will test large panel production in 2011, TVs coming middle 2013
via oled-info

Freestyle AQUOS: Sharp’s Portable, Battery-Powered 20-inch LCD TV (Video)
via crunchgear

Breaking Down the Basics of the VIGIX Retail Solution

via phoenixkiosk

Chimei Innolux: iPad IPS LCD Shipments in May
via displayblog


Display Alliance News 4.12.2011- Samsung Transparent Displays, 15" and 23" Tablets and Brazil's Appeal to Display Manufacturers

Samsungs 22” and 46” Transparent Display are Innovative and Ready for Sample

  • “Samsung is currently offering a 22”(LTI220MT02. LTM220MT01) and 46”(LTI460AP01) open frame transparent display, utilizing both HDMI and USB interfaces, and a 1680x1050 resolution. Samsung unveiled plans to begin mass production of their innovative new transparent displays March 31, 2011 and they’re making it easy for interested parties to use by offering an open frame solution.” via displayalliance

NCR Sees Opportunity for Growth in Brazil

  • “NCR Corp. said Monday that it plans to expand in Brazil, making it the latest company hoping to capitalize on what is expected to be a fast-growing emerging market. Georgia-based NCR, which sells products including self-service checkout kiosks and ATMs, has already operated in Brazil for 75 years. The company said it plans to offer more services to stores. It also hopes to recruit new clients, including supermarket chains, department stores, and home-improvement chains.” via jihsin

15” Dell Converible Tablet/Notebook Revealed

  • “The Panerai's 15-inch display size seems massive for a tablet, but roomy enough for traditional laptop work and entertainment.” via pcworld

Lenovo Hopes to Impress with a 23” Tablet for 2011

  • “A 23-inch tablet would be a tough sell on its own, but there might be a market for an all-in-one computer where you can move the screen to the kitchen or living room for an hour.” via crunchgear

Brazil the New Stage for Apple’s iPad Production

  • “Building iPads in Brazil probably has less to do with supplying demand in the US and more to do with meeting iPad demand in the local economy in Brazil. Apple products are expensive in Brazil thanks to exceptionally high taxes, up to 35%, for some products that are not manufactured locally. And Brazil is a massive country with about 200 million in population making it the fifth largest country in the world after China, India, the US, and Indonesia.” via displayblog

Samsung 22” and 46” Transparent LCDs Now in Mass Production

Samsung is currently offering a 22”(LTI220MT02. LTM220MT01) and 46”(LTI460AP01) open frame transparent display, utilizing both HDMI and USB interfaces, and a 1680x1050 resolution. Samsung unveiled plans to begin mass production of their innovative new transparent displays March 31, 2011 and they’re making it easy for interested parties to use by offering an open frame solution.

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Display Alliance News 4.11.2011- 16:10 Tablet Displays, Desktop Monitors, and OLED Televisions

1280x800(16:10) becoming the common resolution in 10.1" tablet displays

  • Acer Iconia W500 Convertible Tablet- "The product page lists the HD CrystalBrite 10.1-inch LCD with a 1280 x 800 resolution." via crunchgear. 10.1" Samsug Galaxy Tab- "Rest of the features include a 10.1-inch WXGA (1280×800) display." via samsunghub

My Analysis: WXGA (1280x800) displays allow tablet users to view video in native 720p resolution. While most of the WXGA are geared towards notebook applications, the tablet era is breeding more high resolution displays.  Not only in 10.1" either, we're seeing WXGA become the common format for 7.0" and 8.9" tablet displays as well.

Desktop monitor business hit hard by numerous factors in 2011

  • "Monitors are quite necessary in the overall computing landscape and are still a big source of TFT LCD demand, but they have lost control of their own cost structure. Supply/demand dynamics for LCD TV panels have the greatest impact on LCD monitor pricing, and demand from personal computers with embedded displays (like tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and AIOs) affects both the long-term outlook for desktop displays and the near-term pricing for panels." via displaysearchblog.

My Analysis: What does the future hold for desktop monitors? Time will only tell. It's hard to imagine phasing desktop monitors out of our daily routine. I imagine just about anyone who spends a signficiant amount of time looking at a screen would prefer a large, wideformat adjustable display over a notebook or tablet.  However, after operating in the red in 2010, labor wages increasing, high demand for personal computers and a monumental tragedy in Japan effecting supply chain costs, I wonder how the monitor business will rebound in 2011.

Sony’s OLED television technology explained, and due out this month.

  • "The BVM-E250 will deliver mid April and BVM-E170 will be available in June. Typical OLED panels use bottom emission. This employs a metal cathode and a chemical desiccant to protect the OLED layer from air and water. It requires the light output to pass through the Thin Film Transistor (TFT) layer, reducing overall output." via oled-display

My Analysis: Although the OLED TV flaunts enhanced color purity, fast motion without blur and a solid sealing structure, OLED displays still dont seem to be ready for fullscale acceptance. The manufacturing process for OLED's still yields a high defect rate which is keeping the prices high. Once the manufacturing process is refined, OLED's could easily undercut the prices of LCD and Plasma technology.


Customer Engagement - It's Time to Combine the Best of Online Purchases with In-Store Shopping

Interactive digital signage offers brick-and-mortar retailers the chance to rekindle their relationship with the growing number of online shoppers.

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Display Alliance News 3.31.2011- Tablet Panels, Transparent Displays, Flexible Interfaces and AMOLED Production

57 million 9.7” XGA panels shipping for 2011?
"Panel makers are aggressively aiming to ship 57 million units of 9.7” XGA panels in 2011"
My Analysis: 57 million is a hefty number. I know the success of the iPad would contribute to a large portion of that quantity however, what product will fill in the gap? Manufacturers and retailers still haven't even figured out how to sell a tablet device. I’m smelling a whole bunch of excess.

Bold claims for the transparent display industry
"DisplayBank says that they forecast that transparent displays will reach $87.2 billion in yearly revenue by 2025 (the total display market will be $223 billion). They say that transparent display will surpass non-transparent displays by 2030."
My Analysis: Samsung made headlines today as the first company to begin mass production of transparent displays. I had previously seen videos of transparent displays but I had no idea Samsung was ready to bring these to market.  Evidently they eat up about 90”% less energy than a traditional LCD (LED backlit I’m assuming,) which is a desirable notion. I’m curious to see if the technology succeeds out side of the retail market. I can already envision some unique military applications for such a product. Specs for Samsung 22”  transparent display here.

Control Interface enables a stretchable-like display surface
"A research team at Osaka University has developed a new control interface for touchscreens that flexes the content that’s displayed when you move your finger over the screen."
My Analysis: Evidently the software can be added to any existing touch enabled surface. The technology is applied to google maps in the video, which is admittedly cool. I just don’t know if this will help existing  touch enabled technology or entirely new applications will  be built around the interface

Department of Energies call to action for America's Next Top Energy Innovator
"The process is simple: Beginning on May 2, startups can use a DOE-provided template for their business plan, and if approved, they need only pay $1,000 to score licensing for a patent (normal costs range between $10,000 to $50,000) and negotiate other details (i.e. equity and royalties) on a case-by-case basis with the DOE."
My Analysis: The display world and energy world are one in the same. Many of the same technologies and materials are used to manufacture both display and energy producing products (photovoltaic)  Looks like the DOE is making it easier to develop energy efficient, low impact products. If you have have an energy efficient display product, take advantage of the government assitance and post your product on DA!

Wintek ramps up their AMOLED and LTPS production capacity
"According to new reports, Wintek's AMOLED expansion project will cost between $100 million to $170 million in 2011 (NT$3-5 billion). According to earlier reports, Wintek will transfer their old 3-Gen lines for LTPS and AMOLED production, with mass production starting towards the end of 2011."
My analysis: OLED’s refer to Carbon based electronic devices as opposed to traditional copper/silicon based technologies. Wintek is actively taking steps towards products that offer lower productions costs, lower power requirements and a lower carbon footprint.  We’re happy to see advancements  in OLED technology from Wintek.  Rumours of collaboration with TPK are out there too.


DOOH Study Ties Out-of-Home Advertising to Greater Return on Investment

Want to boost sales? How about double or even triple them? A new analysis of 600 case studies of marketing campaigns, including 43 in the United States, by British media research firm BrandScience has a suggestion: add out-of-home advertising to the media mix.

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Display Alliance News 3.28.2011- Notebook Reviews, Manufacturing in the US and Battery Powered Digital Displays

15.6” notebooks are by far the most popular size notebook out there. I’m no notebook expert but, for the specs, $470.00 is right on.  Not to mention, the market on 15.6” LED, WXGA replacement screens is around $95.00

Jin at DisplayBlog is a display expert. As he mentioned, the problem with notebook panels is typically the viewing angles. An IPS display could solve this problem. Displays are typically the most expensive element of a display related build. We’ll see if Apple decides to  ramp up their displays on their next generation notebooks.

Manufacturing and innovation- What we have learned to understand about the US’ high tech market is that  innovative ideas are formed here in the states, developed in the states, and manufactured overseas. What we fail to recognize is that manufacturing  is part of the innovation process.  What will it take to bring manufacturing back to the US? Will high profit margin be the only impetus for US based manufacuring. If so, it's bound to fail. Let us innovate for the sake of innovation itself. I found  this interview from Harvard Business School’s RSS to be extremely interesting.

I like this idea. A digital signage display that run’s on 14 hours of battery life and can be easily recharged overnight. Personally, I feel more digital signage (both content and hardware) amazes ppl, the quicker we’ll see it’s development, not just in the city either. I can think of 50 places where a mobile signage display would a big impression. I wonder what factors would impede the growth of such a product. Thanks Sixteen:Nine and ideaLAB.


Display Alliance News 3.24.2011

Samsung looking to develop tablet displays surpassing 1080p resolution by 2015

We typically only hear about Consumer grade Tablets such as the iPad but we often fail to realize that rugged tablets have been around for quite a while and are used in a variety of markets. MobileDemand shared their insight on what makes a premium rugged tablet PC.

USB3.0 enables a much higher transferable bandwidth as compared to USB2.0. Toshiba has produced a very nice USB peripheral device here, sporting a 14”, WXGA display.

Buying and transporting college textbooks is a problem.  They are expensive, heavy and have a very short life cycle. I gladly welcome the idea of carrying around a Tablet provided by the University. What a tremendous repair market potential as well.


Wintek's 1 Glass Touch Panels Summon a New Era of Touch Technology

We had the pleasure of meeting a representative from Wintek Corporation last week.  In our meeting, we discussed their newest touch technology called ATT (Advanced Touch Technology-you can view their slide show here). Traditional capacitive touch panel technology combines bonded sub components consisting of cover glass, FPC and the IC.

Production of traditional capacitive touch panel technology requires two pieces of glass (the sensor glass and the cover glass) laminated together. This process often experiences a high yield rate loss because of potential bubbling and particle contamination.

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Noventri, a Digital Signage Company, Joins Millions by Participating in Earth Hour 2011

Digital signage solutions provider, Noventri, will join millions that are participating in Earth Hour 2011 in an effort to send a powerful message earth wide about reducing energy usage.

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Fusion powers world’s smallest digital signage player from iBASE Technology Inc.

Sunnyvale, California, March 01, 2011 – IBASE Technology (TASDAQ: 8050), a world-leading manufacturer of single board computers and embedded systems is introducing the SI-18 Signature Book – an ultra-compact digital signage player powered by the AMD Embedded G-Series APU.

The AMD Embedded G-Series APU, packs two (2) CPU cores and eighty (80) GPU cores on one piece of silicon. It supports applications DirectX® 11, Direct Compute 11, OpenCLTM 1.1 and OpenGL 3.2 . Also included is AMD’s UVD3 hardware video decoder which handles full HD playback of MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV9 and VC-1 video streams.

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Modern Contingency Planning: Emergency Messaging with Digital Signs

While it's important to prepare for contingencies before an emergency situation arises, it's just as important to use a digital signage network that is flexible enough to target messaging and provide for remote access and control.

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Sports Bar and Restaurant Digital Marketing Network Powered by Noventri Digital Signage Solution

V-Spots Digital Marketing Network, a digital signage network launched in sports bars and restaurants, is using the Noventri Eco-Series SF-100e digital signage solution to power the network as well as create and manage ads and video.

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One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender and Passive Splitter Reduce Costs

Two new products introduced by Sequoia Technology Group that distribute DVI signals from one source to many displays break cost and technology barriers.

Many Digital Signage, Video wall, medical and military applications require a single digital video source to be transmitted to several digital displays using fibre optic extenders and distributors.

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New Four Sided Gamer Kiosk Tower Installed at South Worcester College

New Four Sided Gamer Kiosk Tower Installed at South Worcester CollegeAs a manufacturer and designer of innovative touch screen kiosk hardware and kiosk software, Kiosks4business designed the gamer tower kiosk for use in Youth clubs. The gamer kiosk houses a games console or other device to protect it against theft or damage during use.

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Company Profile: IBASE Technology Inc.

IBASE Technology Inc.
Founded in 2000, IBASE is the brainchild of a group of experienced engineers who have been exposed to the industrial PC sector for many years. Given its specialization in the design, production, sales and marketing of IPCs, IBASE won ISO 9001 quality assurance in December 2001 and ISO 13485 medical certification in February 2009. IBASE specializes in OEM/ODM services tailoring products to customers' requirements. Its product mix covers single board computers, industrial motherboards, CPU modules, barebone systems, network appliance and digital surveillance systems for different applications in the gaming, entertainment, automation, medical, networking and security markets.

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Brightview Technologies Outdoor Display

The Brightview Outdoor information publishing system is based on our network based structure, A tough outdoor display cabinet built to IP65 standards allows placement in outdoor areas. Supporting almost all of the current mainstream media file format, which allows businesses, large organisations, operators or chain stores to build a network-based multimedia information publishing platform with the capability of play videos, pictures, text, Flash animation, web and other media information, to provide users with high-quality multimedia information services.

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