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146-inch 3D 4K 4K2K 8K ACEP Amazon AMOLED AMS767KC04-1 Anti-reflective Apple Apple Watch AR AUO Automotive Automotive Displays Avionic Avionics Backlight Belkin Blue phase LCD Blue Wave Semiconductor Blue Wave Semiconductors BOE burn-in Buyer Capacitive touch CCFL CES CGS children China Circular LCD Clothing OLED CMI Corning CRT Curved Digital signage Display Dynamic Range E Ink EE Ink Eink Electrofluidic imaging Electronics Electrowetting End-of-life EOL notice E-paper Fingerprint sensor Flexible Flexible display Flexible OLED Flexi-LCD Force Touch Foxconn Gesture recognition Glossy displays Google Glass Gorilla Glass Graphene HannStar Haptography HD Head-mounted display Heads up display High End Panels HKC Holograph Hot Offer Huawei Human Machine Interface Hybrid IGZO In-cell touch Industrial display InFocus Infrared Innolux Interactive iPad iPhone iPhone X IPS ITO ITRI Japan Japan Display JBD Kindle large-size LCD LCD LCD iPhone LCD Prices LED LG LTPS Market Mate 20 Medical Micro LED Microdisplay MicroLED Micro-LED Micro-LED TV microsoft Military Military displays Mini LED Monochromatic Multitouch Nano Cell Technology Nanowire News Roundup OFET OLED Organic Semiconductors Panasonic Paperwhite Patents PCAP Philips PHOLED Phone Pixels Plasma Plastic Logic PlayNitride Plessey Polarizer POLED POS Screen Projected capacitive Projector QLED Quantum dots Rugged display Samsung Sapphire Seren Sharp SID SmartKen Smartwatch Solar Solar-Tectic Sony South Korea Stereoscopy Stocks Substrate Sunlight readable Tactile Taiwan Tariff TCL Technology TFT Tianma TN touch Touchscreen Trade War Transparent TV Ultra-High Resolution Ultrastable Films unbreakable undefined US Video wall Virtual Reality VR Vuzix Wearable

Display Alliance News 10.4.2010

TDK's new flexible PMOLED prototype on video TDK says that the contrast, brightness and lifetime are "almost the same as TDK's existing glass-subtrate PMOLEDs". The OLED inside is a white emitter, with RGB-color filters. TDK will start mass production at the end of 2011. Click here to read more..

Rumor: Apple Booking All Of Samsung's AMOLED Display Stock? An unconfirmed rumor is currently going around, claiming that Apple has been purchasing large quantities of Samsung's AMOLED displays, in fact, the rumor claims that Apple has snapped up virtually all of Samsung's Super AMOLED stock for 2011, leaving the Korean company to switch its Galaxy S and Wave phones to LCD displays instead. Click here to read more..

Samsung Elec sees weak LCD demand, pricing in Q4 "The market is at the bottom and it will stay there in the fourth quarter," Chang Wonkie, president of Samsung's LCD Business, told reporters on the sideline of a seminar in Seoul. Click here to read more..

Sharp to demonstarte 64-inch prototype LCD display at CEATEC Sharp is going to take full advantage of CEATEC that is now happening in Japan by unveiling a new high definition LCD display that measures 64-inches across diagonally, where this prototype will boast a resolution of 4096 by 2160 pixels - that is four times higher than that of current high-definition displays. This marks the first time that an LCD has been produced with a resolution this high. Click here to read more..

China to become top-3 TFT-LCD panel production base in 4Q11, says Digitimes Research China's TFT-LCD panel makers are actively building advance production lines, with BOE having completed the factory structure for its 8.5G fab in Beijing in August 2010, Digitimes Research noted. Another maker, China Star OptoELectronics Technology (CSOT), is expected to finish constructing the plant structure for its 8.5G fab in January 2011, it said. BOE's 8.5G plant is scheduled to start mass production in the fourth quarter of 2011, marking China's entry into 8.5G TFT-LCD panel production. Click here to read more..

Data Modul LiveUSBII LCD controller Data Modul is offering a USB-based LCD controller, the LiveUSBII that will support displays from QVGA up to UXGA resolution. It is a 4-wire touch controller and there is the option of a 5-wire touch controller. By making use of the integrated USB-Hub, serial multi-monitor applications  ("Daisy chains") can be implemented very easily. The integrated USB-Hub can also be used for other peripherals such as USB-Sticks or other input devices. Click here to read more..

Pixtronix and Hitachi Displays Announce Successful Joint Development Displays Built Based Upon Pixtronix PerfectLight MEMS Display Technology to Be Demonstrated at CEATEC. "We are pleased to have jointly developed displays with Hitachi Displays that directly address the needs of high growth markets ranging from next generation smart phones to tablets," said Tony Zona, CEO of Pixtronix. "Our rapid progress in delivering full speed video, ultra-low power displays built utilizing existing LCD manufacturing infrastructure demonstrates the key strengths of our PerfectLight display platform." Click here to read more..

India a huge market for Taiwanese LCD TV makers New Delhi, Oct 1 (IANS) India will soon see a surge in demand for flat-screen televisions from next year, providing a huge market to companies from Taiwan, as consumers with more disposable income are aiming to buy sleek and newer sets that save energy and complement their modern home. According to iSuppli, LCD-TV revenue will rise by 94.3 percent to $3.5 billion in 2011 from $1.8 billion in 2010. Click here to read more..

Excise tax for thin touch-panel glass substrates exempted, says report In order to support industrial development, Taiwan's Ministry of Finance has agreed to exempt the 10% excise tax for glass substrates that are used for touch panels thinner than 1.1mm in thickness, with the policy effective immediately, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report. Click here to read more..


Display Alliance News 10.1.2010

Google Open Sources Liquid Galaxy! Build Your Own Or Buy One — For $80,000! I still think Google’s coolest 20 percent project of all time is Liquid Galaxy. You know, the “eight 55-inch LCD screens showing Google Earth in a unified, surround view” thing that Google sets up around to different conferences they are a part of. It’s sort of like the Star Trek Holodeck. It’s awesome. And now you can build your own — or buy one! Google has open-sourced the entire project, including the Ubuntu sysadmin scripts to the mechanical design of the custom frames. And they’ve released a new version of the public Google Earth that supports it. Click here to read more..

1,100 Screens At Amway Center The state-of-the-art Harris solution comprises a high-definition video production and distribution and Internet Protocol TV system, integrated with digital signage. The solution’s enriched screen format presents all aspects of the Amway Center experience at 10 times the resolution of current technology. Combining IPTV and digital signage over the same network allows the Magic to address more than 1,100 individual screens located throughout the arena with tailored content. Displays can be driven to show high-impact replays and highlights, venue messaging, out-of-home advertising, or any combination of the three. Click here to read more..

Toshiba scrap plans for OLED production, focus on LCDs Toshiba Mobile Displays plans to scrap plans to produce OLED displays. They will focus on LCD panels. TMD's spokesman Mashahiro Kume said: "The plan (for mass-production) is currently frozen. We'll review the production plan again from scratch". Hopefully they'll be back into OLEDs in the future. Click here to read more..

LG: OLED is undoubtedly the future of energy-efficient monitors LG's UK sales director Warren Lewis says that "OLED is undoubtedly the future of energy-efficient monitors... I'd say over the next three to five years you'll see the real evolution of OLED." Yesterday LG has unveiled new LED-backlit 23" monitors for the UK market. Click here to read more..

Taiwan government questions AUO financial strength in China LCD panel fab project review AU Optronics (AUO) has proposed a budget of US$3 billion to set up a 7.5G LCD panel plant in China, but Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has doubts about the company's financial capability, according to an MOEA official. Click here to read more..

Kiosks, Touch screen Kiosks and Kiosk Software Kiosks, whether you notice it or not, are becoming more and more popular in day to day life. We tend to think of a kiosk as a small hut like retail outlet selling newspapers and magazines, but modern day kiosks, take a computerised electronic form. Wherever we go there are kiosks that you probably walk past everyday including ATM machines, photo printing machines, self-service checkouts at the supermarkets; all of these machines are kiosks that perform a simple service, fast and efficiently. Click here to read more..

China market: LCD TV sales to reach 5.5 million units from mid-Sept to Oct 10 With TV prices expected to fall by 40% during the early October holidays, LCD TV sales in China are projected to reach 5.5 million units, according to TV vendors in the country. Despite the optimistic outlook, a high level of TV inventory will likely persist until the end of 2010 due to low demand for CCFL TV. Click here to read more..


Display Alliance News 9.30.2010

U.S. public backs digital billboards, survey says The American public overwhelmingly supports digital billboards despite many municipalities’ attempts to ban them, according to new research commissioned by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). An August poll found that 80 percent of U.S. adults believe digital billboards are useful to drivers in giving them important information, and nearly the same proportion disagree with attempts to ban billboards. Click here to read more..

Transit Digital Signage: People Movers Open Up New Possibilities This year leading up to the Fall Classic, commuters entering the Times Square/Grand Central Shuttle or boarding MTA New York City Transit branded subway cars designed to capture the feel of a baseball stadium will be immersed in TBS coverage of all four of the Major League Baseball Division Series and the American League Championship Series (ALCS) games. According to the one accounting of New York City subway and bus traffic, 7.7 million people use the vehicles daily throughout the city's five boroughs. Nationwide, the number of trips taken on public transportation is mind-blowing. According to the  American Public Transportation Association, more than 2.5 billion trips were taken on U.S. public transportation in the second quarter of 2010. Click here to read David Littles' great article..

TPV may cooperate with Epistar for LED production plant in China Hong Kong-listed TPV Technology will reportedly work with Taiwan-based LED chip maker Epistar to set up an LED epitaxy wafer production plant in China in order to secure LED supply. Market sources indicated that TPV will need 150 million large-size panels in 2011. With increasing market share for LED backlighting products, it will be necessary for TPV to secure stable LED chip supplies, and Epistar is expected to expand its existing plant in Xiamen, China in order to install MOCVD machines. Click here to read more..

Gamer Tower Kiosks If you are looking for a secure robust platform to put your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 in then this is the solution for you. Available as a two, three or four sided kiosk. Each side can accomodate 1 console of your choice plus 2 console controllers*, a 24" high definition LCD TFT Display and stereo sound. Click here to watch a video..

High-brightness LED market to grow 68% in 2010 Yokohama, Japan--The overall market for high-brightness light emitting diodes (HB LEDs) will grow a whopping 68% this year to reach $9.1 billion. That’s the forecast presented during the opening session of LED Japan/Strategies in Light 2010 this week by conference chair and Strategies Unlimited analyst Dr. Robert Steele. Steele said that the biggest market growth drivers are LED backlights for LCD televisions and monitors followed by lighting. Looking forward, he predicted a compound annual growth rate for the HB LED market of 27.8% through 2014, meaning that global sales will reach $18.4 billion. Click here to read more..

AUO to proceed with investment plans at Erhlin Park AU Optronics (AUO) has said that it will proceed with its planned "Erhlin Project" to build two 11G TFT LCD panel plants and two solar energy plants at the Erhlin Park of the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), after the CTSP announced on September 29 that it will resume construction of Erhlin Park immediately. Click here to read more..


Transit Digital Signage: People Movers Open Up New Possibilities

There's a chill in the evening air; the days are getting shorter, and some of the leaves on the trees are hinting at an impending explosion of color. Fall must be upon us, and that can mean only one thing: the baseball season will soon culminate in a succession of playoff games, two pennant series and ultimately the World Series. Some forward-thinking media professionals are beginning to look for ways to reach millions of public transit riders with digital signage messaging.

Click to read more ...


Digital Signage News UK 9.29.2010

Outdoor Digital Signage UK

Some really interesting news has been emerging from the UK over the last month or so. As with most things, the Brits seems to be a step or two behind the USA when it comes to outdoor advertising and digital outdoor signage but the future looks fairly promising for the industry in Britain.

Following last months report by the Outdoor Advertising Association which stated a significant increase in year-on-year revenues for outdoor advertising with digital signage making up 12 percent of the total market share, the OAA have released some more interesting research.

The research conducted by Mindshare for the OAA, studied a database of more than 300 brands across 20 categories since 2005, and identified that brands which spend money on outdoor media develop consumer familiarity with the brand, with offline campaigns on outdoor screens, converting well to online search volumes. These research findings also suggest that to build brands, the ideal share of outdoor advertising is 11% or more.

Olympics – first truly digital games.

Many of us in the digital signage industry in the UK are eagerly awaiting the 2012 Olympic Games which have been dubbed the ‘first truly digital games.’

Mike Baker the CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association expects outdoor advertising sector to gain at least 1% market share because of advertising surrounding the London Olympics.

He says: “Visitors to the UK won’t be watching TV, reading UK newspapers or listening to radio but outdoor will be visible throughout the Games and in the run up.”

Outdoor digital signage will highly visible in London’s transport network and around the games’ sites and will provide not just advertising for some of the key Olympic sponsors but digital signage will be a key part of providing information to visitors to the games and city.


display alliance news 9.29.2010

Banner Type LCD Panels Display system builders looking to produce a very wide banner type LCD display (also called bar type) do not have a lot to choose from right now. I am only aware of the Samsung LTI430LA01 which is a 43″ with a resolution of 1920×480 giving a 4:1 aspect ratio, it is a very impressive panel. There is something about this size and shape that makes it very appealing for applications like digital signage, it has a presence and novelty value. It is also looks great when used in portrait mode.  Of course it requires custom content but my view is that most good digital signage does anyway. Click to read more from James Henry..

LCD panel demand will be good in 2011 Overall demand for TFT-LCD panel makers in 2011 is expected to be good, panel makers in the first half of 2011 are expected to benefit from the fact that inventory levels were adjusted, utilization rates were lowered, and panel prices dropped to cost levels in the second half of 2010, and on top of that, the acceptance for LED-backlit LCD TVs in the market will be even higher, which will further help to stimulate demand in 2011. Click to read more..

US Air Force developing ultra-fine pixel displays on aircraft windshields Boffins the University of Michigan have created a new breed of LCDs with pixels ten times smaller than the ones on standard computer monitors. The work was funded by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Dr Jay Guo and colleagues at Michigan have created a colour filter for LEDs using specially etched nano-scale sheets of metal and an electrical insulator, which the team have named “plasmonic resonators”. The interaction between light passing through the slit on to the nano-sheets results creates a tiny coloured pixel – the colour varying depending on the shape of the slit. Click to read more..

Pixel Qi: Sunlight Readable Wireless or USB Display The wireless option is based on DisplayLink technology. There’s also the option of connecting the Pixel Qi display using Ethernet, which I think is really cool. The USB connection draws just 1.5W so no battery or power adapter is required. It would certainly be a cool feature to have tablets be able to connect to notebook PCs and be used as extra displays. Not as versatile as Pixel Qi / Display Solutions, but Air Display, an app for the iPad and iPhone, allows the two gadgets to be used as extra displays. Air Display uses WiFi so anything other than static information will be pushing it. Click to read more..

Wintek expands monthly capacity to 2.1 million medium-size touch panels In order to meet booming demand, Wintek previously shifted a portion of its capacity for small-size touch panels to producing medium-size applications and it currently ships 700,000-800,000 medium-size touch panels a month. With the capacity expansion, Wintek expects to increase its monthly shipments of medium-size projected capacitive touch panels to 1.4-1.5 million units. Click to read more..


display alliance news 9.28.2010

Take a look at your new textbook We had a chance to go hands-on with the device as well as speak to some members of the team developing the Kno, and while it's clear that there are major bumps in the UI and user experience, it seems like the company is aware of them. What we saw today was clearly unfinished, with a lot of laggy, stuttery behavior in the interface, a crash or two, and some very inaccurate finger tracking, but Kno says it's hard at work on eradicating those issues. Even with the UI fixes, it's a hard sell at "under $1000," but Kno is putting together partnerships with publishers to make that a little easier to swallow, as they say ultimately it will be less expensive than buying regular old text books. Click to read more..

Optrex Introduces First Standard Passive Matrix LCD with Advanced Black Nematic Technology The passive matrix monochrome LCD market remains a significant focus for Optrex, quoted Optrex America President & CEO, Cynthia Ferrell. While some LCD manufacturers have decided to exit the passive LCD market, Optrex continues to support it with new developments such as Advanced Black Nematic technology. Conventional passive matrix displays offer limited performance, such as brightness of less than 100 cd/m2 and contrast ratio of less than 80:1, which are not acceptable for some applications. As a result, Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) technology has been prevalent in many automotive and certain industrial applications. However, LCDs utilizing ABN technology can achieve performance equal to or better than VFD. They provide a true black level by dramatically reducing the light leakage, resulting in contrast ratios of up to 1000:1, super wide viewing angles, and no performance shift over a wide temperature range. Click to read more..

Wellypower ships 1 million office-use light bars per month, says report CCFL lighting maker Wellypower Optronics is benefiting from the commercial market for office-use T5 light bars and is shipping one million units per month including both CCFL and LED light bars, according to a Chinese-language Economic Day News (EDN) report. Click to read more..

HP Sells $4 Million Worth of Computers Each Hour, 2 Sold Every Second At TechCrunch Disrupt this morning, HP’s Executive Vice President for the Personal Systems Group, Todd Bradleyshed light on the massive number of devices being sold through his group, which Bradley says is in charge of a $40-plus billion revenue stream flowing through the company. Bradley says that HP is selling $4 million worth of computers in his group every hour, with 2 computers sold each second. As we wrote earlier, Bradley also sees a lot of potential in the tablet market, estimating that tablets will be a $40 billion market over the next few years. Click to read more..

Wintek looks for a strategic partner for AMOLED production There are reports that Wintek is looking to start producing AMOLED displays, and plan to seek a strategic partner to lower the costs associated with such a program. Wintek will use the old production line of Windell in the Taichung Industrial Park, Taiwan. Click to read more..

Diodes Incorporated's Versatile 9-Channel LED Drivers Improve LCD Backlighting Performance with 93% Efficiency and 1% Channel Matching Diodes Incorporated, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic and analog semiconductor markets, today announced two 9-channel LED drivers with internal charge-pumps for backlighting small-LCD screens, keypads and LED lights. Click to read more..


iPhone 4 Retina Display versus Samsung Galaxy S Super OLED Shoot-Out This article objectively compares the display performance of five leading smartphone LCD and OLED displays based on extensive scientific lab measurements together with extensive side-by-side visual tests, incisive evaluations and comparisons – iPhone 4 – Samsung Galaxy S – Motorola Droid – iPhone 3GS – Google Nexus One. Click here to read the article..


display alliance news 9.26.2010

Nascar Fans To Get World’s Largest TV
A 16,000 square foot, 165,000 pound giant tv, running 720p, will be showcased in Charlotte as Panasonic and Charlotte Motor Speedway team up to launch the behemoth. Image and article sourced from Crunchgear.

Panel makers looking to increase netbook panel prices Amid recently tightening supply for netbook panels, TFT-LCD panel makers are considering increasing prices as they have already dropped to cost levels and panel makers are looking to transfer their capacity to higher profit products such as tablet PC panels. Panel makers noted that prices for 10- and 11.6-inch panels have already dropped to below cost, making them lose money. Hence panel makers now will only produce when they receive orders, and some panel makers would rather lower utilization rates than produce netbook panels. Click to read more..

Hitachi to roll out super thin 1.5mm LCD in 2011 Hitachi has developed a touch panel LCD in time for the huge adoption in the smartphone and tablet market which it boasts is 30 percent thinner than existing models on the market. The touch panel portion of the display is just 0.1mm - down from the standard 0.5mm. It has done this by ditching glass substrate. The overall panel is down to 1.5mm - less than the current 2mm. Hitachi is planning to get these anorexic panels into full production in the second half of 2011. Read more here..

China’s iPhone Demand Outstrips Supply Apple started selling the iPhone 4 in China on Saturday, and it seems like the Chinese launch of the iPhone 4 was another sucess for Apple, with massive crowds outside the Apple retail store in China. According to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for the new iPhone 4 is so high, that China Unicom are unable to meets demand, as they had received over 200,000 preorders for the iPhone 4, and more than 40,000 buyers received their iPhone 4 in China on launch day. Click to read more..

Samsung: in 2009, nobody was interested in OLED displays, now we can't make enough In the beginning of 2010, things started to change as Samsung Electronics started to use AMOLED in their own phones: "Now our sales representatives are apologizing to our buyers for the lack of products to supply". Samsung expects that the new 5.5-Gen plant will begin mass producing in July 2011. The new plant will increase Samsung's AMOLED capacity ten-fold: from 3 million displays a month to 30 million. Click to read more..

HannStar sells 6G CF plant to Sintek With demand for touch panels continuing to increase, HannStar and Sintek are adjusting their capacities in order to give Sintek more capacity for touch panel production. Monthly in-house capacity of CF at HannStar's 5.3G plant was about 90,000 substrates, but the company is installing new equipment at the plant with a goal to add extra capacity of 50,000 CFs per month by the end of the year, making up the volume of supply originally from Sintek. Read more here..


How To Deliver Remarkable Value

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So what will the community share and promote for you?  Humans will share (and sometimes rabidly share) stuff that is uncommon, remarkable and extraordinary.  Here are some tips that will help get you there:

Solve a problem.  Find a concise way to describe a problem, and then describe the solution.  Make sure you include URL links, images and possibly even a video. 

Share an experience.  If you have been in the same business for more than ten years, share an interesting experience that teaches those that are just starting out how to (you fill in the blank)…

Tell a secret.  Everybody has one.  Tell the world something relevant they did not know.  

Promote your customer’s customers.  Here’s a way to obtain a valuable SEO link for you, for your customer, and for your customer’s customers all within one post.  Post a short case study on how one of your customer’s customers is benefiting from your product or service.

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Shoot a video.  Some people would rather watch a video than read the same message as text.  Teardown and repair videos are always popular on YouTube.  Just like images, video (when there is one) always comes up in Google’s mixed search results.

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Predict the future.  Some people are excellent at divining the future by connecting the dots, which often involves researching or tracking multiple (and possibly converging) industries.  If you are confident about your vision for the future, predictions that are delivered with authority can travel far and wide.

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  The value of a post on the Internet can often be tracked back to the time the author puts into it.  A post that takes ten hours to assemble, but sixty seconds to read (due to great writing and powerful graphics), is going to be valued and shared by its’ intended audience.

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display alliance news 9.23.2010

Consumer grade flat-screen TV prices to plunge for holiday season An historically large oversupply of LCD TV panels is causing television prices to fall right in time for the holiday shopping season. The forecasted price plunge stems from an enormous surplus of LCD panels that has accumulated over the first nine months of the year. Shipments of the panels rose to 52 million in the second quarter, but only 38.7 million TVs were actually shipped to retailers, according to iSuppli. Click to read more..

Sony gets investigated over patents The accusations about patent toe-stepping come from Chimei Innolux, one of the biggest LCD manufacturers in Taiwan, Chi Mei Optoelectronics, and Texas based Innolux Corporation, all of which appear to be related companies and are complaining that Sony has ridden roughshod over their patent rights on gadgets ranging from Sony's televisions to its games console, the PS3. The complaint has just been acknowledged by the ITC, which said that it will investigate in relation to "certain liquid crystal display devices and products interoperable with the same". Click to read more..

Toyoda, Epistar joint venture enters LED market with better pricing advantage TE Opto, the new joint venture between Toyoda Gosei and Epistar will be able to provide LED chips without worrying about patent infringement issues due to patent support from Toyoda, and the joint venture will be able to provide pricing about 20% cheaper than those from Japan-based suppliers. Read more here..

Digital signage going into gas pumps at the manufacturing plant Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Outcast Media have announced an exclusive partnership to offer content and advertising on factory-installed, large color screens integrated directly into fuel dispensers. According to Gilbarco, more than half of the 140,000 convenience stores in the United States feature their gas pumps. Under the new partnership, Outcast will be the exclusive third-party provider of media content and services for Gilbarco’s Applause Media System, leveraging the scale of Gilbarco’s distribution network to access gas stations and consumers. Click to read more..

AUO’s first LCD manufacturing facility, in partnership with TPV technology, may come to  South America AU Optronics aand TPV Technology have established a joint venture for LCD module plant in Manaus, Brazil for panel module assembly and sales business. This JV is the first production base in America for AUO to offer customer in-time services and support after establishing manufacturing sites in Europe. The joint venture company brings together TPV's business infrastructure in the South American market and AUO's technology in TV panels. The joint venture will be named "Brivictory Indústria de Eletrônicos Ltda"with the capital of US$ 16 million. AUO and TPV will own 19% and 81% of the shareholding of the joint venture company, respectively. AUO and TPV will contribute the capital investment proportionally. Click to read more..

Program launched by Stena for growing need in recycling LCD screens By the year 2015, it is estimated that the EU's need for the recycling of flat screens will have multiplied to a dizzying 750,000 tonnes per year. The Stena Metall Group is now launching a closed process for handling LCD screens. "Today's recycling of electronics is very much about finding new ways to recycle large quantities of electronic waste quickly, complying with the legislation and with clear environmental and health benefits. Our new process for LCD recycling is a good example of this," says Staffan Johansson, managing director for GRIAG Glasrecycling, a part of the Stena Metall Group. Click here to read more about LCD recycling..

About Chris Sava..


display alliance news 9.22.2010

Mirror TV Touchscreen Lets You Watch News, Control House, Shave Like other Ad Notam offerings, the product is geared towards point-of-sale displays, but there’s no reason why this unit couldn’t find a nice home in a bathroom – perfect for watching the morning news, setting the GOOD MORNING mode on the home control system, and Twittering friends about your cool new toy. And shaving. Ad Notam will offer the mirror-touch-PC-TV in a variety of sizes up to 82 inches. The 17.3-inch model will retail for about $3,500. Read more at cepro.

Lighting market to push HighBright-LEDs into next manufacturing phase Following a boom in the 1980s that consisted primarily of TV remote applications and low-end indicators, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are experiencing another growth period that began in the 1990s and is going stronger than ever, driven by LCD notebook and TV backlighting applications. There's been a wild ramp-up in production, leading already to shortages in the equipment and materials used to manufacture LEDs, and predictions of more to come. Read more at edn.

European Union to no longer impose 14% tariff on imports of LCD panels larger than 19” The WTO issued a ruling on July 23 saying that the EU had violated its obligations under the 1994 WTO Information Technology Agreement by imposing a 14 percent tariff on imports of the LCD panels, which Taiwanese, Japanese and U.S. manufacturers said should be considered information technology products, entitled to zero-tariff trade under the agreement. The EU has imposed zero tariffs on imported large-size, high-end flat panels since the ruling, according to the ministry. read more at focustaiwan.

TPV to consolodate various offices into one headquarters near Taipei In regards to whether TPV and AU Optronics have plans for more cooperation, TPV chairman Jason Hsuan did not comment directly on the subject but pointed out that since TPV does not have its own panel capacity, it needs to work with others. He noted that Chimei Innolux (CMI) is also a shareholder of TPV. TPV expects shipments for LCD monitors and LCD TVs to combine for 70 million units, which should meet market expectations of 55 million LCD monitors and 15 million LCD TVs. Read more at digitimes.

Flextronics plant uses Lean manufacturing to produce redbox kiosks International manufacturer Flextronics this May joined with its customer Coinstar to announce its manufacturing plant in Creedmoor, N.C., had built and shipped 25,000 redbox kiosks to locations all over North America. Since then the plant has built and shipped a couple of thousand more of the devices that had a hand in changing the way consumers obtained, paid for and returned movies and video games. And right around Labor Day redbox reported it had rented its 1 billionth DVD. Read more at selfserviceworld.


display alliance news 9.21.2010

Taiwan market: BenQ aims at top position for LCD monitors and projectors in 2011 BenQ aims to rank top-three for LCD TVs, LCD monitors and front projectors in the Taiwan market in the second half of 2010 and aims to become the leading vendor in the LCD monitor and front projector markets in Taiwan in 2011, according to Robert Dung, managing director of BenQ Taiwan. Read more at digitimes.

Looking At Panel Specs Carefully… Following the blog ‘Building an LCD display system’ it was suggested that I comment again on the topic of specifications. Back on 3 September 2010 the topic of very high contrast ratios was addressed, this time the issue is that a single specification should not be considered in isolation and all the specs need to be reviewed in the context of the intended application. Read more at panelx.

First OLED Display over 100” At CEATEC JAPAN 2009, Mitsubishi Electric unveiled a 155” large-scale organic light emitting diode (OLED) display called Diamond Vision. Mitsubishi recently announced it will start selling the Diamond Vision OLED on September 21, 2010. This will be the first large-scale OLED display system available. The 2009 demo system was built by tiling full-color passive matrix OLED displays, each 96 × 96 mm with 16 × 16 pixels. There were 720 tiles total—20 rows × 36 columns—resulting in a 1920 × 3456 mm display with 320 × 576 pixels. The commercial systems are assembled by connecting larger tiles, called standard modules (384 × 384 mm), with 128 × 128 pixels, weighing eight kilograms. The design allows the systems to be scalable, enabling them to form different sizes and shapes, for example, against rounded surfaces. The system depth is 99 mm, enabling it to be installed in limited spaces such as narrow paths and station concourses. Read more at displaysearchblog.

TPV confirms to build Taiwan R&D centre, HQ Top global PC monitor maker TPV Technology Ltd (0903.HK) will set up a global operating headquarters, R&D centre and plants in Taiwan, its chairman said on Monday. Jason Hsuan, chairman and chief executive of TPV Technology Group, told reporters on the sidelines of a business event that the company was looking for a location not far from Taipei. Read more at reuters.

India LCD TV Market – growth Opportunities On the back of rapid economic growth, India has witnessed a dynamic change in consumer electronics industry. One electronic gadget that has brought new revolution in Indian Electronic Industry is Television Set. Today, India is fast emerging as the key driver in the global television market both as a manufacturer and consumer. The Indian television industry, growing at a steady rate has attracted a number of global companies like Samsung, LG and Sony. Access to superior technology, greater spending and sustaining power differentiates the foreign firms from the domestic ones, thereby resulting in highly intensified market. Read more at toadhillreviews.

System-level approach yields optimized LED backlight design LEDs are very quickly becoming the LCD TV industry’s backlighting technology of choice, and are being incorporated into increasingly larger screen sizes. There seems little doubt that LEDs will be the mainstream light source in all LCD applications due to slim design, low power consumption and the fact that LEDs enable high display performance. System design teams must understand how to optimize LED backlight systems to win in what will surely be a competitive marketplace. Read more at ledsmagazine.


display alliance news 9.17.2010

Adtraxion Converts Samsung LFD Monitors Into Digital Signage Players Netherlands-based digital signage solutions provider Adtraxion Systems has devel­oped soft ware that converts Samsung’s Large Format Display (LFD) monitors into Adtraxion digital signage players. Read more at displayblog.

Why Aren’t ProAV Integrators Doing DS Yet? Right now, the IT channel (and even the HomeAV channel) are integrating more DS networks than the ProAV market is in almost every country in the world. Sure, we sell lots of DS displays — and some even for DS applications, but the real money’s in the content distribution and generation market (media players, the network infrastructure, the ad-based content and the after-sales support and service contracts). Read more at sixteen-nine.

How To Build An LCD Display System While it is not possible to cover the incredibly large range of potential LCD display applications there are a few basic elements and principles that are easy to summarize. Read more at panelx.

LG Elec says cut 5.8 mln T greenhouse gas emissions LG Electronics Inc said on Thursday it had reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 5.77 million tonnes in the first half, mainly by introducing new products that are more energy efficient. LG said that by mid-year it had achieved 95 percent of its full-year emission reduction target of 6.1 million tonnes by launching more energy-efficient air conditioners, washers and light-emitting diode (LED) type LCD flat-screen TVs. Its manufacturing process led to cuts of 130,000 tonnes of emissions, it said. Read more at af.reuters.

Large-size panel prices to remain flat in 4Q10 Large-size TFT-LCD panel prices are expected to remain flat in the fourth quarter of 2010 and may start increasing in the first half of 2011, according to Taiwan-based panel makers. Read more at digitimes.

VEGAS TIX 4LESS: Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) 70-inch LCDs Atlanta-based Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) installed dual-70-inch LED backlit digital signage LCDs in an out door ticketing booth, the VEGAS TIX 4LESS brand by, on the Las Vegas strip. The 70-inch displays allow cus­tomers to view available shows, events and prices. read more at displayblog.

LG CEO steps down LG has replaced its CEO after a record loss.  And it's keeping it in the family. Koo Bon-joon, the younger brother of LG Group chairman Koo Bon-moo, will replace Nam Yong, who offered to resign from the top job at a board of director's meeting.  "Nam Yong offered to resign as CEO to take responsibility for the flagging performance and pave the way for a new CEO to prepare for the coming year and beyond," LG said in a statement. Read more at techeye.

AUO and TPV to Establish Joint Venture for LCD Module Plant In Brazil HSINCHU, TAIWAN  – To provide closer services to customers and to develop the emerging market, AU Optronics Corp. has announced to establish a joint venture LCD module plant with TPV Technology Limited, being the world's largest ODM LCD TV maker, in Manaus, Brazil for panel module assembly and sales business. If the investment plan is approved by the relevant regulatory authorities, the joint venture will be the first project for AUO to advance into the emerging market with its strategic partner. It also demonstrates the new business model of supplying the international brand customer from the local plant. Meanwhile, this JV is the first production base in America for AUO to offer customer in-time services and supports after establishing manufacturing sites in Europe. Read more at digitalsignageuniverse.


Why Touch Screens Are the Ideal Interactive Medium for Kiosks

Kiosks are information points that are often in the public sphere and because of this they have to be durable and withstand high traffic usage.  Because the general public includes everyone, kiosks have to be very user friendly and easy to use, so that the computer novice can access the information as easily as a computer whiz kid, and this is why touch screens are perfect for using with Kiosks.

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Kiosks and Digital Displays for Crafting Retail Outlets

Crafting is big business, with many people choosing to craft as their main hobby in one form a or another. Not only are their numerous websites and books showing you things to make and places to buy your supplies, but there are also craft fairs and exhibitions. In a resent online survey hosted by, it showed that Arts and Craft were the forth most favoured hobby out of 12 listed pastimes with girls aged between 9 to 21; showing that crafting is a growing sector in the hobbyist market place.

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Tourist Information Kiosks

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A tourism kiosk is a great tourist information point to for holidaymakers. Tourist Information Kiosks can be a resource to lots of information about local attractions and events that will be held in the local area. Tourism can not only give information about tourist attractions, but they can also send holidaymakers event Alerts or event reminders directly to their mobile phone, so that they don’t miss holiday events that they would enjoy. Tourism Kiosks or Tourist Information Kiosks can help holidaymakers to have an extra special holiday.

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Funeral Parlour Kiosks can help bereaving families arrange funerals for their loved ones

Arranging a funeral for a love one is probably one of the most difficult times that a person goes through. Not only is it emotionally difficult, but at this time when people are bereaving, they have to navigate the minefield of arranging the final send off, which at that time feels like an uphill struggle.  A free-standing kiosk in the actual funeral parlour and a portable funeral kiosk for home visits can be a valuable tool to help family at these distressing time to arrange the funeral ceremony.

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Gaming Kiosks in Pubs and Inns

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With public houses and bars finding it more and more difficult to make a profit in today’s tough economic climate, publicans are finding innovative new ideas and ways of getting the paying customers into the pubs and bars and keeping them there by laying on the creature comforts of home down at the local.  Pubs have been providing Sky sports channels and music for many years now but if you go into a pub today you’re quite likely to find free Internet access also.  Ideal if you have a web enabled phone or ipod.   Pubs have had various gaming platforms providing arcade action, quizzes and slot machines.  One of these new incentives is to provide entertainment by means of proving gaming consoles for customers to play on with their friends whilst enjoying a pint.

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Unmanned Café Kiosks for More Efficient Customer Service 

You have no doubt heard of an Internet Café where the customers have access to Internet enabled computers and browse the world-wide web at leisure whilst supping their chosen hot beverage. An unmanned café is similar to an Internet café in that it relies on computers as the main feature that makes it stand apart from other cafes. However, the kiosk-maintained café has a small desktop kiosk set into each table so that the customer can order their food and drinks at the table via a touchscreen. Are unmanned kiosks maintained cafes a glimpse of the future of Cafes and fast food outlets?

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