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display alliance news 9.13.2010

Mitsubishi's huge, modular OLED display set to go on sale worldwide on September 21 Before you start dreaming of 155-inch OLED displays for your home theater, let us remind you that this Mitsubishi's panel happens to pack an ignoble 69dpi pixel density. So while it is indeed a wall-sized OLED image maker, it's not exactly designed to match up to the HD rigors of modern entertainment. Composed of smaller, bezel-free modules, Mitsu's Diamond Vision OLED display has gone from CEATEC prototypelast year to a triumphant retail product this year, starting to be exchanged for cash, trinkets and favors this September 21. As you might have guessed, it's primarily intended for use in digital signage scenarios -- which should be great so long as nobody tries to perch one up in the sun. See the full press release at engadget.

Apple working on dual mode technology for LCD screens An Apple patent (number 20100225657) for systems and methods for operating a display has appeared at the US Patent & Trademark Office. It’s for LCD screens on computers and TVs to be able to run in two different modes. Embodiments of the electronic device include a display driver with the ability to receive image data in a streaming display mode or a frame-buffered display mode. In some embodiments, the electronic device may switch seamlessly between the two display modes based on which display mode will provide reduced power usage given the type and/or variability of the image data being received. The inventors are Kapil V. Sakariya and Wei H. Yao. Read more macsimumnews.

Small and midsize units for portable electronics dominate output. Large types cater to the TV market. China makers of TFT-LCD modules are increasing output by about 20 percent this year to match growing local demand and at the same time strengthen global competitiveness. Many are riding on the country’s position as a key manufacturing hub for various electronics and the largest for mobile phones and LCD TVs. The last two comprise the category’s main applications. China’s production of both is forecast to expand further this year, with January to May shipments of the first already rising 37 percent YoY. In 2009, the total was 619 million units. That of LCD TVs is expected to touch 80 million, jumping 40 percent YoY, according to iSuppli. Read more at globalsources.

Toshiba to rank second among Japan-based LCD TV vendors in 2010 Toshiba is narrowing its LCD TV shipment gap with Sharp and is expected to exceed Sharp and rank second among Japan-based LCD TV vendors in 2010. Toshiba's LCD TV shipments continue to increase, and the company expects to ship 13-14 million LCD TVs in 2010, beating Sharp's 11-12 million shipments for the year. LCD TV manufacturers such as TPV Technology and Compal Electronics are expected to benefit from the increasing shipments of Toshiba. Read more at digitimes.

Using LCD Screens and Displays in Industrial Locations LCD devices have revolutionised the TV and display world. Flat panel screens are no longer just a device found in living rooms and TV parlours but is used for computer displays, digital signage and even on the shopfloor in factories and industrial locations. The reason for the success and widespread use of LCDs is two-fold; firstly, LCDs have plummeted in price and are now far cheaper a device than the former CRT based TVs ever were. Secondly, LCD TVs are flatter and lighter than their predecessors so they take up less space and are easier to install on walls or mounts. Sourced from Armagard.

Sluggish TV Sales Create Huge Glut of LCD Panels Lower-than-expected flat-screen TV sales worldwide have created a glut in liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels that's unlikely to dissipate anytime soon, even with the release of new products such as 3-D TVs, according to two separate reports released this week. Global manufacturers shipped 98.8 million LCD panels during the first half of the year, while only 76.2 million LCD sets were shipped, indicating an overage of 30%, iSuppli said in areportyesterday. Such widening inventory has caused panel makers to drop prices to near-cost level, according to iSuppli. Read more at dailyfinance.


display alliance news 9.10.2010

Chimei Innolux (CMI) August TFT LCD Revenues Decline On September 9, 2010 Chimei Innolux (CMI) announced August 2010 TFT LCD related rev enues, which were down 9.9% M/M to NT$45.5 bil lion. Large-sized LCD unit ship ments also declined 3.8% M/M to 9.8M units as did small/medium LCDs, down by 8.4% M/M to 35.5M. The third quar ter of each cal en dar year is usu ally one of the busiest as the entire LCD supply chain gear up to build toward the fourth quar­ter, which is the strongest quar ter for LCD-related gear in retail. Sourced from displayblog.

IDT Introduces Industry's First Single-Chip Solution for TFT LCD Panels Integrated Device Technology, Inc. a leading provider of essential mixed signal semiconductor solutions that enrich the digital media experience, today announced the industry's first single-chip power management solution for thin film transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panels, such as those used in netbooks, Tablet PCs and notebooks. The new solution from IDT integrates a full-function low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) timing controller with fully integrated power management, and a four-channel LED driver for LED backlighting. Read more at marketwatch.

Inside Foxconn And The Man Who Made Your iPhone It’s not every day you get to look inside a major electronics factory. Most of the work done there is compartmentalized and the manufacturing done for one company never touches the manufacturing done for another. In fact, Foxconn’s R&D labs consist of a series of locked doors. You can only get into one and that’s only if you’re allowed in to see prototypes. It’s an amazing world of secrecy and deception. Gou got is start making connectors for Atari game machines and slowly became to go-to guy for getting it done in China. His factory now pumps out 137,000 iPhones per day. Read more at crunchgear.

Will the Bleeding End for Cree, LED Stocks? The outlook for LED lighting sector stocks, including industry bellwethersCree(CREE), Veeco(VECO) and Aixtron(AIXG)dimmed a bit on Wednesday. There were a spate of negative reports on the inventory build-up in the LCD flat-panel television sector, and a read-through for companies linked to the LED supply chain for flat panel TV backlighting. Industry consultant iSuppli was out with a report showing high inventory levels in the LCD market. The iSuppli data was one data point among a raft of negative numbers in a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday detailing the bleak conditions among LCD TV makers, with utilization cuts coming from companies in the market. Read more at thestreet.

AUO Named for the First Time to 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index AU Optronics Corp., having been named to the 2009 Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia/Pacific), today announced that it has been further selected as a member of the 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), in addition to 2010 DJSI Asia/Pacific, making it the only pure TFT-LCD manufacturer worldwide to join the Index. This reaffirms the Company's achievements and firm commitment to sustainable development. Read the full press release at marketwatch.

Qualcomm's CEO confesses: tablets killed the smartbook star According to Slashgear, Paul Jacobs admitted during an event this morning that "tablets such as the iPad had already occupied the niche his company expected smartbooks to." Essentially, the iPad delivered on the concept of an "always-on, all-day device" long before smartbooks ever had a chance at gaining traction, and judging by the fact that only a handful of these guys ever made it to market, we'd say that brutally honest assessment makes a lot of sense. We aren't necessarily better off for it, mind you, but it definitely seems that the resurgence of the tablet (and the proliferation of the longevous netbook) has extinguished any hope of smartbooks dominating the world. Hey, at least this guy's man enough to know when a journey's reached its end. Sayonara, smarties. Read more at engadget.


screen media news 9.9.2010

RIM tries to patent billboards that adjust to roadside traffic Looks like our pals at Research In Motion are taking the company name literally this week -- they've got a pair of patent applications target ads to automobiles and pedestrians on the street by dynamically changing their information density. By taking a page out of Google's book and measuring the relative position of GPS-equipped phones (or using traditional sensors should that fail), RIM wants to create digital billboards that automatically add details the slower traffic gets. In one example, a "Road House Restaurant" could display only the name and exit number of the joint in giant letters when traffic moves quickly, but pitch that delectable pecan pie more thoroughly when it's stop and go -- but RIM's thinking a bit further than that, suggesting that when vehicles are particularly slow, you could pull out your phone and get a coupon by photographing a projected QR code. The future, ladies and gentlemen. Sourced from engadget.

Nex-Gen charging kiosks juicing up with digital signage. Baltimore, Md.-based NV3 Technologies displayed at this month’s KioskCom samples of its newest mobile device-charging kiosks. The units, like those of the company’s competitors, offer quick-charging for a range of phones and other portable devices. But the company’s NTC line of kiosks signals a shift in the charging kiosk business model. By incorporating touchscreens, digital signage and Internet connectivity, the kiosks are expanding the range of applications — and potential revenue sources — for this type of self-service kiosk. Read more at nv3tech.

GroupTabs Should Marry Digital Signage Given the time-sensitive nature of place-based deals on GroupTabs, digital signage would be a powerful promotional tool for driving social check-in behavior. Real-time deals could be announced on digital signage networks, providing an engaging call-to-action to promote more user check-ins and to drive venue traffic via social media channels. Location-based digital displays could act as deal countdown clocks, presenting live check-in stats as patrons moved closer to tipping a deal. Read more at

Google Spam Fighter Matt Cutts Weighs In On The “Death” Of SEO (Or Lack Thereof) Such a major change will impact the way people conduct their searches, and that will lead to repercussions for the search ecosystem. Steve Rubel says that it will make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — the dark magic that helps websites appear higher in search results — totally irrelevant. NowMatt Cutts, the longtime Googler who is in charge of Google’s webspam team and often speaks publicly about SEO issues, has weighed in on how he thinks things will change. And change, they will. Read more at techcrunch.

Digital Signage- Where’s it going? What’s the state of the digital signage business today? And where’s it heading? Steve Gurley, senior VP of marketing and new market development at Symon Communications, tries to make sense of an often confusing sector…The industry as a whole is doing well. However, five years ago it was forecast that by 2010 the digital signage market would reach nearly $2bn in revenue. In reality, the industry is generating less than half of that. The current pool of digital signage manufacturers is finding that the smaller revenue pool is making the competition extremely intense. Hardware manufacturers and software developers are engaged in a fierce struggle to capture a piece of the smaller pie. As the competition has intensified, prices have come down. Read more at nv3tech.

gWallet Brings Offers To Mobile Apps; Partners With Ad Exchange Mobclix Online monetization platform gWallet, which offers social gaming developers a variety of ways to monetize their apps and boost engagement, is debuting a new mobile ad offering today. Mobile app developers can now integrate virtual currency offers within their apps. However, instead of signing up for Netflix or other offers that gWallet uses on its web platform; the mobile offers ask for users to download an app in exchange for earning virtual currency. Read more at techcrunch.


display alliance news 9.9.2010

iPod touch: Retina Display Sucks Look at the photo above by Engadget. On the left is the new iPod touch with the Retina Display. On the right is the Retina Display in the iPhone 4. These are NOT the same Retina Displays. The one in the iPod touch sucks: when viewed at angles con­trast goes out the door and colors shift so much that they look like crap. IPS is known for look ing great when viewed at dif fer ent angles and my guess is that the Retina Display on the iPod touch ain’t no IPS; it is some cheap TN-based 3.5-inch LCD sport ing a 960×640 pixel for mat. I wouldn’t touch it. Especially if it means I need to part ways with US$229. There might be no peer to the iPod touch but the dis play sim ply isn’t what Apple wants you to believe it is; the “Retina Display” on the iPod touch is a fake version of the real thing. Sourced from displayblog.

TPV Capitalizes on Renewed Demand TPV Technology Ltd., a Taiwan-based contract maker of flat-screen monitors and televisions, is benefiting from a recovery in consumer demand as the global economy rebounds from the 2008 financial crisis. The Hong Kong-listed company, which counts Sony Corp. and Dell Inc. as customers, has seen a rise in orders as more companies outsource production to cut costs. Read more at online.wsj.

Philips Lights Up OLEDs Without A Power Adapter Previously, if you wanted to use an OLED display, you had to use a power adapter. The problem was that OLEDs required low voltage to light up, instead of the standard (in Europe) 230v system. Now, scientists at Philips have announced that they have been able to design an OLED system that doesn’t require a step down transformer in order to work. This means that a device that uses an OLED lighting system won’t require the additional hardware components to change the voltage from whatever comes out of the wall to the low voltage previously needed. Read more at crunchgear.

Digital Concrete Screens- Yup, you read it right Digital Concrete Screens in floors, facades and even pavements can of course make live signage in places as disperse as hotels, airports, night clubs, shopping malls, corporations, science parks and conference centers a lot more interesting and applicable. The screen is on the exterior side of the wall (the so-called rain screen) and takes no load but is fixed to the load bearing structure of the building. All electronics are installed on the interior side of the wall and finished with a cover wall which has lids for easy access to the projection units. The media façade can in most cases be constructed with a thickness of just 38cm. Read more at dailydooh.

Apple Predicted To Sell 28 Million iPads In 2011 The iPad has already been a great success for Apple [AAPL] since it was launched earlier in the year, and it looks like the iPad sales figures will continue to rise at a similar rate. One Analyst, Maynard Um with UBS Investment research thinks that Apple will sell around 28 million iPads next year, and he is calling this number conservative, also apparently iPad sales are having an affect on the PCindustry and not MacBook sales. Read more at geeky-gadgets.

Kits for Rapid Display System Prototyping Digital View announces custom kits for display designers. Well known for innovation and excellent support services, Digital View is encouraging LCD display designers to achieve faster prototyping by shipping display design kits, tailored to designer’s specific project requirements. With a full range of LCD controller boards and OEM media players as well as many value-add accessories for every display system, designers can quickly assemble kits to build advanced video display products. Find out more at displayalliance.

Hydis to supply IPS panel for Samsung tablet PC, says Digitimes Research Electronics' Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet PC is said to have received some of its IPS panels, which are of comparable grade as those of Apple's iPad, from Hydis, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based E Ink as well as from Samsung itself. The panel will feature fringe filed switching (FFS) technology, according to Digitimes Research senior analyst Mingchi Kuo. Read more at digitimes.

Sony takes top share position for flat panel TV shipments in 2Q10 for India, says DisplaySearch Sony increased its unit share of flat panel TVs to 27.1% in the second quarter of 2010 and took top share position in the India market, according to the DisplaySearch. The total TV market in India for 2009 was around 13.8 million units, making it the third-largest country market for TVs in the world, ahead of Japan and Brazil, and accounting for 37% of the Asia Pacific TV market. Sourced from digitimes.


AIS Introduces Low Cost Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors featuring 3M Touch Technologies Designed for Interactive Digital Signage and Kiosk Industry

Irvine, CA – American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS), release a line of Open Frame Touchscreen LCD Displays  featuring the reliable and durable 3M surface capacitive touch technology in to an array of touch enabled monitors for use in Point of Sale (POS), Digital Signage, Self Service, Foodservice, Hospitality and Point of Information (POI) applications. The open frame touch monitors are available currently in 15”, 17”, 19”, and 22” (wide) sizes. 3M Touchscreen monitors are cost effective solutions and are available off-the-shelf for immediately integration and fast time to market.

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display alliance news 9.8.2010

Vodafone's Microsoft Surface: like Go Fish for phones. Microsoft worked with Vodafone late last year to deploy Surfaces to a few dozen stores in several European countries (much as AT&T has done in the US), and one of those units happens to be set up at the carrier's IFA booth this week. The basic idea here is that each available model appears as a card that can be twirled, resized, and flung around the screen. Read more at engadget.

AllSee Technologies provide digital display solutions which in most cases require bespoke digital displays to be designed and implemented. Colston Hall was looking for a display which would enable them to quickly and easily communicate information on their forthcoming concerts and events; they also required the solution to be portable, as in it needed to be movable around the location, so as to create maximum exposure for their concerts and events. This raised the issue of connectivity as it clearly could not be tied down to any network wiring. Read more on Display Alliance.

Samsung mobile LCD capacity will increase tenfold. Thanks to a new display manufacturing facility that Samsung will be opening up soon, Samsung will go from making 3 million mobile phone screens a month to 30 million. Samsung's Mobile Display unit will open up the new manufacturing plant in July of 2011 as part of the company's commitment to keep up with the growing mobile phone market.  Read the full article at tgdaily.

Sony To Realign LCD TV Manufacturing Operations For Europe. Sony Corp., as part of its on-going initiative toenhance its manufacturing efficiency to improve the profitability of its liquid crystal display or "LCD" TV business, announced that its relevant European units have agreed with Ficosa International, S.A. and COMSA EMTE SL, to sell the Barcelona technology center in Spain to Ficosa and COMSA EMTE. With this transaction, the Barcelona technology center would be divided into 2 new companies, 1 focusing on manufacturing and the other focusing on development and engineering. Read more at rttnews.

Samsung: "It's too premature to commercialize OLED TVs", too expensive. Yoon Boo-keun, the head of Samsung's TV business unit says that "It's too premature to commercialize OLED TVs due to strong price resistance. Consumers will not buy it without affordable prices, leaving small room for greater marketability,". While Samsung seems to believe that OLED TVs are "coming soon", the company will probably not start to make them while they're so expensive. Read more at oled-info.

Amtran August LCD TV shipments fall to 300,000 units. Amtran Technology saw its LCD TV shipments drop to 300,000 units in August 2010, from 320,000 units in July, with corresponding revenues of NT$4.53 billion (US$142 million) , shrinking 11% on month and 15% on year, according to the company. Read more at digitimes.

Slow Television Sales Spur LCD Panel Oversupply. Shipments of large-sized Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panels vastly exceeded end-market sales of televisions, monitors and notebook PCs, spurring a major buildup of inventory of the LCDs and finished products, including LCD-TVs, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp. Coming amid fears of a slowing economy and the possibility of a double-dip recession, the inventory increases are raising concerns throughout the display supply chain—from panel suppliers to contract manufacturers and brands, to retailers. The oversupply situation was exacerbated by a significant cut in orders in July from LCD panel buyers. To be sure, the large-sized LCD panel market was already in oversupply for most of the second quarter of 2010, but the order cuts in July pushed the market further into oversupply as inventories expanded to even higher levels. Read more at isuppli.


display alliance news 9.7.2010

Functional E-Noa Interpad Plays Catch Up In The Tablet Race.
Shane McGlaun of Geeky-Gadgets says, a yet to be finished Tegra 2 Interpad was put on display at the ongoing IFA 2010 for fanboys to have a glimpse of. We say yet to be finished because the people at E-Noa admit they’re still working out a suitable custom UI that complements its 10-inch 1024×600 display. Read the full article at geekygadgets.

Color Filter Could Boost LCD Efficiency by 400%
Megan treacy of ecogeak  tells us, researchers at the University of Michigan have created a color filter that could boost the efficiency of LCDs, the power hog of all your gadgets, by more than 400 percent, and no, I didn't add an extra zero there. The researchers made an optical film that colors and polarizes the light that passes through an LCD, taking the place of the several layers of optical devices that typically serve the same function in an LCD.  Those multiple layers give rise to inefficiencies:  the best LCDs out today only emit eight percent of the light their backlights produce. The researchers found that the film allowed 36 percent of the light to make it through - a huge increase. Read more at ecogeek.

Panasonic predicts the death of direct LED TVs.
Direct LED TVs will soon disappear from the shelves and be replaced by cheaper Edge LED and plasma screens. That's according to Markus Wagenseil, Panasonic's technical marketing manager. Speaking to TechRadar in Berlin last week, Wagenseil said that Direct LED technology is not viable and will be extinct within two years. "For direct LED LCD we don't feel there is a market any more because the price pressure on TVs is incredibly high," he said. Read more at techradar.

Digital Signage: LCD Panels Dominate the Market as Crts Experience a Rapid Decline.

In its Q3 ’07 “Quarterly Worldwide Flat Panel Forecast Report,” the display market research specialist reveals that CRTs will account for 5.5 percent of all display revenue in the quarter compared to TFT LCDs, which will generate 84.5 percent of all display revenue. In dollars that’s $20.3 billion for LCD panels to $1.3 billion for CRTs worldwide. Read the full article at 1080p.

Samsung updates on AMOLED displays.
Samsung (or actually Lee Woo-Jong, SMD's marketing VP) is giving us some interesting updates on their AMOLED displays and production plants. So first of all, they expect the new 5.5-Gen plant to start mass producing in July 2011. The new plant will increase Samsung's AMOLED capacity ten-fold: from 3 million displays a month to 30 million (assuming all displays made in the new plant will be around 3"). Read the full article at oled-info.

LG LEX8 with Nano lighting: A revolution in LCD TVs?
LG's Nano technology adds an additional layer between the LED backlight and the LCD panel. This layer has thousands of tiny dots that help to diffuse the light in a more effective way than existing technology. Something like Nano is useful for LCD TVs because, thus far, their Achilles heel has been patchy, uneven backlights that either produce visible hot spots at the edges of the screen, or halos around bright objects on dark backgrounds.  LG also claims that its new 'micro pixel control' technology will improve the accuracy of local LED dimming even further, and make the LEX8 one of the most impressive LCD screens ever made. Read the full article at CNET UK.

Samsung launches Samsung Takeback and Recycle (Star) Program in India.
In a bid to promote e-waste recycling, Samsung India has launched a new initiative called as the Star program or Samsung Takeback and Recycle Program. The initiative will be rolled out nationally in phases where consumers will be able to bring their any Samsung product for recycling. Consumers will be able to dispose their product at 235 locations in 20 cities or can avail the product collection facility for a nominal fee. Read more at samsunghub.

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Kits for Rapid Display System Prototyping

Digital View announces custom kits for display designers. Well known for innovation and excellent support services, Digital View is encouraging LCD display designers to achieve faster prototyping by shipping display design kits, tailored to designer’s specific project requirements. With a full range of LCD controller boards and OEM media players as well as many value-add accessories for every display system, designers can quickly assemble kits to build advanced video display products.

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display alliance news 9.3.2010

Control4 InfinityEdge Dedicated In-Wall Touch Screens.
Control4, a leader in affordable IP-based control and entertainment systems, today announced a new generation of dedicated in-wall touch screens. Control4® InfinityEdge™ Touch Screens come in 5-inch and 7-inch sizes and feature edge-to-edge capacitive glass and a low profile design at incredibly affordable prices of $599 and $899 (MSRP) respectively.  InfinityEdge™ Touch Screens also feature intercom capability, which can be enabled through the purchase of a $499 (MSRP) license. Read the full press release at control4.

Digital mall directories just make sense.
Mall directories going digital just makes sense, as the store listings are always changing and each time that happens stuff needs to get printed and people need to crack the cases open and change them and on and on. Never mind digital gives shoppers the ability to search by keywords or name instead of scanning long lists, and some companies (like another Toronto company, Jibestream) are doing things like digital couponing and instant emails. They also have to be well-built to deal with 17 year old boys and shopping carts and other types of ongoing abuse, yet still look nice. Read Dave Haynes full article at sixteen:nine.

GoGo Cast co-branding DOOH network screens with LG Electronics.

On-demand, out-of-home digital media company GoGo Cast Inc. announced recently that it will co-brand its Go-Screens with LG Electronics' 42-inch LCD digital signage monitors and integrated media players to deliver GoGo Cast's targeted messaging. GoGo Cast president and CEO David Paolo says that this alliance capitalizes on the complementary strengths of the two companies. Sourced from digitalsignagetoday.

Help Wanted - Digital Signage Sales.
Keywest Technology is a thriving digital signage solutions company providing everything from software components to turnkey systems in a growing market. We are looking for an energetic, self-motivated sales professional to nurture and close opportunities in the United States. Location of this position is in Lenexa, Kansas (Kansas City region). This position does not require any cold calling, but it does require B2B sales experience. Some travel will be necessary. Find out more at keywesttechnology.

AUO, CMI, CPT seeking other business to ease oversupply of small- to medium-size panels.

Panel makers AU Optronics (AUO), Chimei Innolux (CMI) and Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) are transferring their small- to medium-size production capacity to other production such as OLED, e-paper or touch panels to ease the oversupply of small- to medium-size panels, according to market sources. Sourced from digitmes.

Samsung Galaxy S Featuring Corning Gorilla Glass.
Corning announced that Corning Gorilla glass has been designed into the Samsung Electronics Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy S features a 4-inch super AMOLED display, while weighing roughly 119 grams in a slim, highly durable design. The enhanced super AMOLED display is enabled in part by using Corning Gorilla glass as the protective cover. Gorilla glass is an environmentally friendly alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass that is both scratch resistant and durable. Read more at trendygadget.

Taiwan equipment makers venturing into green energy industry.

More Taiwan-based equipment suppliers, which used to see sales contributed by their panel customers account for 70-80% of their total revenues, are venturing into the production of equipment for the green energy industry as a number of industry giants such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) and AU Optronics (AUO) have moved into the sector, an official from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has commented. Read more at digitimes.

Toshiba goes all LED with new HDTVs at IFA 2010.
Besides that Android tablet, Toshiba's brought a whole slew LED-lit LCD televisions to IFA 2010. The REGZA WL Series is the company's first range of 3DTVs, available in 40-, 46- and 55-inch sizes with LED backlighting, 7,000,000:1 contrast ratios, it 3D Resolution+ upscaling tech and one pair of active shutter glasses bundled with each one. Read more at engadget.

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display alliance news 9.2.2010

Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum 3D megadisplay eyes-on.
There are some things that you just long for irrationally in a sort of trade-your-next-10-years-of-Christmas-presents sort of way, and this new 3D Cinema 21:9 Platinum HDTV from Philips is one of those things. We just got a few too-brief minutes alone with the 58-inch set, where it proved itself quite an excellent 3D display -- it's hard to differentiate exact 3D quality without another display nearby for reference, but we didn't see any issues or worry points with the image quality offhand. With shutter glasses on the image remained bright and saturated with little ghosting, and while opinions may vary on Ambilight, we absolutely love it in action, particularly with this letterbox-destroying aspect ratio. Read more at engadget.

LCD TV Panel Makers Target 40% LED Penetration by Q4’10.

The continuing transition to LED backlights is motivating LCD TV panel manufacturers to develop their supply chains in order to reduce the cost of LED-backlit panels. According to the latest Quarterly LED Backlight Panel Shipment and Forecast Report, 9.5 million, or 18.5%, of the LCD TV panels that shipped in Q2’10 had LED backlights, which was 110% growth Q/Q. LCD TV panel makers are targeting aggressive growth for LED panel shipments, with plans to reach 40% LED penetration in Q4’10, and to exceed 50% in Q2’11. Penetration is highest among leading LCD TV panel makers, including Samsung, LG Display, AUO, Sharp, and Chimei Innolux. Notably, Samsung and Sharp aim to ship more LED LCD TVs than CCFL panels in Q4’10 (Table 1). Among these players, Sharp is the only one focusing on direct-type LED backlights, as opposed to the more common edge-lit structure. Sourced from displaysearch.

A quick explanation of SAW Technology.
Featuring pure glass construction, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screens will almost never physically “wear out” due to a superior scratch-resistant coating. Excellent light transmission ensures that the image clarity of the display remains sharp and vibrant. The stable, “drift-free” operation means that the touch response is always accurate. They work well with a finger, gloved hand, or a soft stylus. And SAW touch screens have a sensitive touch response—they recognize the touch location and the amount of pressure applied. Read more at generaldigital.

Taiwan market: Amtran launches 5 new Vizio LED TVs.
US-based LCD TV brand Vizio has launched five M series edge-type LED-backlit LCD TVs in Taiwan, according to the vendor's Taiwan-based manufacture partner Amtran Technology. With the five models from the M series, Vizio now has a line up of LCD TVs covering the 32- to 55-inch segment in the Taiwan market, Amtran added. The retail prices of the M series are: NT$27,900 (US$871.48) for 32-inch, NT$32,900 for 37-inch, NT$42,900 for 42-inch, NT$52,900 for 47-inch and NT$83,900 for 55-inch. Read more at digitmes.

C-nario Win Terminal 1C, Mumbai Airport.
Times Innovative Media Limited (TIML) has selected the C-nario Digital Signage Platform for a rollout at Mumbai international airport’s recently inaugurated and state-of-the-art Terminal 1C, catering to domestic traffic. The digital signage network at Mumbai airport comprises ten 47-inch LCD screens. The content plan is to have RSS-based news headlines, RSS- based astrology forecasts, and weather reports for selected cities, apart from Live TV and advertisements – all in the highest pixel resolution. C-nario’s platform enables advertisers to upload and approve ads via the Web. Read more at dailydooh.

FCC tears apart the new iPod touch, while iFixit wistfully looks on.
According to Engadget, they say, we're not quite sure when the Federal Communications Commission got into the habit of tearing devices limb from limb after testing their wireless radiation levels, but we have to say we're loving the trend -- and there's quite nothing like peering into the juicy innards of a new Apple device. Here, the FCC got its greasy paws on the new Retina Display-packing iPod touch, aka "Apple A1367," and in the gallery below you can see exactly where Cupertino keeps that A4 processor, 3.44 watt-hour battery, internal antenna, and 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi. Read more at engadget.

LED-TVs Drive China DTV Market to Brighter Days.
In the first half of 2010, LED-backlit LCD-TVs gained significant popularity in the country as Chinese-based multinational electronics manufacturer Hisense as well as other worldwide OEMs introduced the new sets to the domestic market, according to China market research company iSuppli Corp.  Among the total shipments of leading companies, LED-TVs garnered 30 percent share during the first half of 2010 in China. iSuppli believes the market, driving the overall Chinese DTV space, will continue to expand until 2012 because of four reasons. Read the 4 reasons at isuppli.

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display alliance news 9.1.2010

LG Rolling Out New Smart TVs At IFA.
There is a war being waged by TV makers. A war against set-top boxes. See, TV makers like LG and Sony don’t want you going off and buying a Roku, or iTV, or what have you. So over the last couple years, they keep adding features to their TVs — apps, internet, weather, that kind of thing. LG’s latest, which it will be showing at IFA this next week, doesn’t look terribly different from the stuff we’ve seen from others, but the new control scheme might be fun. Read more at crunchgear.

To Win Over Users, Gadgets Have to Be Touchable.
Scientists and academics who study how we interact with technology say people often try to import those behaviors into their lives, as anyone who has ever wished they could lower the volume on a loud conversation or Google their brain for an answer knows well. But they say touching screens has seeped into people’s day-to-day existence more quickly and completely than other technological behaviors because it is so natural, intimate and intuitive. Read  the full article at nytimes.  

Zoom gets new backing for expanding digital footprint.
Dallas-based ORIX Venture Finance has provided what it calls debt financing – no numbers stated – to Zoom Media Group Inc. to let that Montreal media company expand its footprint and services in the US and Canada, particularly as it relates to digital displays. Zoom has been one of the most aggressive firms in the sector in expanding its digital presence directly and by acquiring other firms that fir the model. The company started putting posters in restaurants and bars in Montreal and Toronto, but now has a large US operation and has grown very active in the fitness club sector. Read dave Haynes full article at Sixteen:Nine.

Flextronics provides pay hike in southern China.
Singapore-based EMS provider Flextronics International has raised basic wages for employees at its production base in Zhuhai, southern China, from an average of 960 yuan (US$141) to 1,100, the same as paid in Shenzhen, where wage levels are the highest in southern China, according to Flextronics China vice president Fu Jun. The raise is expected to increase Flextronics' overall costs by about 2-5%, Fu pointed out. Sourced from digitimes.

CPT to adjust 70% capacity at 4.5G for touch panel production.
Taiwan-based TFT-LCD panel maker Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) will adjust 70% of the production capacity at its 4.5G line in northern Taiwan for producing touch sensors for projected capacitive touch panels, according to the company. Monthly shipments of touch senors are expected to increase to over three million units in the second half of 2010 from two million units currently, CPT noted. Read more at digitimes.

Seiko Epson Rolls Reflective High-temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD panel.
The LCD panel, which is targeted at the display elements of projectors, has a screen size of 0.74 inches and a pixel count of 1,920 x 1,080 (full HD). Seiko Epson has been mass-producing transmissive high-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panels and has already shipped 60 million units. This time, the company started the volume production of a reflective high-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panel for the first time in the world, it said. Read more at techon.

WSJ: Panasonic Says US Flat-Panel TV Sales Slowing.
OSAKA (Dow Jones)--Panasonic Corp.(6752.TO) said Tuesday it is seeing a sharp slowdown in U.S. flat-panel television sales, while also noting weak demand in both Europe and China, echoing a similarly bearish assessment of the market from rival Sony Corp. (6758.TO). Read more at wsjonline.

Think You’re Smarty Pants? Look Around, Get Smarter!

Mike Cearley of 11th Screen talks about what makes a company great. He says, Identify as many smart people around you, friends and/or co-workers, and talk to them.  Build a relationship with them.  Learn from them.  Smart people make smart people smarter.  And as I’ve said, before I yearn to learn.  It’s just amazing how much knowledge is usually right in front of us, in the places and the people we see on a regular basis.  Embrace it.  Learn from them.  Get smarter. Read more at 11thscreen.

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display alliance news 8.31.2010

ViewSonic ViewPad 7: The Android 2.2 Tablet That Thinks It’s A Phone.
Nicholas Deleon  of crunchgear talks about Viewsonics new tablet. He says, there’s sure to be a deluge of tablets coming out of this year’s IFA show in Berlin. I know I’ve written about the Samsung Galaxy approximately 8,000 times in the past few weeks! So, here’s another: the Viewsonic ViewPad 7. She’s an Android-based tablet, as so many are these days, and she had a 7-inch, 800-480 display. Why are these things popular again? Read Nicholas’ full article on crunchgear.

On the Tech Front: LG.
Ryan from ShopJimmy’s Blog tells us, it’s been awhile since I’ve covered developments in TV technology and manufacturing — mainly because I became weary of all the 3D clamor and giant blue creatures — but LG just announced the release of two new prototypes worth noting. The first is an 180-inch(!) plasma prototype. It would be the world’s largest plasma TV. LG didn’t divulge many details in their PR about the TV, but don’t clear an entire wall in your house for this monster anytime soon. Read more at shopjimmy.

China Electronics Export Market Down in June, Except for PCs.

China’s mobile handset and LCD-TV exports declined unexpectedly in June, as the handsets were negatively impacted by a government investigation and the televisions took a hit due to weak demand and rising inventory, according to China market research company iSuppli Corp. Exports of mobile handsets in June amounted to 59.5 million units, down 1 percent from 60 million in May. Meanwhile, total LCD-TV export shipments fell by 3 percent, declining to 4.3 million units, down from 4.4 million the previous month. Channel inventory in June rose compared to May because of weaker-than-expected sales. Read more at isuppli.

AUO hiking LED backlight proportion for notebook, monitor panels.
AU Optronics (AUO) is increasing its applications of LED backlights for its TFT-LCD panels used in notebooks and LCD monitors, with the LED backlight proportion for the former to be increased from 98% currently to 100% at the end of 2010 and the latter from 25% in the second quarter of 2010 to 100% in 2013, according to the company. Read more at digitimes.

Ideal Outdoor Display Areas.
Using outdoor TV screens brings real benefits to many businesses. Whatever message or information that you want to get across – more people will see it outside your premises than will inside. There are main two reasons why screens are placed outside premises: advertising – promoting their own or products or brand or those of an affiliate or third party; and information – providing news and event information. Outdoor TVs and outdoor digital signage are ideal for this because no matter how many people visit your premises each day, far more will walk past it. Read the full article at armagard.

Electronics contract manufacturers face supply chain pileup, says iSuppli.
Component shortages have led to a traffic pileup in the global electronics supply chain, with major contract manufacturers facing a challenging supply imbalance characterized by tight inventories of parts and finished products and a glut of raw materials, according to iSuppli. Read more at digitimes.

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Touch Screen Technologies for LCD Monitors

It’s well known that keyboards, mice and other pointing devices are impractical in certain environments. They are fragile, vulnerable to abuse, susceptible to liquid and dust contamination, and contribute to repetitive-motion injuries.

Touch screens offer ease of use, speed, accuracy, and negate the need to become proficient with a handheld device. General Digital™ offers the option of equipping your LCD monitor with a variety of touch technologies, such as:

Read more about touch screens for LCD monitors on General Digital’s web site.

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display alliance news 8.27.2010

iPod touch 4 LCD Display and Front Panel Assembly Video.

SmartPhoneMedic recently published a video on YouTube which compares the LCD display and front panel assembly of the unannounced iPod touch 4 with iPhone 4 and iPod touch 3rd gen. The new iPod touch 4 appears to be larger than the previous version and also has a hole on the front panel which indicates that it will certainly feature a front-facing camera. Sourced from touchreviews.

Philips to Sell LCD TV Business to TPV.
Dutch electronics giant Royal Philips Electronics plans to sell its LCD TV business in the Chinese market to Admiral Holdings Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed TPV Technology Limited, according to an announcement issued by TPV on Thursday. The two companies reached a letter of intention on the same day, under which TPV will be allowed to use the Philips brand for its TV products for 5 years. At the same time, the sales and distribution business of Philips TV in China including both its inventories and employees will be transferred to TPV, the First Financial Daily reports. Read more at crinordic.

Sprout Social Debuts Social Media Management Platform For Businesses.
The startup’s platform allows businesses to connect to customers and monitor key metrics and the overall competitive landscape using social media tools. The Sprout Social platform integrates with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn and Foursquare and includes lead generation, business intelligence, offer and promotion distribution services, as well as brand monitoring and analytics. Read more at techcrunch.

LG Display maintains plans for advanced panel production in China.
Although LGD is still waiting for approval from the China government for its plant project, the company indicated that it plans to invest US$4 billion to set up an 8.5G plant in Guangzhou, China for 32-, 47- and 55-inch TV panel production. Monthly capacity is designed at 120,000 substrates with mass production scheduled in the first quarter of 2012, the company added. Read the full article at digitimes.

Wintek signs patent licensing agreement with Seiko Epson.
Wintek has announced the signing of a patent cross licensing agreement with Japan-based Seiko Epson for LCD manufacturing.The agreement was signed on August 26, taking retroactive effect as of January 1, 2010, according to Wintek. Wintek noted that the licensing is mainly for the remaining patents of Seiko Epson for TFT and STN manufacturing. Seiko Epson in 2009 sold its TFT-LCD panel plant to Sony's small- to medium-size subsidiary, Sony Mobile Display (SMD). Sourced from digitmes.

New accounting rules in Taiwan to generate software/hardware demand valued at NT$70 billion.
As all of Taiwan-listed companies will be required to use IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) for accounting beginning 2013, they have to modify their existing accounting systems or introduce IFRS anew, which is expected to generate demand for IT software/hardware and consulting services with a market potential estimated at NT$70 billion (US$2.19 billion), according to the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Read more at digitimes.

Tight capacity keeps smartphone touch panel pricing high.
Although 3.5-inch capacitive touch panels have already been out for 3-4 years, prices of 3.5-inch applications for smartphones remain high at US$12-13 due to tight supply, according to market sources. The prices for 3.5-inch capacitive touch panels for smartphones in 2009 were US$11-12, lower than current prices, the sources noted. Sourced from digitimes.

A Summary of 4 Futuristic Display Technologies From Japan’s NTT on TechCrunch.

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The only Industrial Event exclusively targeting Touch Screen, China Touch Screen Exhibition& Conference ?

China International Touch Screen Exhibition (C-TOUCH), held twice a year with one in Shanghai in July and the other in Shenzhen in November since its inception in 2008, has come to be the top Touch Screen Industry show in Asia. Thanks to the rapid development of the Chinese communication and consumer electronic industry and our five-years-long experience in Electronic Industry Exhibition. C-Touch is enjoining an annual growth rate of over 30% by average for the last two years. More and more companies consider C-touch one of the most wanted annual Industry Event in world wide scope and many of them would consider it a most important sourcing platform .

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About Chris Sava

Industry Analyst - Display Alliance
In an effort to personally learn as much as possible about the display industry, reporting the industry news has become part of my daily routine. After obtaining degrees in both philosophy and writing (McDaniel College), and with several years of pavement-pounding sales experience, my goal is to bring some Zen to the industry news, and furthermore to grow Display Alliance into a valuable resource that the entire display industry can leverage. Eventually, I plan to post my own articles, offering insight and solutions to the LCD display industry.

Account Executive - Mass Integrated
As an account executive, I have a unique opportunity to report on the products and companies I work with; I sell a wide variety of display products, and am constantly on the lookout for new display products that Mass Integrated can distribute worldwide. My position as an account executive also keeps me tuned in to excess inventory that I can remarket on the web.

Personal Details
Growing up on the northeastern coast of Massachusetts, I have a wide range of interests: I find myself equally at home in the mountains, on the ocean, or in the city. I've always been passionate about technology and am interested in traveling to the places where I do business. If you are ever in the area, feel free to look me up.

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display alliance news 8.26.2010

Sharp slowing larger LCD panel production, but Sony to feel the squeeze.
Reports have surfaced that Sharp will be lowering the production capacity of its new Sakai LCD panel factory by 20 to 30 percent for the next two months, apparently in response to piling inventory in the US and China as production outpaced demand. Sharp however hasn't verified these claims and dutifully reiterated its expectations to meet sales forecasts for the fiscal year of 2010. Read the full article at engadget.

Outdoor Digital Signage in the UK – Grows to 12 percent of all outdoor advertising.
The outdoor digital signage market is growing strongly in the UK. In the second quarter of 2010 the industry is up 16.2 percent on the previous year, reports the Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA). The UK outdoor digital signage market is now contributing to 12.8 percent of the entire outdoor advertising sector making the United Kingdom one of the fastest growing areas in the industry. Read the full article here on DA.

3 Micron University of Michigan logo Demonstrates Advanced Display technology.
In a step toward more efficient, smaller and higher-definition display screens, a University of Michigan professor has developed a new type of color filter made of nano-thin sheets of metal with precisely spaced gratings. Conventional LCDs, or liquid crystal displays, are inefficient and manufacturing-intensive to produce. Only about 5 percent of their back-light travels through them and reaches our eyes, Guo said. They contain two layers of polarizers, a color filter sheet, and two layers of electrode-laced glass in addition to the liquid crystal layer. Chemical colorants for red, green and blue pixel components must be patterned in different regions on the screen in separate steps. Read the rest of this interesting article at shamskm.

Two new halls added for Integrated Systems Europe 2011.
Expansion into Halls 6 and 9 of Amsterdam RAI to cater for growing exhibitor demand. With bookings for the 2011 edition of Integrated Systems Europe running at record levels, organiser Integrated Systems Events has announced that the show will occupy an additional two halls at the Amsterdam RAI. The opening of Halls 6 and 9 gives ISE the chance to accommodate the varying needs of exhibitors who want to increase the amount of space they occupied in 2010, as well as companies who will be new to the event next year. Find out more about the trade show at iseurope.

Green Technology: New Recommendations Make It Easy To Be Green.
The Screen Forum this summer published a list of 12 steps it recommends those rolling out digital signage networks take to heart to minimize the environmental impact of their project. It might not be easy being green if you happen to be the CEO of British Petroleum in light of the Gulf oil disaster, but if you're responsible for a digital signage network being environmentally responsible has never been simpler thanks to the Screen Forum. Read more about the Screen Forum.

Inside Sharp's new LCD factory, we can see our next HDTV from here.
The path back to LCD leadership for Sharp begins at its just opened Sakai City manufacturing facility. Being a 10th generation facility means it can roll out more and bigger displays, producing six 60-inch LCDs from each glass substrate, 60% more than older 8g facilities. Read the full article at engadget.

Large-area LCD panel shipments go down in July amid lower monitor, PC demand.

According to Displaybank, the month of July has seen manufacturers ship 52.61 million large-area TFT-LCD panels - down 8% compared to June. Revenue also slipped sequentially and reached $6.5 billion this past month, the reason for this performance being a drop in demand from monitor and PC makers. Read the full article at pcmagazine.


Outdoor Digital Signage in the UK – Grows to 12 percent of all outdoor advertising

The UK outdoor digital signage market is now contributing to 12.8 percent of the entire outdoor advertising sector making the United Kingdom one of the fastest growing areas in the industry.

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display alliance news 8.25.2010

Samsung still leads in LCD HDTV shipments, with Vizio close behind. LG moves up, while Sharp dips further.
Samsung continues to be the leading LCD HDTV shipper in the United States, claiming 19.7 percent of the market in the second quarter of 2010, according to market research firm iSuppli. The former leader, Vizio, is closing the gap, while Sony remains a distant third. Two trends that will probably continue: buyers gravitating more toward LED-backlit sets (a 5-percent jump from the first quarter) and more new HDTVs connected to the Internet (roughly 32 percent overall). Read the full article at zdnet.

Taiwan's Chimei steps up patents battle with Sony.
Taiwanese flat-screen maker Chimei Innolux Corp., an affiliate of technology giant Foxconn, said Wednesday it had filed more patent infringement lawsuits against Sony in the United States and China. The company said it hoped to halt Sony's sales and shipments of the Playstation 3 game console, Bravia LCD television, Vaio notebook computer and Cybershot digital camera using the suits filed to the US International Trade Commission and the Delaware Federal District Court. Read the full article here.

Corning upgraded at Oppenheimer; analyst sees bottom to stock's slide.
With worries of an oversupply in the LCD TV supply chain likely at a peak, it is time for investors to snap up specialty glass maker Corning Inc., says an Oppenheimer analyst. Over the past few weeks, analysts have been sounding the alarm on an excess of inventory at LCD TV manufacturers, a factor that could cause slower revenue growth for suppliers such as Corning. Read the full article at canadianbusiness.

It’s All for Sony? AUO and Wistron to Establish a JV for LCM in China.
On August 20 2010 AUO and Wistron announced the establishment of a joint venture for  TFT LCD panel module manufacturing in Zhongshan, China. Total investment in the JV, tentatively named Zhongshan BriVision Optronics Corporation, is expected to be limited to $10 million; AUO will own 51% and Wistron will hold 49%. Read the full article at DispaySearchBlog.

China market: 32-inch segment takes 41% of TV panel shipments in 2Q10, says WitsView.
The 32-inch segment accounted for 41% of the total LCD TV panel shipments in China in the second quarter of 2010, followed by the 26-inch segment with 15%, according to WitsView. In the global TV panel market, the 32-inch segment also ranked first with a 44% share in the second quarter, followed by the 40- to 42-inch segment with 21%. Read the full article at digitmes.


It's not worth it, put down the misleading information!

This morning I posted an excerpt from a press release on marketwire. I did so, admittedly, without fully digesting the article. I then came across a reaction to it on Dave Haynes blog, Sixteen:Nine. According to the press release, Convenience TV moved to the No. 1 market share spot in the “video advertising market” on Monday by reaching it’s millionth customer. They did so soon after installing only their 28th display.  Dave points out how misleading this article is. Read it once and you can tell why.

My goal is to offer valuable information to the display industry via news feeds by scouring the Internet for relevant, new, and interesting articles. Perhaps in my haste to post the newest information I neglected to, well, read the article  thoroughly. If ever I make a post that doesn’t offer remarkable value to the display industry, or completely miss something worth having a laugh at, please please please let me know. I’m a sales guy breaking my way into the blogging world, so a little critique is well within my acceptable pain tolerance.