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146-inch 3D 4K 4K2K 8K ACEP Amazon AMOLED AMS767KC04-1 Anti-reflective Apple Apple Watch AR AUO Automotive Automotive Displays Avionic Avionics Backlight Belkin Blue phase LCD Blue Wave Semiconductor Blue Wave Semiconductors BOE burn-in Buyer Capacitive touch CCFL CES CGS children China Circular LCD Clothing OLED CMI Corning CRT Curved Digital signage Display Dynamic Range E Ink EE Ink Eink Electrofluidic imaging Electronics Electrowetting End-of-life EOL notice E-paper Fingerprint sensor Flexible Flexible display Flexible OLED Flexi-LCD Force Touch Foxconn Gesture recognition Glossy displays Google Glass Gorilla Glass Graphene HannStar Haptography HD Head-mounted display Heads up display High End Panels HKC Holograph Hot Offer Huawei Human Machine Interface Hybrid IGZO In-cell touch Industrial display InFocus Infrared Innolux Interactive iPad iPhone iPhone X IPS ITO ITRI Japan Japan Display JBD Kindle large-size LCD LCD LCD iPhone LCD Prices LED LG LTPS Market Mate 20 Medical Micro LED Microdisplay MicroLED Micro-LED Micro-LED TV microsoft Military Military displays Mini LED Monochromatic Multitouch Nano Cell Technology Nanowire News Roundup OFET OLED Organic Semiconductors Panasonic Paperwhite Patents PCAP Philips PHOLED Phone Pixels Plasma Plastic Logic PlayNitride Plessey Polarizer POLED POS Screen Projected capacitive Projector QLED Quantum dots Rugged display Samsung Sapphire Seren Sharp SID SmartKen Smartwatch Solar Solar-Tectic Sony South Korea Stereoscopy Stocks Substrate Sunlight readable Tactile Taiwan Tariff TCL Technology TFT Tianma TN touch Touchscreen Trade War Transparent TV Ultra-High Resolution Ultrastable Films unbreakable undefined US Video wall Virtual Reality VR Vuzix Wearable

The Flat Panel Display News Source 3.20.2012

Applied Materials BlogCUTTING-EDGE LCDS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW "he display industry is in the middle of one of the most significant technical transitions of the last 20 years and it is also mostly invisible to the average consumer. It has all to do with the advances taking place in transistors – the electronic switches that control the display’s picture, providing clarity and crisp imagery." via Applied Materials

Southern Products, Inc. Ships Nine New Models of LED/LCD Televisions to Fry's Electronics "Southern Products (OTCBB: SNPD), a new manufacturer of "Assembled in the USA" flat-panel televisions announced today that it has commenced shipping a full line of nine new model LED and LCD flat panel televisions to the 34 Fry's Electronics retail stores throughout the USA." via PRNewsWire

Digital Displays Explained "Super AMOLED. PenTile. LED. IPS. Super-IPS. Some of the hyped items are legitimate descriptions of new technologies, and some of them are just marketing buzzwords for minor tweaks. This guide will help you better understand how digital display technologies work, and what some of the major terms mean." via PCWorld Introduces a New 21.5" Marine / All-Weather, Widescreen, HD, Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor "The SVM-2150W 21.5" marine / all weather LCD monitor was designed utilizing LED backlighting for optimal energy efficiency while still delivering up to 1,000 Nits (Cd/m2) of pure brightness. The wide-view LCD operates in a 16:9 aspect ratio while delivering full 1080p HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Front mounted controls include, menu, brightness, contrast, night mode, input select, up/down and picture-in-picture. Resistive Touch Screen comes standard with USB connectivity." via STEALTH

Corning to Showcase Advanced Glass Innovations at FPD China 2012 "For example, Gorilla Glass, which is currently used by 33 major brands, designed into more than 600 product models, and featured on more than 600 million devices worldwide, helps meet the demand for durable display glass. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 is the next generation of the popular damage-resistant cover glass for consumer electronic devices enabling up to a 20% reduction in cover glass thickness." via Corning

Focus Media Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results "Total net revenue for full year 2011 was $792.6 million, an increase of 54% from $516.3 million for full year 2010 which aggregate net revenue from the LCD display network, in-store network, poster frame network and movie theater network was $737.0 million, representing an increase of 55% from $475.4 million for full year 2010" via FocusMedia

Apple: We Just Sold Three Million iPads "In an announcement published moments ago, the company said that it has sold 3 million new iPads since the device’s launch last Friday." via AllThingsD

Sharp working to ship new iPad panels after delay "Sharp Corp. is trying to begin shipments of its delayed new display panels for tablet computers "as soon as possible," the company's incoming president said Monday." via MarketWatch

Chinese iPad User Proves That The New iPad Can Be Almost Too Hot to Hold "There have been several reports about some new iPad owners are finding that their tablets suffer from a serious overheating issue during typical usage. Today, a Chinese user proved it with a professional procedure that the new iPad is far hotter than previous iPads – literally – and can be uncomfortable to use." via MICgadget


The Flat Panel Display News Source 3.15.2012

LCD touchscreen elevator panel wins Good Design Award "The touchscreen replaces traditional mechanical buttons, offering elevator passengers a new, interactive experience. Featuring a full-colour LCD screen, the T2 is a totally software-customisable and vandal-proof product, and is said to be an attractive and versatile solution for every building owner wishing to extend their interior design into their elevators with an added level of sophistication." via Architecture&Design

Cleaning the Mean Screen a.k.a. How to Clean an LCD Monitor 101 "Finally, all that is left is the execution of this endeavor. After folding the lint-free wipes in half twice, spray the wipe with the cleaner. Never spray the screen directly. You’ll want to lightly wipe the screen from top to bottom. Because the height of the screen is a shorter distance than the width, you are less likely to re-deposit debris onto the screen. Also, you’ll want to wipe the screen at a rate that is slow enough to wipe away any foreign particles but fast enough not to leave smudges in its wake." via DisplayAlliance

IPAD RETINA DISPLAY: SAMSUNG LTN097QL01-A02 "iFixit tore down the new iPad and found a Samsung LTN097QL01-A02." via DisplayBlog

iFixit begins disassembling the new iPad, reveals Samsung-built LCD and processor on board "We knew it was coming, but iFixit has finally received a shiny new iPad (with LTE) to dissect. That teardown is going on right now — we're looking forward to finding out for sure that the new iPad includes 1GB of RAM (though benchmarks have already tipped us off to that), and iFixit already believes that the LCD is made by Samsung, based on the model numbers." via TheVerge

Global Flat Panel Displays Market to Reach US$110 Billion by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. "Major players in the marketplace include AU Optronics Corp., Clover Display Limited, Chimei Innolux Corporation, Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd., Densitron Technologies PLC, Emerging Display Technologies Corp., Hantronix Inc., HannStar Display Corp., LG Display Co., Ltd., Microtips Technology Inc., Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd., Powertip Technology Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd., Universal Display Corporation, Viewsonic Corporation, among others." via SFGate

TPK to start volume production of Touch on Lens panels in July "Based on TPK's roadmap, the company aims to roll out two million small-size as well as 500,000 medium-size ToL panels a month initially, said Chiang, adding that TPK has landed orders for small-size ToL panels from two clients, while waiting for verification for the medium-size models from two other clients." via DigiTimes

Digital Signage Networks Average 12.4 Employees: Survey "In our 2009 Digital Signage Pricing Study, we determined that the "average" 100-screen network takes somewhere between 7 and 15 people to run, with an average of around 9 people. Then, in our 2010 Digital Signage Pricing Study, we left the average headcount at 9, but slightly upped the average salary for these personnel to $52.5K, reflecting an across-the-board increase of 5%" via WireSpring


The Display Industry News Source 3.07.2012

Visit Kiosks4Business at the Retail Business Technology Expo "This year Kiosk4Business will be attending to debut some of their newest kiosk designs including the contemporary Okul and the newest member of the family, Nixi. Nixi is a very versatile micro kiosk which is available as desk or wall mounted. Nixi small kiosks start at screen sizes of just 10in up to 15in for but still have many of the features you would expect of a cutting edge design with options for RFID, Barcode scanner, printing and much more." via DisplayAlliance

APPLES NEW IPAD HAS A IPS-LCD RETINA WITH 2048×1536 RESOLUTION "Apples called his IPAD -> The new Ipad <- Retina with 2048×1536 resolution a new LCD-IPS LCD Retina Display with 2048×1536 resolution and 44 percent greater colour saturation and a A5X quad core graphics processor. The iPad has 3.1 million pixels with 264ppi." via OLED-Display

TPK February revenues down 9% on-month "According to TPK chairman Chao-Juei Chiang, Windows 8 can extend touch applications to notebooks, all-in-one (AIO) computers and other consumer electronics. This will also increase the size of touch panels from 3.5-inch to 10-, 15-, 22- and 32-inch models. TPK has been eager to expand product lines to cover digital cameras and gaming devices." via DigiTimes

AU Optronics, LG to make panels for iPad mini "AU Optronics and LG will make LCD panels for a 7.85in iPad that Apple will launch in the third quarter of 2012, according to reports...The report also claims that it will be Pegatron, not Foxconn that assembles the units for Apple." via Macworld

ViewSonic Spotlights Ultra Narrow 55" LCD Commercial Display and Network Media Player During DSE 2012 "The new CDX5550-L 55" slim bezel display targets the video wall industry, providing high definition brightness at 700 nits and a color contrast ratio of up to 4000:1, ensuring viewers receive beautiful HD images. The energy saving LED backlight and multiple video inputs (HDMI, VGA, DVI, S-Video, YPbPr and CVBS) provide bold picture quality. The display also features Intel's OPS slot for easy integration with any OPS compatible media player." via Technology-Digital

Shipments of 3D LCD TV Panels Reach 21M in 2011, Reaching 10% Penetration "Shipments of 3D LCD TV panels spiked to 7.8 million in Q411, up 26% Q/Q. As a result, total 3D TV panel shipments in 2011 reached 21.2 million, accounting for 10% of all LCD TV panels shipped According to the NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Large-Area TFT LCD Shipment Report Advanced LED + 3D, panel makers are targeting very strong growth of 138% for 2012, which would lead to 3D LCD TV panel shipments of 50 million units, for a penetration rate of 21.6% of all LCD TV panel shipments." via ECN


The Display Industry News Source 2.24.2012

A Tale of Two Displays "Our fine friends at Macrumors sent us a special little something in the mail the other day – the same purported iPad 3 screen with which they confirmed the existence of a “Retina” display! Since they had no means of hooking up the LCD to an iPad 2, we investigated the issue a bit further and saw if we could get their LCD running on the current-gen iPad." via iFixit

LED-Backlit Units Made Up 52% Of LCD TV Shipments In Q4’11 "The penetration ratio of LED backlighting on LCD televisions has increased significantly over the past couple of years, having increased from just 4 percent in January 2010 to 32 percent in January 2011, and then to 54 percent in December 2011. Over the course of last year, the overall number of LED LCD TVs shipped came in at 89.7 million units, contributing to an estimated 44 percent of LCD TV shipment." via HDTVtest

Some LCD panel prices trending up, says AUO executive "Panels that have received price hikes include 24-inch monitor and TV panels, and 40- and 42-inch TV panels, Peng indicated, but added that downward pressure on prices of 32-inch TV panels is mounting due to capacity ramps by China-based makers." via DigiTimesDisplays

Samsung Settles Lawsuit, Will Repair Certain TV Models "Samsung Electronics America (SEA) issued a notice Thursday that it has agreed to offer free repairs to Oklahoma residents who purchased certain LCD, Plasma, and DLP TVs from the company that have malfunctioned due to capacitor issues." via PCMAG

Demand for auto displays to grow nearly 50% by 2015, says DisplaySearch "As flat panel displays become more prevalent in applications such as navigation, multi-functional in-console monitors and rear seat entertainment, shipments for the automotive segment are forecast to grow from 42 million units in 2011 to 62 million in 2015, according to DisplaySearch." via DigiTimesDisplays


The Display Industry News Source 2.21.2012


WHY CINQ "Using CINQ with your laptop gives you more room to work and improves your productivity instantly! Don’t believe us? Research studies have proven that using a second monitor increases productivity by as much as 50%. HD 720p is delivered via DisplayLink’s processor. The Dual Core Decode Engine and 2nd Generation DL2+ Lossless Graphics Compression allows a crisp, clear viewing experience for all your HD content." via MYCINQ

2011 LARGE-AREA TFT LCD SHIPMENTS "The next portion of the announcement I have a problem with is unit shipments. In the case of a ‘large-area’ unit shipment, a unit can be a 55-inch LCD TV panel or a 9.7-inch iPad panel. The difference between one million 55-inch LCD TV panels versus one million 9.7-inch iPad panels is big. A unit is not a unit is not a unit. Without a detailed breakdown in size a lump sum unit shipment number means very little." via DisplayBlog

Panel Price Erosion and Tablet Panel Demand Impact TFT LCD Market Dynamics "Two trends are emerging for large-area TFT LCD panel shipments: tablet PC panels are the fastest growing segment for large-area displays, and ongoing panel price erosion is impacting revenues and profitability." via ECN

Taiwan stocks open lower, Chimei Innolux down "Taiwan stocks opened down 0.17 percent on Wednesday, dragged by LCD makers, with Chimei Innolux Corp tumbling 5.6 percent after a report that it has about T$50-60 billion ($1.69-2.03 billion) in debt in China, raising concern over its repayment ability in Taiwan." via Reuters

Samsung Spins Off LCD Business to Concentrate on OLEDs "Independent operation as a company specializing in display panels going forward, is expected to enable Samsung LCD business to achieve continuous growth by strengthening its competitiveness based on the select and focus strategy and taking an advantageous position in the future display market ahead of competitors; reinforce its technological competitiveness; enhance speed in investment/strategic decision-making process; and establish autonomous and responsible management." via Xbitlabs

The Advanced Role of Professional Displays in Healthcare: Panasonic Looks at the Big Picture "The white paper "Digital Concierge: Flat Panel Display Technologies In Hospital Settings Serve As Ubiquitous Point Of Interaction Among Patients, Families, Healthcare Professionals And Hospital Administration," highlights the growing market and application examples for professional display technology in healthcare. The study, authored by BizTechReports, found growing evidence that taking a strategic and integrated approach to deploying a professional display solution, in tandem with other clinical and digital signage applications, creates a real value proposition for hospitals and healthcare facilities." via MarketWatch

Digital Signage Content: Integrating Social Media Can Garner Attention and Build Interest "Could designating on-screen real estate of a digital sign to a special Facebook page, give a business owner a way to help patrons connect with one another on screen and in so doing cut through the noise, attract the attention of customers and promote goods or services in other zones on the sign?" via DisplayAlliance


The Display Industry News Source 2.13.2012

Via TheVerge

Foxconn factories under inspection by the Fair Labor Association, at Apple's request "Foxconn isn't the only factory under scrutiny, as well: more inspections will be conducted at Quanta and Pegatron facilities later in the spring. When all is said and done, the FLA will have reviewed more than 90 percent of Apple's manufacturing facilities — the question now is what will Apple change in response to these reports." via TheVerge

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 (7.0) "The 1024×600 pixel format seems weak; I was expecting new 7-inch tablets to shift to 1280×800 in light of the larger 10-inch versions moving to 1920×1080. If Apple comes out with an iPad 3 with a Retina display and drops the price of the iPad 2, I’m fairly certain this Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) will have a hard time competing." via DisplayBlog

iPad 3's rumored parts fit together perfectly: case, connector, and Sharp QXGA display "With a steady drip of possible iPad 3 components leaking out, iLab has gotten hold of a back casing, 30-pin dock connector and a Sharp panel said to have an QXGA resolution which are all rumored to be a part of Apple's next tablet. The Japanese repair shop showed off the Sharp display last week, saying it had a 2048 x 1536 resolution which would give the new tablet a pixel density of 264ppi — not quite the 330ppi of the iPhone 4's Retina Display, but still a dramatic step up over the iPad and iPad 2." via TheVerge

Atmel Introduces LED Driver That Enhances LCD TV Picture Quality, Eliminates 3D Ghosting, Enriches Video Gaming "Historically, TV OEMs have had to calculate the appropriate parameters to effectively illuminate a desired area in the backlight of a display. LED drivers would generate algorithms to set the appropriate string phase to optimize synchronization of the backlight to the LCD panel. Often, OEMs had to perform additional calculations to adjust the string phrase to ensure that the backlight was properly synchronized within the frame refresh. The MSL2164 and the MSL2166, with multiple pulse width modulation (PWM) modes—including forward, inverse, trailing and center—reduce design complexity because the timing algorithms are integrated into the devices." via TheSacramentoBee

Global LCD TV unit demand to grow in 2012 "Emerging markets will continue to drive this growth, which will be offset by sluggish demand across developed regions. Plasma TV demand is forecast to further shrink as LCD TVs become more competitive in the large-size segment." via GFKRT

Nam Tai Electronics Turns To Loss In Q4 - Quick Facts "In the fourth quarter of 2011, the company almost completed its first project which involved investing about $70 million in LCD module manufacturing equipment and facilities in the Wuxi site. The capacity expansion resulting from the company's investment program in this project may be completed by the first quarter 2012 end. Mass production of this project had been delayed until March 2012." via NASDAQ


The Display Industry News Source 1.17.2012

Surface 2.0 -- giant, interactive table -- now being shipped "The $8,400 table ($9,049 including stand) that can also be mounted on the wall is being targeted to hospitality and retail ndustries. It has a touch-sensitive, 40-inch LCD screen that can see and sense whatever's on it, recognizing up to 50 points of simultaneous touch and multiple users (rather than just the typical one user a tablet recognizes)." via TheSeattleTimes

General Digital's 15" XGA LED/NVIS Display "General Digital has taken NEC’s very impressive 15" Super-Transmissive Natural Light TFT and done the impossible—we have made it better! GDC began by replacing the four cold cathode fluorescent lamps which comprise the OEM backlight with two of our proprietary NVIS / high brightness LED rails. The conversion to LED technology not only makes the solution greener (no mercury content), but it also improves the luminance efficiency, and provides full NVIS compatibility. The General Digital-enhanced 90-4150-002 display produces nearly twice the brightness (1000 nits) as the OEM configuration (NL10276BC30-18C) while consuming similar power (15 watts)." via DisplayAllianceOpen

Flat-panel displays-Cracking up "When flat-panel televisions began to take off in 2002, they were a money-maker. By 2004 firms like Samsung and Sharp were earning profit margins of 10-15% a year—among the best returns in the consumer-electronics business. One reason for the windfall may have been price-fixing between 2001-06, for which many LCD makers were fined in America, Europe and elsewhere. The rosy picture changed after 2006 when many new factories came online, expanding capacity dramatically." via TheEconomist

Keywest Technology Recommends First Step to a Successful Digital Signage Campaign "The use of digital signage is varied and diverse, which means the background, knowledge and skill brought to creating content to be delivered via this powerful medium is just as diverse and varied." via DisplayAllianceOpen

Kyocera to Acquire 100% Ownership of OPTREX Corp. "Kyocera Corporation has announced that it has completed a share transfer agreement with three investment funds operated by Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. to acquire all shares of Optrex Corporation — a specialized manufacturer of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and related products — in order to further strengthen and expand its LCD and touchscreen panel businesses. Effective February 1, 2012, Optrex will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera Corporation." via InformationDISPLAY

Kiosks4business Produce New Small Micro Kiosks for Retail "Kiosks4business designers have created a contemporary new range of Micro Kiosks under the name of Nixi. Nixi kiosks are designed for applications where space is limited and can be wall mounted or desk mounted. The design and features make Nixi represent a real alternative to using consumer products such as Ipads and other tablet devices. With Nixi, power and networking connections are hidden so no need for external power supplies." via DisplayAllianceOpen

Samsung to start producing 46-inch transparent LCD "'The transparent LCDs are products that contain limitless potential as they could be named the next-generation display technology,' said a Samsung official. 'Through our lineup of transparent displays, we plan to create a new market and make it our new growth engine that could drive up the globally sluggish LCD industry.'" via TheKoreaHerald

WHY ANDROID SMARTPHONES ARE BIGGER THAN THE IPHONE "When the 960×640 3.5-inch Retina Display was introduced with the iPhone 4, the rest of the smartphone industry had to do something about it. At the time most of the competition was at 800×480 on displays much larger. With the Retina Display Apple shifted the focus of attention on a smartphone display to resolution, specifically to a resolution threshold of about 300 ppi on a smartphone that’s used at a distance of about 12 inches." via Display Blog


The Display Industry News Source 1.13.2012

via TheVergeThe best of Samsung's 2012 TV lineup: 75-inch Series 8 LED, 55-inch OLED, and 4K prototype display "The Series 7 and Series 8 TVs also support the new smart evolution upgrade kit, though we still were unable to get a look at the port itself. There was also a prototype of Samsung's 70-inch 4K by 2K ultra high definition display. There's no word on when this might hit the market, but the rest of Samsung's displays (minus the OLED) should hit the market sometime in Q1." via TheVerge

Flat Panel Displays-Michigan Engineering Online Learning "If you are interested in learning about the technology of flat panel displays in consumer electronics and the automotive industry, this is the class for you! It is uniquely multidisciplinary and offers specialized knowledge that will help you make good choices as a consumer—or will give you an advantage in your professional and marketing career." via

Portwell Announces New All-in-one In-vehicle Turnkey Telematics Solution with 8˝ touch screen and One-Key-Recovery "Featuring the peace-of-mind of One-Key-Recovery, the new PTH-2080A in-vehicle telematics platform integrates the vehicle’s engine data, location information, video images and sensed data, then transmits it to a control center at a remote site via its embedded communications module. PTH-2080A features an 8-inch display that uses 4-wire resistive LCD touchscreen technology for ease of use and simplifies data reading and operation during driving." via DisplayAllianceOpen

Samsung Re-enters the Japanese TV Market "Given the fact that the flat panel TV boom is over in Japan, and that Japan is a market where foreign brands don’t have much room to play, it is interesting to see that Samsung is planning on re-entering the Japanese TV market. What might be driving Samsung to do this?" via FlatVisionIndustryNews

LCD, LED segment is growing consistently: MIRC Electronics "The LCD, LED segment is showing consistent growth. Yes, more costs have to be passed on to the consumer in the coming months. So, all of us are pensive about how this would impact the consumer demand because another 4-5% price hike may result in some kind of a consumer demand slowing down." via moneycontrol

Latest iPad 3 rumor: LG, Samsung will build its screen, not Sharp "What that means is Sharp’s IGZO technology will not be powering the rumored retina display with 2,048×1,536 resolution. That tech, which uses indium, gallium and zinc, could have potentially made the iPad thinner, but perhaps it had yield issues that led Apple to keep using IPS technology for its screen." via ZDNet

Shipments of 9.7-inch iPad panels to top over 65 million units in 2012, says DisplaySearch "Shipments of 9.7-inch flat panels for iPads are expected to top over 65 million units in 2012 compared to 48 million units shipped in 2011, DisplaySearch has estimated." via DigitimesDisplays


The Display Industry News Source 1.09.2012

via PCWorld

MultiTaction 55-inch Multi-Touch Display Can Track Hundreds of Fingers "A key problem with touch displays is the detrimental effects of extraneous ambient light, he said. Another MultiTouch technology, Hybrid Tracking, combats this problem by alternating between tracking reflections and tracking shadows, a technique which ignores most external lighting, according to the company." via PCWorld

LG Spectrum: 4.5-inch IPS LCD pips Retina Display PPI count, borders on Galaxy Nexus size "Its also got a massive PPI (pixels per inch) count, packing in more detail than an iPhone Retina Display across a larger area. That said, we’re sure that your average pair of eyes won’t be able to notice much of a difference between the iPhone 4 / 4S’s 326 PPI and the Spectrum’s 329 PPI." via recombu

AIS Offers a 20.1” Rugged Rack Mounted LCD Display for Military, Naval Combat, Army and Airborne Applications "American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier and manufacturer of a 20.1” rugged rack mount LCD display (1600x1200 UXGA), which is designed to perform in harsh environments and extreme conditions for specific naval combat, army and airborne applications." via mfrtech

SunBrite announces Signature line of outdoor LCD TVs, let you get your real housewives fix rain or shine "The televisions are built to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at them thanks to a high-impact resin exterior and dual cooling fans robust enough for the TVs to handle temperatures as low as 10 below or as high as 122 degrees. Called the Signature line, there are 55-inch, 46-inch, and 32-inch models that do 1080p and come with the standard array of connections: HDMI, component A/V, S-Video, composite video, and VGA." via engadget

WOLED "A WOLED display generates color by using a color filter. The downside of using a color filter is light absorption of about 70% on a typical LCD. LGE’s announcement mentions “4-Color Pixels” and I believe that’s code for RGBW. This is not implemented at the OLED level but only at the color filter level. The white is absolutely necessary because a 55-inch WOLED TV will require a tremendous amount of power to generate enough brightness that is equivalent to a 55-inch LCD TV." via DisplayBlog

Intel including touch screen capabilities in future ultrabooks "Despite some thoughts that raising your arm to touch a laptop screen wouldn't be ergonomic, Intel's done testing that shows people don't mind. Given the expanded touch capabilities built into Windows 8, we wouldn't be surprised to see this technology make it into consumer's hands sometime this year, but Intel didn't say when these models might be available." via TheVerge

ComQi Builds “Magical” Mirrors Into Offer "The technology and concept is actually more than a decade old, with its roots in the Interactive Institute Stockholm, in Sweden. This version of it was developed in conjunction with the Creative Advisor Group, an Interactive Institute Stockholm spin-off. The app has been configured to run on ComQi’s EnGage digital signage platform." via SixteenNine


The Display Industry News Source 1.02.2012

via GagdetWiki

Transparent LCD Displays from Samsung "In our quest for sustainable development, energy-saving gadgets play an important role...That is why Samsung’s new technology of a transparent LCD display is a milestone. Unlike conventional LCD displays that rely on a back-light unit (BLU), Samsung’s 46 inch LTI460AP01 Transparent LCD display uses ambient light sources such as indoor lighting and sunlight." via GadgetWiki

Apple reportedly using new display tech for iPad 3 "Supply chain reports released on Friday indicate that Apple will opt for indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) instead of in-plane switching (IPS) display panels for its upcoming iPad 3. The change would provide benefits in terms of energy consumption, cost reduction and improved resolution." via GigaOM

Core Systems Releases New 2U Rackmount Dual 19" LCD Display "The new 2U dual screen rackmount LCD features side-by-side 19” LCDs in an ultra short depth of 20”. The all-aluminum construction provides for a sturdy light weight chassis. Each 19” LCD screen offers a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, a color depth of 16.7 million colors, and a contrast ratio of 500:1. The MLD1920-RDS features an integrated kill switch for all electronics, dual thumb screw locks and integrated heavy duty friction slide rails." via PRWeb

TV Makers Planning New Sizes and Backlights for 2012 "The new sizes will include 36.5-inch W, 39-inch W, 43-inch W, 48-inch W, and 50-inch W. There will also be new backlight designs, including direct-type LED backlights, thick backlights, and scanning backlights." via tom'sGUIDE

Taiwan flat panel production value tops NT$1.39 trillion in 2011, says PIDA "The production value of TFT LCD panels produced by Taiwan flat panel makers totaled NT$1.39 trillion (US$45.89 billion) in 2011, including NT$797 billion for large-size panels and NT$241.8 billion for small- to medium-size panels, according to an estimate of the Taiwan Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA)." via DigitimesDisplays

2012 Should Be Another Banner Year for HD "Also setting the pace has been the sale of HD televisions – particularly flat-screen LCD sets. Spurred by rapidly dropping prices, sales are up almost 48%, according to NPD. While the China and other parts of the world are quickly adopting 3D-HD technology, North Americans are opting to upgrade to larger, cheaper HD sets and also buying their second or third HD screen." via Technorati

Kyocera offers lifetime LCD supply "A lifetime supply of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) is being guaranteed to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by Kyocera Corp., which recently extended its acquisition of LCD and touchscreen suppliers by purchasing Optrex Corp." via rdfdesignline


The Display Industry News Source 12.29.2011

via Wintek

Touchscreens adopt on-cover over in-cell LCD "Vendors worldwide are being pressured by smartphone and tablet makers to quickly integrate touch into the display itself, using in- or on-cell sensors, but slow development has prompted add-on touchscreen vendors to offer interim sensor-on-cover, touch-on-lens, and similar one-glass solutions, at least for 2012." via EETimes

Kyocera To Buy LCD Maker Optrex "Through the acquisition, Kyocera aims to strengthen and expand its LCD and touchscreen business. Optrex will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera, effective February 1, 2012." via RTTNews

8000 Strike At Nanjing LG Display Plant "The reason for the strike: year-end bonuses. Modularizing LCD panels is labor intensive, so LCD manufacturers rushed into China to set up LCD module factories. I gather from this strike cost has been increasing for some time. At some point companies will look to mechanized labor as a solution." via DisplayBlog

Sony Exits S-LCD Panel Venture "After Samsung Buyout Korean technology giant Samsung has announced that it is buying out Sony’s entire stake in their LCD joint venture, and will pay the equivalent of £600 million for the latter’s share. For the past seven years, Sony’s television business has been making a loss, and the agreement has been reached as Sony restructures its TV operations." via HDTVtest

Android Handset’s Display Resolution Improved Using LCD Resolution App "With the LCD Resolution app, which has been developed by Wemobs Labs, you can “force” the display resolution of your Android phone to be better than what it was shipped with. The app just changes the pixel density and it will appear like you have changed the display resolution." via MobileMagazine

AUO, CMI to introduce AMOLED panels in 2012 "Taiwan-based panel makers AU Optronics (AUO) and Chimei Innolux (CMI) will both introduce AMOLED panel products in 2012 to compete against Korean rivals who have been dominating the market for a technology that poses a strong challenge to TFT LCD in the display market." via DigitimesDisplays


The Display Industry News Source 12.20.2011

Nook teardown by iFixit

Nook Tablet Teardown "A closer look at one of the ribbon cables reveals a FocalTech FT5406EE8 Capacitive Touch Panel Controller. Ready for more shocking similarities to the Kindle Fire? The Nook Tablet’s 7″ IPS display also runs at a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and produces the same 16 million colors. Unreal!" via iFixit

LTPS, IGZO backplane production to surge 150% in 2012, says DisplaySearch "The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets has made high performance TFT technologies, particularly LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) and IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide), critical to production of the high resolution displays used by these devices. These TFT technologies employ high mobility semiconductor materials, which allow panel manufacturers to shrink TFT dimensions and increase light transmission. LCDs with greater than 230 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution, such as Apple's Retina Display, are enabled by high transmission because it minimizes power consumption, allowing mobile devices to run longer without recharging." via DigitimesDisplays

MagnaChip to supply WVGA AMOLED driver ICs for multiple Windows phones "MagnaChip announced that they are providing 480X800 AMOLED display driver ICs for multiple Microsoft Windows-based smartphones. The company didn't say which companies they are supplying to, although it's probably Samsung." via OLED-Info

Wintek Eyes AMOLED Biz "The shipment of OGS (One Glass Solution) touch panels is expected to surge in 2012, and Wintek Corp.`s OGS products have been adopted by some international smartphone vendors in their new models, according to Wintek chairman Hyley Huang...To cash in on the boom in the AMOLED (double-emission active matrix organic light-emit diode) market, Wintek has tied up with Chinese partner Tianma Micro-electronics Co., whose 5.5th-generation (5.5G) low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) factory is scheduled to kick off volume production in 2013." via CENS

NBC Selling Other Half Of NYC Taxi Fleet’s Screens "VeriFone Systems, Inc. and NBCUniversal have announced “a significant long-term strategic and advertising sales agreement” that puts news, information and entertainment programming in more than 12,000 taxi cabs, including 6,800 in the New York fleet." via SixteenNine

Little iPads, Little Pixels, And Resolution Independence (An Apple Rumor Medley) "Earlier this week a little bird told Digitimes that the upcoming redesign of the MacBook Pro won’t simply be thinning down the body, but will upgrade the displays to a mind-blowing 2880×1800 resolution. And then just today there has been a recurrence of the 7.85″ iPads we first heard about in October. The implications of the first rumor especially are quite serious, and while the second one seems unlikely, its resilience must be acknowledged." via TechCrunch

APPLE IS NOW FORCED TO BUILD A 7-INCH TABLET "I don’t think there has been one day Apple has been idle since Steve Jobs came back to run the show in 1997. I’d bet for the foreseeable future everyone at Apple will be working as best as they can every single day. Apple will most likely upend markets, piss off incumbents, just to get us some insanely great products and services. But I don’t think a 7-inch tablet is one of them." via DisplayBlog


The Display Industry News Source 12.15.2011

Portable Laptop Side Monitor Boosts Productivity "Less than a pound, Cinq delivers 10.1 inches of smooth 720p/16:9 video using DisplayLink's lossless image compression technology. It can physically attach to your laptop in portrait or landscape position -- and auto-rotates when quickly changing between the two -- or be placed on the included adjustable stand, especially handy for one-on-one presentations. It gets both power and data from a single USB connection and has a built-in SD card reader for quickly referencing multimedia and other files." via DiscoveryNews

Hands-on with the first Android device to features Qualcomm's Mirasol display "The current Mirasol displays can only do 40 frames per second (Kyobo is capped at 30 fps), but we expect future generations of the display tech to handle full HD video with higher frame count and better color reproduction. Expect to see Mirasol displays in more Android devices like tablets and smartphones in the second half of 2012." via AndroidandMe

Samsung launches concept demo for flexible translucent 3D display "It may be years before we see anything like this, but with fierce competition in the tablet computer sector, Samsung might be willing to invest a lot of money to make this a reality. Samsung suggested we could see the first flexible smartphones and tablets next year." via VR-Zone

Turn Your Old Netbook or Laptop Into a Touchscreen PC "We've looked at turning a MacBook into a tablet computer and even written some software for you to turn it into a nice heads up display, but Instructables user mkarvonen has created a how-to that demonstrates how to turn virtually any laptop into a touchscreen tablet—so long as you have the requisite patience." via LifeHacker

Transparent LCD Technology – Endless Possibilities "Transparent displays have a wide range of use in all industry areas as an efficient tool for delivering information and communication. Corporations and schools can adopt the panel as an interactive communication device, which enables information to be displayed more effectively. The transparent LCD panels have a high transmittance rate, which enables a person to look right through the panel like glass, and it consumes 90% less electricity compared with a conventional LCD panel using back light unit." via SENDAE

Input Lag Testing "Input lag is described as the lag between the output from a graphics card and the image which is displayed on the screen you are using. For LCD screens this should not be confused with pixel response time which describes the speed at which a pixel can change from one orientation to another. Pixel response times impact aspects such as motion blur and ghosting in moving images. On the other hand input lag is a delay between what is sent to the monitor, and what you actually see." via TFTCentral

2880×1800 MACBOOK PRO "I don’t think the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro will get the Retina treatment first. The 15-inch MBP comes in two pixel formats: 1440×900 and 1680×1050. Sooner than later my guess is the lower-end 1440×900 will no longer be offered. You wouldn’t want the latest and greatest to be associated with something that will be EOLed. Besides putting lots of pixels into a bigger display is much harder." via DisplayBlog


The Display Industry News Source 12.13.2011

via TheVerge

Samsung Sm'art gallery frames bid for your fine art affection "The idea, Samsung VP Scott Birnbaum told us, is to provide stunning high-end LCD screens that can practically make you feel the texture of a painting, and can handle displaying such images continuously for long periods of time, alongside a Samsung-curated digital marketplace for art where community artists can sell their work while setting their own prices. While this Planar-built screen (21.9" by 33.9", with a 1:1.5 aspect ratio) has a hefty frame, Birnbaum imagines that the final products will look like a single sheet of glass and have touchscreen remote controls." via TheVerge

Samsung puts sensor in each pixel for 40in touch LCD "According to the company, the panel can detect more than 50 touch points simultaneously and can display images with Full HD resolution and wide-angle viewing. 'All of the input functions of a keyboard, mouse or scanner can be carried out on the panel itself,' said Samsung." via ElectronicsWeekly

K-micro Samples New Frame Rate Converter LCD Timing Controller for Large-Size LCD TV Market "As a result of increased pricing pressure, LCD panel and television manufacturers need to be able to develop improved products without extra cost and complexity. K-micro's VFRC-A1 allows them to offer superior motion picture performance by reducing motion artifacts such as blur and judder at significantly lower cost than before. K-micro reduced the cost of this new generation controllers by 50%. The VFRC-A1 is available now in sample quantities to select customers. Mass production will begin in Q2, 2012, with sample pricing of $15. This technology is also available for integration into ASICs for qualified customers." via TheSacramentoBee

USA Kiosk Resellers Wanted for New Touchscreen Kiosk Range "Kiosks4Business are seeking successful partners for introducing and selling our new range of new touchscreen kiosk products in the USA. Our kiosks are used in many sectors in the UK including Government, Schools & colleges, Retailers and many more. We receive the same kind of enquiries from the USA but at present are not able to offer a service in the USA." via DisplayAllianceOpen

ACER TRAVELMATE 8481T "And the display, a matte 14-inch 1366×768 LCD manufactured by LG Display (model number LP140WH6-TJB1), in the Acer TravelMate 8481T does in fact completely suck: a 149:1 contrast ratio, washed out blacks with a 1.6-nit brightness level, a Delta E of 9.56 (that means color accuracy is nowhere to be seen)." via DisplayBlog

True Vision Displays Inc Introduces Rugged Enclosure TFT Product Line "True Vision Displays Inc., a TFT LCD solutions provider, announced today a new rugged display system. The TVD104XHAL is a complete system that features a button bezel, 10.4 inch XGA extended temp LCD with options for NVIS compliance.The new display system is completely designed, developed and manufactured in True Visions Displays ISO-9001 compliant manufacturing facility in Cerritos California." via DisplayAllianceOpen

VESA says digital signage display firms speeding up DisplayPort adoption "VESA’s DisplayPort standard is a high-bandwidth interface designed to enable features not available with other electronic connections, delivering true digital imaging and audio through a single cable. DisplayPort enhances display performance by doubling the maximum data transfer rate and increasing display resolution, color depths and refresh rates." via FlatVision

Cover glass demand rising on increasing large-size touch applications "Demand for cover glass is set to increase significantly as the application of touch-controlled technology has expanded to include large-size panels for outdoor advertising windows, vending machines, transparent advertisement glass, in addition to notebooks and tablet PCs, according to industry sources." via DigiTimesDisplay


The Display Industry News Source 12.08.2011

Toshiba Japan Dates And Prices Its 55-Inch Naked-Eye 3D TV With 4K Resolution "To recap, the TV features 3,840×2,160 pixels resolution in 2D mode (that’s four times the resolution of full HD) and a solid 1,280×720 resolution in 3D mode." via TechCrunch

LG Display Holds Enviable Post as Top Panel Supplier of Tablet Screens "While Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble have very different tablet offerings, LG Display finds itself sought after by the three tablet manufacturers because of the in-plane switching (IPS) technology that the South Korean electronics titan uses for its small- and medium-sized liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. The panels, which range in size from 7 to 10 inches, also are used in devices like smartphones, digital still cameras and MP3 players." via iSuppli

Korean OLED consortium want to produce 1250mm flexible OLEDs in a 40” flexible display TV by 2018 "The korean government launched a OLED consortium including 26 institutes and companies which want to develop organic light emitting diode displays and lighting applications. One of the main goal is to produce a OLED material which make a flexible LCD or OLED with 1250mm thickness in a 40 inch size possible." via OLED-DISPLAY

UK’s “Domesday Reloaded” Archives On Touch-Table At Bletchley Park "It’s not actually a Surface; the 52-inch screen is larger than the latest Samsung-based Surface 2.0, and probably uses a traditional capacitive detection layer. But it’s a great match for the data: maps and pictures and captions are natural companions for hands and fingers, and of course the collaborative, in-person sharing that’s so fun on large displays like this is also very appropriate with this content." via TechCrunch

Sharp, Samsung Among LCD Makers to Pay $388 Million in U.S. Pricing Case "Sharp, Japan’s largest panel maker, paid $105 million; Samsung, the world’s largest TV maker, paid $82.7 million; and Chimei Innolux Corp. (3481), Taiwan’s largest maker of display panels, paid $78 million, according to filings yesterday in San Francisco federal court." via Bloomberg

Acer CEO Wang Pegs Company Future on Ultrabooks "But there are two, more important challenges. One, to use Apple’s lineup of MacBooks, is to cram a 13.3-inch display into a 11.6-inch chassis, a 15.4-inch display into a 13.3-inch chassis, and a 17-inch display into a 15.4-inch chassis. And at the same time squeeze quadruple the number of pixels into existing displays. For example the 1440×900 pixel format on the 13.3-inch MacBook Air would double horizontally and vertically to 2880×1800, and this Retina-ized display would sport thin enough bezels to fit into a 11.6-inch chassis. I think this is where we’re going with the next generation of thin, light, all day battery powered notebooks." via DisplayBlog

Hitachi 7in. TFT has 15:9 aspect ratio "Hitachi Display Products Group has introduced a 7.0in WVGA TFT display module, which has a 15:9 wide aspect ratio and resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.The TX18D44VM2BAA features a 400cd/m² LED backlight providing a 40K hour half brightness lifetime and a contrast ratio of 400:1.Electrically compatible with existing Hitachi WVGA TFT display modules, the TX18D44VM2BAA features an industry standard 40-pin 6-bit RGB CMOS interface which enables a colour palette of up to 262K colours." via ElectronicsWeekly


The Display Industry News Source 12.6.11

Bionic Contacts Lenses Project Images and Text Right Before Your Eyes (Video Above) - via

CHI CEO Steps Down, Rumors of AUO-CHI Merger Swirling Around - "Chimei Innolux chairman Liao Ching-siang has stepped down from his role at the Taiwanese panel company amidst growing speculation that a merger with AUO is on the cards. Ching-siang has stepped down, he says, because of health problems. He has also quit his role as director on the board.  But there is speculation that there may be more to the decision than Chimei is admitting. Cash-strapped CMI has been attempting to drum up some funding. Digitimes' sources reckon it's after $1.97 billion.  However, CMI also has other substantial loans, and a lack of support from Foxconn Group - which owns 11 percent of CMI - is hampering attempts to get a loan together. CMI has, like others in the panel industry, turned in poorer than expected financial results recently.  This has led to calls for CMI to team up with domestic rival AU Optronics to survive any lurches into the red." via

Chinese Government to Raise Import Tariffs Close to 5% on Semi-Finished LCD's Next Month - "The latest forecast from -DisplaySearch now indicates that Beijing will probably hike import duties on LCD cells used by LCD panel makers in the products they export from the current 3 percent duty to 5 percent, while leaving duties on finished LCD modules unchanged at 5 percent. The 5 percent duty “might not be big enough to drive Taiwanese and [South] Korean panel makers to build factories in China. -According to our cost analysis,” Display-Search vice president David Hsieh said on the company’s blog on Thursday. The less-than-expected tax hikes come amid strong opposition from Chinese TV makers to any drastic increase in import duties because the tax hikes would curb imports from their major panel suppliers — Taiwanese and South Korean LCD panel makers, Hsieh said." via Taipei Times

Samsung Begins Mass Production of 40" Optical  Sensing LCD Panels - "The LCD panel is built-in with infrared sensors that identify the object’s reflected images. The Optical Sensor in the Pixel LCD panel, employing new image sensing technology, is capable of identifying greater than 50 touch points at a time and displaying images with a broad-angle viewing and full HD resolution. These LCD panels can be deployed in a wide range of input applications and also in wall-mounted and table top applications. The panel surface is provided with a tempered glass, which is capable of withstanding about 80 kg of external loads." via

AUO Back to No. 2 Spot for LCD TV Panels - "The Chinese market played a key role in supporting Taiwanese panel makers’ growth during the downturn in 2008-2009, when the TV market in the US and European markets slowed. This year, local panel makers lost this support as TV growth in China turned stagnant as well. However, starting this month, China’s six major TV brands are expected to increase orders by more than 28 percent to 4.3 million units to build inventory for the Lunar New Year holiday shopping season, after cutting orders by 19 percent last month amid inventory digestion, WitsView, an LCD research team from Taipei-based TrendForce Corp, said in its latest report. This new momentum is expected to “help to stabilize [panel] prices in the fourth quarter. And we also see some rush orders coming in,” WitsView analyst Burrell Liu said in the report." via Taipei Times


The Display Industry News Source 12.2.11

This is What I Want for Christmas - the EXODesk Touchscreen Monitor (Video Above) - via

2012 To Bring Higher Resolution and LED Backlights for Tablet PC Panels, says DisplaySearch - ""The TFT LCD industry is undergoing some extraordinary changes in regards to high resolution and LED backlights for tablet PC panels. Rapid growth in multimedia usage of tablet PCs is driving panel makers to upgrade the resolution of tablet PC panels," noted David Hsieh, vice president, Greater China Market, DisplaySearch. "At the same time, the rapidly growing LCD TV market in emerging countries is encouraging panel makers to develop 'fit spec' products, such as low-cost direct type LED-backlit panels, which have a similar structure to traditional CCFL models, but consume less power," Hsieh added." via DigiTimes

AUO Expects Prices of Some Large-Size Flat Panels to Bottom Out - "Prices of certain sizes of large-size LCD panels are likely to bottom out soon due to an influx of short lead-time orders, according to KY Lee, chairman of AU Optronics (AUO). However, Lee stated that the business outlook for the panel industry in 2012 remains unclear. Sales of LCD TVs during the 2011 Black Friday shopping weekend in North America were pretty much amazing, pushing up demand for flat panels, Lee noted, adding that prices of certain sizes of monitor and TV panels have been raised accordingly." via DigiTimes

Samsung Wants to Lead Large-Scale Touch Display Market with PixelSense Multitouch Displays - "Samsung isn’t just relying on Microsoft’s second-gen Surface SUR40 for sales of its in-pixel multitouch LCD panels: the company has begun mass production of the 40-inch display, and is eyeing other potential implementations of the 50-point multitouch system. What makes Samsung’s screen special is the PixelSense optical sensors, embedded in with the display itself, and capable of not only tracking multiple points of finger contact, but of capturing images of whatever objects are placed on top of it. Since putting things on top of displays normally ends in cracks and weeping, Samsung has outfitted this particular panel with a sheet of tempered glass that can withstand 80kg. However the expectation is that it will be used for eye-catching (and convenient) tricks like scanning documents placed on top or – since wall-mounting is an option – held against it." via SlashGear

Samsung Announces Production of 40-inch 'Optical Sensor in Pixel' LCD Panels - "The Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel detects reflected images of an object on the panel using Infrared sensors that are built into the panel. With optical sensor in each pixel of the panel, the new panel can much more accurately assess touch sensitivity compared to existing touch panels. Using next-generation image sensing technology, the Optical Sensor in Pixel panel can detect more than 50 touch points simultaneously and can display images with Full HD resolution and wide-angle viewing. All of the input functions of a keyboard, mouse or scanner can be carried out on the panel itself. The panel can be installed in a variety of applications including table top and wall-mounted types." via MarketWatch


The Display Industry News Source 11.29.11

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Headset with Two OLED Screens (Video Above) - via CNET

E-Ink Holdings Suspends Panel Production Agreement with LG Display, Switches to Rival - "Power struggles amid display manufacturers, as E Ink Holdings (EIH) apparently suspends its fringe-field switching (FFS) LCD panel production agreement with LG Display and instead shifts manufacture to rival CPT. FFS displays are a key rival to the IPS panels that LG Display and others supply Apple for the iPad, promising wide viewing angles among other benefits. In addition to ending the FFS production agreement, EIH will buy back bonds in its Hydis display subsidiary." via Digitimes and Slashgear

Apple Switches Component Sourcing From Korean Manufacturers to a Combination of Japanese Companies - "After months of fighting Court battles with arch rival Samsung, Apple appears to have switched large chunks of their component sourcing from Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung, to sourcing OEM components for their new iPhone and iPads from a combination of Japanese companies including Toshiba, Hitachi, Sharp and Sony. The move could strip billions from the revenues of the Korean companies who are set to compete head on with Apple in the smartphone, tablet, PC and in mid 2012 the TV market. Several sources have said that Sharp is currently building a new 55" Apple TV while other sources have said that two of the three companies forming the Japan Display alliance, Hitachi and Sony, were already producing both iPad 3 LCDs and four-inch LCDs for a "new iOS device."" via Smarthouse

Demand for LCD Panels for Vehicle Displays Grows - "While shipments of small- to medium-size LCD panels for handset applications will continue to make up the largest portion of global shipments of flat panels, vehicle displays are increasingly becoming a potential application for small- to medium-size flat panels, according to Digitimes Research. Demand for vehicle displays has continued to expand recently as more and more automakers in the US and Europe have rolled out vehicles with built-in navigation devices, said Digitimes Research. As a result, shipments of vehicle displays are expected to grow by a CAGR of 18.9% during the period from 2011-2014, said Digitimes Research, adding that shipments of high-end panels for the automotive OEM market are likely to post an even higher CAGR of 24.8% during the period." via Digitimes

iPad 3 Rumored to Have Retina Display based on In-Plane Switching - "He (CNET's Richard Shim) speculated this Retina Display will be based on LCD technology with in-plane switching (IPS) rather than AMOLED. A QXGA display has the same 4:3 aspect ratio the iPad which will allow for scaling up apps just like the Retina iPhone and iPod display did, allowing minimal intervention. Its wide screen 16:10 aspect ratio counterpart is called WQXGA, featuring a 2560-by-1600 pixel resolution of Apple’s 30-inch Cinema Display." via 9to5Mac





The Display Industry News Source 11.23.11

Turning Food Into Display Surfaces, Just in Time for Thanksgiving (Video Above) - via TechCrunch

Apple Choosing to Partner with Sharp and Integrate IGZO on Upcoming iPad 3 - "The adopted display tech is based on IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) processes, which offer near-OLED power consumption, is cheaper to make and only 25 percent thicker than displays made using OLED technology. This technology depends on oxide-material-based thin-film transistors, which enables manufacturing advantages. The analyst has a host of interesting details on the new process, for example: "He believes that Apple and Sharp will jointly develop OLED panels for use in the iPhone and iPad within the next one to two years." He describes a new printing technology Sharp and Apple have that enables OLED to be printed onto a film that's later stuck to the glass, boosting display yields to a "tremendous" degree." via

Japan Display Alliance Threatens Taiwanese Suppliers in Small and Medium-sized Companies - "Japan Display will utilize high value-added technologies of the major shareholders and establish new production lines by utilizing funds provided by INCJ, to meet market demand for high value-added products. And with efficient use of existing production capabilities of the shareholders, Japan Display aims to improve cost competitiveness to solidify its position as a globally leading company in the small- and medium-sized display market. The business will begin operation in the spring of 2012 once officially approved." via

Qualcomm's Mirasol to Challenge LCD and E-ink, Will Arrive in Next Few Months - "Most tablets and e-readers today use LCD or e-ink technology, but a new challenger that promises sharp color and reduced screen power consumption could be used in devices in a matter of months. The company is primarily focusing the screen technology on e-readers, but Mirasol displays have also been shown on tablets. "We have partners who are really excited about the kind of capabilities that Mirasol brings -- the ultra low power, sunlight visibility, the fact that we can do video on these things. So the devices are coming out, we're feeling good about where we're headed," Jacobs said. Displays are the biggest power hog on devices and Mirasol's low-power attribute is its biggest advantage, Jacobs said." via PC World

Taiwan Government to Visit AUO and CMI to Push Merger in TFT-LCD Sector - "The government's top economic planner said Friday she will visit AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) next week to see what incentives the government can offer to push for integration of the country's struggling flat panel display companies. Christina Liu, chairwoman of the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), said she will travel to the central city of Taichung next Tuesday to meet with AUO Chairman K.Y. Lee to solicit his opinions on her proposal that the country's top two flat panel display makers merge or integrate to enhance their competitiveness in the fiercely competitive global TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) market. Liu said she also planned to meet with senior executives of another domestic flat panel display giant, Chimei Innolux Corp., to better understand its views on her "integration" proposal. Major local flat panel display makers have been reeling from huge losses due to weak end-market demand, high royalty costs and cut-throat competition from foreign competitors." via Taiwan News

Microsoft Surface Now Taking Orders - "Microsoft, which has prospered via small systems like the PC, now hopes to chart a new course with its latest offering called the Microsoft Surface 2, a gigantic coffee-table sized device with built-in touchscreen capabilities. The list price: $8,900. The Samsung Electronics-developed version of the touch-screen table has begun taking pre-orders in 23 countries, with its release date pegged for "early 2012."" via International Business Times




The Display Industry News Source 11.18.11

Using Laser Plasma Technology to Produce Images Without the Constraint of a Screen (Video Above)- via 

New Partnership Japan Display to Focus on Small/Medium AMOLED Displays - "The goal of JAPAN Display is to produce small/medium AMOLED Displays for the smartphone, handheld and tablet-pc market. These companies will invest close to USD 2.6 Billion. Toshiba Corp, Hitachi Ltd and Sony Corp would combine small and medium display businesses to create Japan Display and the Japanese government would provide the needed capital." via

Flat Panel TV Growth Rate Exceeds 9 Percent in Past Year - ""In contrast to slowing sales of flat panel TVs for at-home consumer enjoyment, monthly sell-through of FPDs designed specifically for commercial applications are up through the first three quarters of 2011, with sell-through 9 percent ahead of the same period last year,” noted Chris Connery, DisplaySearch Vice President of PC and Large Format Commercial Displays." via Sixteen:Nine

CMI Posts Strong Showing for October Shipment of Small/Medium Panels - "Chimei Innolux Corp., the largest thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel manufacturer in Taiwan, registered consolidate revenue of NT$40.16 billion (US$1.34 billion) in October, down 3.2% month-on-month (MoM) and 1.3% year-on-year (YoY).  Thanks to strong demand for smartphone panels, the company`s shipments of small- and medium-sized panels rose 12.5% MoM to reach 43.08 million units, the second highest monthly record since November 2010. Chimei Innolux`s shipments of large-sized panels in October were 10.26 million units, down 11.4% MoM." via 

Using Ambient Light to Reduce LCD Power Consumption by Over 90% - "Even as the processing power and download speeds of mobile devices surge, one component still lags behind: the screen. LCD panels use significantly more power than any other component of a phone or tablet because of their need to pump out bright light to form an image. The only practical alternative is e-ink, the technology used in the Amazon Kindle; it consumes orders of magnitude less power but sacrifices color and the ability to change images fast enough for video playback or smooth game play. Because the device’s screen uses ambient light, like a printed page or e-ink display, the power consumption is a tenth or less of that of a comparable LCD, although the display also features a built-in light for use in the dark." via Taiwan News

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