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aviation display news 6.22.2010

Sun Country partners with digEcor to offer inflight entertainment options.  

Sourced from Digecor news.  Sun Country Airlines today announced that it will offer customers the very best in personal entertainment systems through a partnership with digEcor, Inc. Beginning this weekend with the launch of its inaugural flight between the Twin Cities and London, Sun Country will offer customers use of the digEplayer XT, one of the very latest in inflight entertainment systems. The devices will be complimentary for all first-class travelers and available in coach class for just $10.

Each digEplayer will come preloaded with a selection of first-run movies including Avatar and Percy Jackson/The Lightning Thief as well as TV shows, music and games. Sporting an 8-inch screen, the digEplayer XT offers DVD-quality video and crisp, clear text and graphics and two independently controlled headphone jacks. With a battery life in excess of 12 hours, the digEplayer will keep travelers entertained throughout their flight.

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