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Boutique Film launches 21 digital signage advertising locations across the Gulf Arab Region

The Interactive KioskThe Geneva based digital advertising agency offers 21 new locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The campaign is comprised of more than 500 screens, 23 million visitors a month, throughout the region’s most up market shopping malls and two International Airports.

Boutique Film whom was known until today for its digital advertising campaigns in Switzerland’s most exclusive mountain resorts, is launching its new offer in the Gulf Arab Region.

This new digital advertising opportunity completes harmoniously Boutique Film’s strategy of offering its clients the possibility of communicating to millions of affluent and high net worth individuals.

The company took close to 6 months to put this package together. The legal and business development team made a tremendous effort. They standardised the offer, checked every network, and negotiated firmly the prices so that the offer would be extremely attractive to European and Swiss clients. A gigantic investment which results in a unique, regularized and supervised digital advertising campaign.

Amongst others, the network is composed of the largest shopping mall in the world, a 28mx8m giant screen in the city center of Abu Dhabi, of 14 shopping malls in Saudi Arabia, the most reputed mall in Doha, the Bahrain International Airport and the Muscat International Airport in Oman.

For further information:

Lorraine Martin-Du Pan,

tel +41(0)22 548 17 77, mobile +41(0)79 63462 04,


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