China TV Market: 80% LCD TV
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Jin Kim

According to China-based All View Consulting (AVC) via Digitimes, LCD TV sales in China from January to May accounted for 80.3% of total TV shipments. LCD TV shipments were 13.78 million units and worth CNY58.93 billion, about US$8.7 billion. China's total TV market was 17.16 million units and CNY66.91 billion in revenues.

I wonder what 20% of China's TV market is composed of? Plasma? Rear projection? CRT? Something else?

There is no doubt China will become the largest market for TVs. China's rate of economic growth is faster than any other country and with more than one billion in population. Market research company, DisplaySearch, predicts shipments of flat panel TVs including LCD and plasma in China will increase from 31 million in 2009 to 59 million in 2014 and become the largest LCD TV market by 2012. Of course, no one knows for sure what will happen in the next four years but growth is quite likely. For more info check out DisplaySearch's press release.

DisplaySearch also expects CRT will effectively disappear from the China TV market in the next five to ten years. I personally don't think CRT TVs will ever completely disappear from any market let alone China where hundreds of millions live impoverished. According to DisplaySearch, there are 450 million CRT TVs in China. Unlike newly built flat panel TVs these old tubes tend to be more resilient. The last CRT TV we owned lasted more than 20 years, so the one we have now still has a ways to go. I also see no reason why a working CRT TV would be replaced by a Chinese who could consider it a luxury item, even five, ten years from now. If you have an unwanted 34-inch flat wide CRT Sony XBR (i.e. 34XBR960) in pristine working and cosmetic condition, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands.

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