D.A. News 6.2.2010
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Chris Sava

Hospitals across the globe beginning to embrace digital signage. Armagard, a leading manufacturer of computer enclosures and industrial protection, have noticed hospitals around the globe are finding use for digital signage as a great method of passing information to staff, visitors and patients. For hospitals, digital signage provides the ability to pass information at real time. Important messages can be relayed to every digital signage screen all over the hospital network.

Caltron Industries, announced today the release of its new FBT-1042O line of  affordable LED backlight open-frame monitors for digital signage.
The LBT-1042O LED monitors provide users with maximum functionality thanks to numerous inputs (DVI, composite video, S-Video, BNC), along with serial/USB touch interfaces. Today’s flat-panel LED technology gives solution providers and integrators a wider range of choices while offering cost and energy-efficiency. The LBT-1042O LED monitors are available immediately for standalone or OEM usage. Full article here.

Dispersive signal technology (DST) showcased at Computex 2010 by Quanta Computer and 3m.  Panels featuring DST have an extra layer of specially-designed glass, which is filled with sensors, and when a finger or a pen touches the panel, the technology will find the position of the touched area by calculating the location of the "shock" the motion creates, according to 3M. Quanta claimed that DST has higher sensitivity than all the other existing touchscreen technologies and is capable of supporting both finger and pen input. Meanwhile, the technology is also able to keep the product's ultra-thin shape, unlike optical touchscreen technology, which will make the display thicker. Full article here.

Synergy's artistic offering on digital kiosks.
Synergy, a provider of full digital signage and broadcatsing solutions, is offering a line of beautiful, sleek LCD kiosks. Varrying in height from 17" up to 46", Synergy kiosks may have customized color, touch screen, blue tooth connection, thermal printer, keyboard, webcam and barcode scanner capabilities. With designs like these, Synergy is creating an otherwise unknown relationship between art and digital signage.

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