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Digital Signage Solutions

Whether displaying up-to-the-minute flight information in airports, helping shoppers find their way around a mall or even cycling through the daily dinner specials at a local restaurant, people are always finding new and unique ways to make digital signage work for them.

At FASTSIGNS we understand not everybody is aware of what kind of financial commitment digital signage represents. There are actually many different options for players and data subscriptions at different price points. Digital signs can range from a small counter-top unit to entire wall displays, with or without streaming content from the internet.

Entry-level digital signage includes players that use memory cards and instead of a data license. This means there is no continued investment after the purchase of a player. These players range from all-in-one units to HD players that can connect to any display. Messaging and images can be loaded onto the memory cards for an easy first step into digital display.

The next step up includes a license for a web-based content management system. Sign Channel by Scala is an industry standard example. Businesses can purchase an annual license and receive content management, advertising capabilities, channel streaming and other content services.

Mid-range digital players can accommodate this content licensing or operate off of a local network. Many products such as IAdea players come with software that will take images, mpeg movies or PowerPoint presentations as content. They can also be updated manually with flash memory cards. All-in-one displays and players are available in a mid-range price point, along with high definition players.

High-end digital signage is capable of multiple frames, truly dynamic content and exterior data connections. Signage with advanced content management licenses can run multiple screens and up to two channels of unique content. These players and large displays take visual communications to another level and provide a really engaging experience for consumers.

It's important to speak to somebody directly about your digital signage needs before taking any major steps.  It can save a lot of hassle, confusion and money to have an experienced professional by your side while you explore the wide range of possibilities and solutions.  FASTSIGNS offers this service, and so do others.  What's important is finding a company that you are comfortable with when discussing the communication objectives you have for your business and clients.

About the Author
Matt Miles is director of products and services at FASTSIGNS®, a visual communications services provider with more than 550 locations around the world. 

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