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Digital Signage Solves Nutritional Labeling for Restaurants

Canton, MA - As we speak QSR corporate offices are scrambling to bring their restaurant chains into compliance by the end of 2010.

Compliance for what?
Due to a new law passed by Congress (Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) in March every chain of more than 20 restaurants is required to add nutritional information to their menus. Restaurants will be required to display calorie information for standard menu items as well as calories for each serving of food at a salad bar or a buffet line. Caloric information would be highlighted on menus, menu boards, and drive-through signs. The chains will not have to post calorie information for daily specials and limited-time items.

Major Challenge for Some Restaurant Chains

This sweeping reform means a major change for America’s massive restaurant-chain and QSR industries. The level of detail required will pose serious challenges to restaurants. Static menus boards do not have the flexibility or space to accommodate the details information that reform requires. And printed menus will need to be re-designed to incorporate such detailed information. Furthermore, the ongoing updates that are required will be a perpetual challenge for chains to develop and distribute in a timely manner.

Digital Signage Solves Compliance Problem and Alleviates Angst

Many restaurants are turning to technology to help solve this problem. Digital kiosks or digital menu boards provide the most practical immediate and long-term solution to labeling standards.

“It really makes a lot of sense when you think about it,” said John Bettinelli, CEO of SIGNUM Digital Solutions. “Restaurants are moving toward digital display boards and menu boards already. So much of the infrastructure is already established; and where it is not in place, we can provide terrific entry-level kiosks.”

Going digital will alleviate much of the execution questions that restaurant management is grappling with today. The flexibility of digital signage offers restaurants the ability to meet compliance demands painlessly and could serve as a communication vehicle to promote a myriad of other brand-related services, products and events.

Today restaurants are installing digital signage to:

  • increase ticket size
  • speed ordering
  • reduced perceived wait times
  • up-sell customers.

The Leading Digital Signage Provider for Greater Boston and New England

SIGNUM Digital Solutions is the leading provider of digital signage solutions in the Greater Boston area. SIGNUM is a full-service digital signage company that offers expertise within the seven elements of digital signage.  SIGNUM serves the hospitality, retail, education, banking and restaurant markets, providing custom solutions for each digital signage deployment.

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