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Display Alliance News 10.1.2010

Google Open Sources Liquid Galaxy! Build Your Own Or Buy One — For $80,000! I still think Google’s coolest 20 percent project of all time is Liquid Galaxy. You know, the “eight 55-inch LCD screens showing Google Earth in a unified, surround view” thing that Google sets up around to different conferences they are a part of. It’s sort of like the Star Trek Holodeck. It’s awesome. And now you can build your own — or buy one! Google has open-sourced the entire project, including the Ubuntu sysadmin scripts to the mechanical design of the custom frames. And they’ve released a new version of the public Google Earth that supports it. Click here to read more..

1,100 Screens At Amway Center The state-of-the-art Harris solution comprises a high-definition video production and distribution and Internet Protocol TV system, integrated with digital signage. The solution’s enriched screen format presents all aspects of the Amway Center experience at 10 times the resolution of current technology. Combining IPTV and digital signage over the same network allows the Magic to address more than 1,100 individual screens located throughout the arena with tailored content. Displays can be driven to show high-impact replays and highlights, venue messaging, out-of-home advertising, or any combination of the three. Click here to read more..

Toshiba scrap plans for OLED production, focus on LCDs Toshiba Mobile Displays plans to scrap plans to produce OLED displays. They will focus on LCD panels. TMD's spokesman Mashahiro Kume said: "The plan (for mass-production) is currently frozen. We'll review the production plan again from scratch". Hopefully they'll be back into OLEDs in the future. Click here to read more..

LG: OLED is undoubtedly the future of energy-efficient monitors LG's UK sales director Warren Lewis says that "OLED is undoubtedly the future of energy-efficient monitors... I'd say over the next three to five years you'll see the real evolution of OLED." Yesterday LG has unveiled new LED-backlit 23" monitors for the UK market. Click here to read more..

Taiwan government questions AUO financial strength in China LCD panel fab project review AU Optronics (AUO) has proposed a budget of US$3 billion to set up a 7.5G LCD panel plant in China, but Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has doubts about the company's financial capability, according to an MOEA official. Click here to read more..

Kiosks, Touch screen Kiosks and Kiosk Software Kiosks, whether you notice it or not, are becoming more and more popular in day to day life. We tend to think of a kiosk as a small hut like retail outlet selling newspapers and magazines, but modern day kiosks, take a computerised electronic form. Wherever we go there are kiosks that you probably walk past everyday including ATM machines, photo printing machines, self-service checkouts at the supermarkets; all of these machines are kiosks that perform a simple service, fast and efficiently. Click here to read more..

China market: LCD TV sales to reach 5.5 million units from mid-Sept to Oct 10 With TV prices expected to fall by 40% during the early October holidays, LCD TV sales in China are projected to reach 5.5 million units, according to TV vendors in the country. Despite the optimistic outlook, a high level of TV inventory will likely persist until the end of 2010 due to low demand for CCFL TV. Click here to read more..

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