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Display Alliance News 10.4.2010

TDK's new flexible PMOLED prototype on video TDK says that the contrast, brightness and lifetime are "almost the same as TDK's existing glass-subtrate PMOLEDs". The OLED inside is a white emitter, with RGB-color filters. TDK will start mass production at the end of 2011. Click here to read more..

Rumor: Apple Booking All Of Samsung's AMOLED Display Stock? An unconfirmed rumor is currently going around, claiming that Apple has been purchasing large quantities of Samsung's AMOLED displays, in fact, the rumor claims that Apple has snapped up virtually all of Samsung's Super AMOLED stock for 2011, leaving the Korean company to switch its Galaxy S and Wave phones to LCD displays instead. Click here to read more..

Samsung Elec sees weak LCD demand, pricing in Q4 "The market is at the bottom and it will stay there in the fourth quarter," Chang Wonkie, president of Samsung's LCD Business, told reporters on the sideline of a seminar in Seoul. Click here to read more..

Sharp to demonstarte 64-inch prototype LCD display at CEATEC Sharp is going to take full advantage of CEATEC that is now happening in Japan by unveiling a new high definition LCD display that measures 64-inches across diagonally, where this prototype will boast a resolution of 4096 by 2160 pixels - that is four times higher than that of current high-definition displays. This marks the first time that an LCD has been produced with a resolution this high. Click here to read more..

China to become top-3 TFT-LCD panel production base in 4Q11, says Digitimes Research China's TFT-LCD panel makers are actively building advance production lines, with BOE having completed the factory structure for its 8.5G fab in Beijing in August 2010, Digitimes Research noted. Another maker, China Star OptoELectronics Technology (CSOT), is expected to finish constructing the plant structure for its 8.5G fab in January 2011, it said. BOE's 8.5G plant is scheduled to start mass production in the fourth quarter of 2011, marking China's entry into 8.5G TFT-LCD panel production. Click here to read more..

Data Modul LiveUSBII LCD controller Data Modul is offering a USB-based LCD controller, the LiveUSBII that will support displays from QVGA up to UXGA resolution. It is a 4-wire touch controller and there is the option of a 5-wire touch controller. By making use of the integrated USB-Hub, serial multi-monitor applications  ("Daisy chains") can be implemented very easily. The integrated USB-Hub can also be used for other peripherals such as USB-Sticks or other input devices. Click here to read more..

Pixtronix and Hitachi Displays Announce Successful Joint Development Displays Built Based Upon Pixtronix PerfectLight MEMS Display Technology to Be Demonstrated at CEATEC. "We are pleased to have jointly developed displays with Hitachi Displays that directly address the needs of high growth markets ranging from next generation smart phones to tablets," said Tony Zona, CEO of Pixtronix. "Our rapid progress in delivering full speed video, ultra-low power displays built utilizing existing LCD manufacturing infrastructure demonstrates the key strengths of our PerfectLight display platform." Click here to read more..

India a huge market for Taiwanese LCD TV makers New Delhi, Oct 1 (IANS) India will soon see a surge in demand for flat-screen televisions from next year, providing a huge market to companies from Taiwan, as consumers with more disposable income are aiming to buy sleek and newer sets that save energy and complement their modern home. According to iSuppli, LCD-TV revenue will rise by 94.3 percent to $3.5 billion in 2011 from $1.8 billion in 2010. Click here to read more..

Excise tax for thin touch-panel glass substrates exempted, says report In order to support industrial development, Taiwan's Ministry of Finance has agreed to exempt the 10% excise tax for glass substrates that are used for touch panels thinner than 1.1mm in thickness, with the policy effective immediately, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report. Click here to read more..

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