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display alliance news 6.28.2010

LCD inspection pixel grades.
LCD’s that come off the production line new are not 100% pixel defect free. LCD manufactures created their own LCD grading system in order to account for the variations in pixel quality.  There are acceptable limits within the LCD market to the number of dead pixels within a specific sector of the LCD. Get a better idea of the different LCD grades here.

Portwell introduces a vareity of medical grade touch panel displays.
American Portwell Technology, Inc., announces the PMD line of medical grade touch panel displays, from 15” to 19” with a selection of 5-wire resistive or Elo’s surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch screen technologies. Portwell’s PMD LCD touch monitor series meet the stringent medical safety standards and are the ideal human-machine interfaces for digital radiography, X-ray, ultrasound imaging system, point-of-care/medical computer cart, PACS workstation and pharmacy POS systems. Read the full press release here.

Reflections on Reflections-What you need to know about reflection and display technology.
General Digital offers us an in depth article explaining the significance of reflection to display technology. The term reflection actually encompasses three entirely different types of optical phenomena. These three kinds of reflection are specular reflection (like a mirror), diffuse reflection (often called Lambertian) and reflexive reflection (or retro-reflection). By careful design of the display and installation, it is possible to produce a display with adequate luminance and contrast (for both specular and diffuse reflections) to allow the user to comfortably read the display and take action on the data so obtained. Read the full article here.

American Industrial Systems Inc. introduces a 10.1” Operator Interface Terminal PC.  Designed for building, factory, and industrial Automation, the HMI Panel PC features feature the Intel® Atom processor, providing fanless, reliable performance with minimal power consumption.  The latest Windows 7 operating systems are supported by Touch screen operator interface PC. A widescreen LED backlit LCD display and touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) are integrated into the system allowing users to control, monitor, and program directly from the information terminal.  The Touchscreen Panel PC can be integrated directly into your PCA, PLC, DCS, factory SCADA systems, operator terminals and automation applications. Read the full press release here.

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